"Michel Calls For Amnesty To Cover Up White Collar Crimes On Land Sale" SFP -exMSR

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"Michel Calls For Amnesty To Cover Up White Collar Crimes On Land Sale" SFP -exMSR

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:09 pm

Over the past 21 years the Seychelles Exile/refugees call for greater transparent in the Oppositions workings - the many instance they acted no better than FA Rene and JA Michel, meaning, events from outside, the involvement and contribution of EU, Australia, the USA, Canada in driving process - the vast majority address the public and the world as if it is their doing only - FA Rene and JA Michel is very well aware.

In early 1995, we addressed the vast many in EU, the USA and Africa this situation cannot go on where by those who take credit, so call experts come forward and state and write upon such bases and sets of workings this and this was brought about when it was all invention and being invented to please and work their respective interests and politics. The results those who know and manage such issues we had two major economic meltdown as results - what those individual s and their so call experts told the public and the media involvement.

Those who worked and the setting in place of the IOR - RIM associations, economic development in the Indian Ocean region, the Gulf Region and Africa, again the manner and approach used to explain the positive economic and social developments - particularly the politicians and the big financial institutions and multinationals.

Beside many terrible very negative developments - most important that earthquake and tsunami of 2004/5 - 300,000 death and the terrible economic devastation nobody drew/choose to draw any lesson. Including Seychelles and Mauritius.
Those involved in higher global management, who contributed to OAU becoming the AU, Events in EU, Again the the Indian ocean Region and Gulf, the highly corrupted workings of the politicians, the media and the big multinationals and Finance - the mega meltdown of 2008/9 the process to put the politicians under spotlight, the big banks and the corrupted media.

In Seychelles the situation. The role of the Opposition and decision of Mr Christopher Gill to start the Mouvement Seychellois Racine and later SFP. In Europe the issues which drove those in the USA to set up Occupy and how it came over - yet those in the USA state they started it. It is the same situation with our Seychelles Oppositions - they refuse to debate what drive them and the due process and FA Rene and JA Michel is very aware of these issues.

Given the death of Venezuela President - e want to stress to everybody in Seychelles, Mauritius, those form the COI, the IOR - RIM and African Union, had our person been staying in France, Germany or Italy when the changes was taking place in the COMECON and USSR and China the economic, political and military pendulum would have have swung this far.

We recall the Agenda of the Presidential Candidate Jesse Jackson, we had hoped that with the election of President Obama, those in the USA who would come to realize the world cannot go on working as it is - just a few very rich and the rest very poor, controlled and manipulate to work and bring greater riches. It has never work and will never work - with all the mega media and human control and engineering and policing. Small nation like Seychelles and Mauritius have problems - their politicians cannot face reality. "Mr Christopher Gill ought to underline to the people and on the Blog he started MSR not because of Seychelles, the mega corrupted practice of the Political elites and their governments - those from Occupy Movement, this inspired him to practice the same approach in Seychelles, the Global feeling about corruptions, be they the big banks and multinationals." Having been addressing such issues for the past 21 years about the mega ripoff of that SIROP program, somebody would stand up and defend it.

We have reintroduce many aspects of that program online and the world can read every details which were/was not available and they choose to start another bigger mega rip off and where this will end.



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