Cable & Wireless sells Macau stake to China for £460m

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Cable & Wireless sells Macau stake to China for £460m

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:00 pm

Under the era of President F Mitterrand, then EU heads of state, PM John Major -then PM Blair and Gordon Brown - we took to discussing what we termed the working of greater Interdisciplinary Management to the minimum - as little as possible in the greater public.

Given that mega global melt down, some 60 oldest and biggest Bank in the USA bankrupt, the mega mess in Europe with the EU, Euro and economic because we trusted the politicians and their benchmark - nothing have changed let alone Africa and the Indian Ocean. Today it is no longer the Terrorist Legislation they are suing to Gag anybody who stand and talk/fight - it is that "infernal satanic-rage/rave mechanism they are using it to bully, threaten and shut people up with and their excuses."

We have addressed the issues of the Cable and Wireless demerger since PM Blair and our involvements and the issues of Seychelles.

We have been challenge by those who are claiming we are telling lies about what we have addressed over the IOR - RIM issues. Well - every uneducated person can see the slide of heraldic we have put on that SIROP site and its impact which have been driving major corporate issues in the Indian ocean for the past two days, the market and Europe and the USA.

The images at the website of IOR- RIM history and a link to their portal. The news that Cable and Wireless had just sold the other entity of Cable and Wireless to the Chinese and the price - there are discipline and accountability. The many so call experts telling lies. The position of President Mancham towards our person - the Opposition ought to discuss this on their Blog.

Equally important the decision by the TATA Group which owe jaguar and Land rover our involvement in the initial deal then PM Blair government - they have been impacted and influence by the issue we have added to that SIROP web site - the Seychelles/refugee exile gets nothing, no credits as have been going on for the past 25 years. The media lies and coverup.

There have been other impacts in French media - Le figaro too.

Only yesterday we read of Mukesh Valabjhi fined by the court in Paris for Insider Trading and those who judge we were fools for not cashing and making money.

We knew before adding those issues that there would be impacts and where to a great extent - those form the EU Institutions, London, Paris, the many in Seychelles form Mr Phillippe Boulle, Lawyer Pesi Pardiwalla and the many government officials , those in Mauritius, those form the Gulf Region - hence for a very long time we had not wanted to deploy that SIROP website - because of the thieves and crooks and criminals out there - form the the very big officials to the little man on the streets.

What do we in Europe and the West have to teach the Chinese and the Russian about democratic workings.

Cable & Wireless sells Macau stake to China for £460m

Telecoms group offloads 51% of operation to Chinese state-owned Citic Telecom as it turns focus to Americas

Cable & Wireless Communications has heralded the completion of the corporate restructuring that has been under way since its de-merger from the wider telecoms group two years ago by selling its Macau business to a Chinese-government controlled operation.

The C&W chief executive, Tony Rice, described it as a "landmark day" as he announced the $750m (£460m) sale of 51% of the Macau operation to Citic Telecom, part of a business owned by the Chinese government.

Rice, who said there were no imminent plans to move the headquarters from London to the Caribbean, where its largest operations lie, added that once it had completed the sale of its business in Monaco it would end up with a positive cash position.

This would facilitate investment in the Caribbean and central American countries where CWC has been focusing its business since the de-merger in 2010 that also created Cable & Wireless Worldwide, now part of Vodafone.

Rice indicated that he expected the Caribbean and central American businesses to operate in a "more unified way". "The disposal, when combined with our agreement to sell our Monaco business, is in line with the strategy we set out at our de-merger in 2010.

"Following completion of these transactions, we will be a focused pan-American regional operator, with a strong balance sheet, and we intend to pursue new growth opportunities, both organic and inorganic, in this region," he said.

Jaguar Land Rover boost car making industry by creating 800 new jobs

Mukesh Valabhji sanctioned for insider trading,%202012/soc2_mukesh_sanctioned.html


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