UK Prime Minister David Cameron is leading the biggest ever business delegation to India

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron is leading the biggest ever business delegation to India

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:27 am

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is leading the biggest ever business delegation to India for three days of talks aimed at increasing trade.

Cameron arrived in Mumbai today with representatives from more than 100 U.K. companies, in a visit heralding the creation of a network of government-sponsored trade offices throughout the South Asian country by 2017. As an opening salvo, Cameron said the U.K. will relax visa rules for business people, cutting the time it takes to clear the paperwork to one day from about three days currently.

“Britain wants to be your partner of choice,” Cameron said at Hindustan Unilever Ltd.’s Mumbai headquarters. “We have only just started on the partnership we can build. The sky is the limit.”

Cameron spoke of his desire to see a “special relationship” with India, a term usually reserved to describe ties with the U.S.

Britain seeks special ties with India

British delegation arrives to pry open Indian trade gates

UK PM urges India to ease business rules


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PM Cameron historic visit and business delegation to India

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:28 am

How many recall the state of India geopolitics during then Mrs Tacther government 1987at the time of putting together that SIROP program and their respective influence,impacts in the region as compared to today.

Having stated we contributed – we played an important role in helping to rebuild the Britain which then Mrs Thatcher inherited and her previous colleague. Besidesuch work/contribution in the USSR, COMECON, China, Asia, then OAU, the Gulf region could use the same knowledge, expertise and discipline to evaluate then India economic, military, social, finance respective international and regional working, beside such bodies as the International Institute for StrategicStudies and another of Britain/London strategic Research institute which we had been using since 1983 there about. Excuse those who did not that such Body existed and today their arrogant attitude they knew and have known everything including President J A Michel.

We are not going to make or take any extract about then India position for that matter its very large community in Britain, the/their relation to our respective Seychelles and Mauritius community – the distinct relation difference particularly the issues of the exile/refugees.

In the course of doing that research titled Indian Ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Centre, besides researching then UNIDO/World Bank and IMF information data on India, then regional nation’s economy, finance, industry, social development – politic to assess their capability and will to support and drive such a concept. We had undertaken extensive research about the Indian/Asian business communities in East Africa, politic and historic events.

We had also studied and paid close attention to the then None Aligned politic, economic issues the Regional inspiration, then Cold War, the Communist interests,concern and expansion and likewise the respective position of the West, NATO, France, the Francophone and British Commonwealth interests.

It wa after conferring with then India Embassy in London among others, discussing briefly our views and ideas about that SIROP program and check their feedback,the mark difference between then India Embassy in London towards Seychelles and its exile – meaning India had not progressed, emancipated and achieve the national consciousness it has today and the respective relation/position.

We wouldl ike to drop a coin – we have contributed and been involved in India issues for nuclear development as well as Pakistan – those who have made such note. (We are stating for two reasons the Historic delegation of PM Cameron those who choose to ignore completely what we have written about the many contributions we have made towards India big business – their position today, involvement in Britain and European big business, the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean. Most important the issues of WWW how withthis development India would never have achieved the progress and success ithas today. Equally important our role and contribution to the Ghandi Family development, those who know why Mrs Ghandi son decided to Marry an Italian and events) Most important in relation to Seychelles, Mauritius.

We wish to underline once again for this reason we have been calling for the international community to review that SIROP program. Some those some of those issues would/could be address in the face of events, themega global corruption and media lies and cover-up.

We had to know these issues reasonable well to be able to put together an alternativeprogram – As against the West option to Change Seychelles and the region by force. Beside India we have made it a point to research in-depth by the same International Institutions in London the same set of issues be they Australia, South Africa, and others then.

Hence – when those who supported President Mancham, Dr Maxime Ferrari and others to hijack that program for our person – our written clear warning they had not put that program together, they had not done the research we had and come to the conclusionwe had and take the decision we had – they would fail and they did – events of 1993 and 19 95/8.

For this purpose it would have been necessary to address our contribution and input towards India under the respective US Presidents from President Ford, Reagan,Bush, Clinton, Bush and current Obama. Very important events in EU then PM Blair government those involve in drafting and presenting that Terrorist Law/legislation to the EU and their motives – our protest and arguments that part of the reason – those who had wanted a mega cover up, they had wanted to shut up for good any such talk or public issues, knowledge and discussions and the outcome and the so call reinvention of things and the corrupted media involvement.

It is from such prospective that we look, study and refer to PM Cameron Historic Visit toIndia. We not we have left aside the issues of the IOR – RIM Association, equally why and how we could make and contribute to this decision. It was based.Because of the above mention pas issues we had worked with, been involved and responsible for.

There is the important need from Seychelles prospective to study and write in greater detailsthe role of Mauritius and its politicians, and business man in this development and debacle. The lies and cover-up, threats and intimidations process and disinformation process.

What about the decision for Mauritius PM and Seychelles government to sign this Historic economic accord and Economic zone development and the Cultural accord is it just the work of President Michel State House- as he would like to tell the world.

We have addressed the issues of the current global mess we are in, The issues of Davos, WEF – most important the call to register that SIROP program, the position of the exile, those 21,000 and the role of India and the role of PM Socialist/Labour government role and the outcome.

Most important India economic, diplomatic and business relation with Seychelles and the very special issues of Somali Pirates.

We have been involved in the issues of Occupy and what we have addressed – wee go to meet a photograph who has covered some of the issues and we got to discussing and he pointed me to his India Project. What we addressed. We would like to point/link his project here and his camera view and explanations.

The India - Photograph

We are still working on this thread and will come back.

(Then we get the opposition of President JA Michel, my associates in Seychelles, close relatives and families and church people refusing to help that we/I come home to burry/for the burial of my/our mother and the international attitude)


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