Seychelles economy gets rave reviews in top business magazine

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Seychelles economy gets rave reviews in top business magazine

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:35 am

We have read the article Seychelles Nation over the "Stakeholders meet to discuss drafting of National Human Rights Action Plan" are those 21,000 Seychellois exile not stake holders or they Marsians - Aliens.

Yet the involvement of so call international community - none of them raise any question/the question about those 21,000 exile.

Tipical of Sechelles Seychelles government workings and the corruption which the USA Team there to advise on the eventuality of oil being discovered. They are more concern about corruption that the fate of those 21,000 exile and yet they can derail and change political situation overnight if they had proper leadership.

Another yet tipical attitude and working of the government - taking credit for the work, involvement and contributions of those 21,000 exile in Europe and across the world - yet the USA with all its knowledge and experience choose to do nothing - yet they have some to Seychelles to help educate and combat corruption.

Seychelles economy gets rave reviews in top business magazine - 24.01.2013

Seychelles was recently featured in the prestigious Forbes magazine for its “epic economic development”.

The publication, issued late 2012, looked at three different SADC (Southern African Development Community) countries -- Zimbabwe, Malawi and Seychelles -- in relation to their trading potential. Seychelles’ strategic location and the extensive economic reforms have attracted international investments in major areas of offshore financing and this growth has in turn boost the banking and insurance sector, notes the report.

The introduction of additional financial services such as Islamic banking “will create an innovative framework” for growth in this particular sector in the years to come once its implementation in 2013 takes off.

Other mentioned areas set to prosper are the new sectors focusing on sustainable fisheries, renewable energy like solar and wind power, and petroleum.

“Forbes’ accolade of Seychelles economic prosperity is a major milestone for the country, and a firm indication of the commitment of our government to develop businesses that aim to sustain our promising economic growth,” says a spokesperson for the Seychelles Investment Board.


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