The Israeli/Jewish Cloud base Project Management softwear

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The Israeli/Jewish Cloud base Project Management softwear

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:11 pm

The Israeli/Jewish Cloud base Project Management softwear

This afternoon 4/3/13 after thinking about it for sometime decided to contact an all Israeli Cloud base Project Management software. Because we are using another machine do not have their details. The company is

Now that that SIROP website is alive which we started in October 2012 - the issues we have address about those in EU, Bruxelles and the African Union who had wished since Summer last year we meet them.

We have also identify a Canadian Project management software - because of the issues of Lehman brothers, Heinz, Seychelles consulate working in London and the High Commission - beside my/our very many important Israeli/Jewish connection - the issues of the IOR - RIM Association regional workings decided to send them a message. We also stated our UNIDO/World bank training, Astro Plan, other leading Austrian companies we have worked and Austrian Jewish families we have known and know. Including the very Famous Nazi Hunter. The EU Commissioner Leon Britten - Mrs Thacher government and Minister Peter Mandelsone - PM Blair government and EU Trade Commissioner. Countless leading Jewish Business in London, former Dame Shirley Porter/TESCO.

Since then - there has been a great deal of very abnormal "vibe/rage, application of that Satanic mechanism, unfriendly one question their objectives." This said we had not wanted to addressed those issues on the web, the same mechanism applied by those from Lehman Brothers not just in Seychelles across Europe and the USA to intimidate, threaten and bully their business partners, customers and anybody leading to the issues of the Terrorist Protocol/Accord the EU and USA enacted. It was that same criminal./corrupted benchmark practice, attitude that/which led to the position and we had informed Lehman Brothers bluntly you continue with your threats - you will regret it and events - that company is a pin head compared to Lehman Brothers and some of the big USA multinational we have had to to with and made due input.

They started the issues of Anti Arab workings - if we do not like their use of that satanic rage/criminal workings we are pro Arabs and the such. They forget we have been addressing the EU for the past 10 years asking/seeking that they do something about those companies and entities and individuals who use such benchmark and corrupted practice - they also forget there are mechanism and science and discipline to prove and disprove this is it went before a court or commission of inquiry. They also have a forum and Blog for their product we could have address this/these issues there. We will address them on our community forum if they persist then we will address other forums and business networks.

It would seem that that Jewish/Israeli company is bent upon applying this infernal mechanism, to threaten our person, sleaze and spread defamatory issues using that infernal satanic rage/rave mechanism. This company state they6 are a user friendly and have representation across the world including France and London. We did call them.

During the day Seychelles Consul in London got involved, Seychelles government/State House a number of parties including the PM Office and the White House.

From their rage and rave they are giving us the impression - they can intimidate and threaten us, those 21,000 exile/refugee from Seychelles and our ancestral "archaic, fraternal, illuminati, templar and Masonic workings" We would like to underline/stress this include the PM of Israel - for a great Nation and great culture they keep forgetting to learn and the lesson of the past.

It was that SIROP program those made it possible for the 250,000 Russian Jewish to leave Russia and the 78,000 Ethiopian Jews to leave Ethiopia and the Holocaust Funds running into Billions of dollars to be paid to the Families affected.

It was that same program that made it possible for Pope John Paul ll to visit and address the issues he did and those who have forgotten.

Beside a great deal of other issues - the current PM how got involved and embroiled today his rage/rave ought to know that there is a existing mechanism to compel force him out of Office in spite of his election, the media of Israel. He of all person ought to know better we have stayed of issues not to start a confrontation and he ought to remember when the state of Israel has decided to confront the interests of those 21,000 Seychelles exile/refugees - particularly our ancestral archaic fraternal, Templar, masonic working what has ensued.

The reason we have addressed the issues here for the past three hours they have been hacking our computer and we just cannot do any work- they may think this is very funny, they if they are using Israeli military and intelligence connection ought to know of past events and where this has led to - We have had certain directive not to follow any communication and just drop them.

Given the international renown of their Intelligence Services and they have done a great deal of work with Sechelles Seychelles in the Cold War and after - given Jewish/Israel prominence in global business and multinational workings - it was that highly corrupted practice, application of that infernal satanic rage/antisocial mechanism which have lend to the global economic and financial social situation today.


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