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Seychelles Exile Human Right Commission

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This concept/Project is very old - talk about by Mr Felix Hoareau then Chair Person of the first exile body in UK - SEA, Seychelles Exile Association supported by ( Mr Robert Frichot - who had stood for Presidential election in Seychelles and events), ex Minister David Joubert, ex Minister Andre Uzice and ex Minister Chammery Chetty, ex Minister Phillippe Jumeau. Upon the death of Mr Felix Hoareau within the loose workings of UKSCA, our aspect of SNM/MPR worked on some of the related issues, including Mrs Kathleen Pillay and Mr Phillippe Boulle - Mr Gabriel Hoareau, Mr Paul Chow, Mr Diedier Confait and Mr Lewis Betsey - we believe for the past 23 years Mr Phillippe Boulle has worked the issues, in spite of it not being a properly registered body in Seychelles or EU and Internationally.

First Sechelles Seychelles Ex Ambassador, Mr Rasool and Mr Bernard Verlaque who helped set up the first exile publication also contributed. Other individuals like former deputy superintendent of Police Mr Alex Pierre - members of the Horner Family.

For those who do not know Mr Felix Hoareau was the former Head of Sechelles Seychelles Prison before and after Independence.

He was master of ceremony for our Independence. Force to flee in exile in Wales - he formed the first exile body, SEA - Seychelles Exile Association, registered and funded in UK. We have been privileged to have known him before in his capacity of/as head of Seychelles Prison and later in exile in Swansea and as a leading Councillor.

We had expected under the Terms of Office of Mr Bernard Elizabeth a new body or similar one would have been registered in Seychelles and working. This has not been the case.

It is extremely sad and highly disappointing that Lawyer Lucas has become embroiled in that sting of Al Jezareea involving $1 million worth of diamond.

Much more disappointing is the election of the new chair person of LUNGOS -Marie-Nella Azemia. We will set up a web project o support this issues from a EU and international prospective and those who wish to become involve are very welcome.

This ought to have been part of/including supportive resource for those 200 exile/refugee who have returned, those 21,000 still living in exile. Not having to rely on the government sponsored Human Rights Commission and that led by Mr Mathew Servina and Miss Pauline Ferrari and others.

There is the important need to state and underline successive British governments from Mrs Margret Tacther to the last Labor government, British Police Authorities and the Commonwealth opposed this notion because of what would have come out. The USA government from President Ronald Reagen took their cue from London mostly. Both supposedly most important Democratic countries in the world also opposed/did not encourage a national nor regional and international review of that SIROP program.

There is the important need, requirement to stress - the very marked difference of social political climate from then Mrs Tacther/ President Ronald Reagen government and Events, social and political climate since "the so call North African Spring". A very great deal would never have been tolerated even their ideas entertained - the involvement of their respective media and Institutions.

President FA Rene was very well aware and the government of President JA Michel too how they abused this situation. Including those from the African Union, the COI and Francophone Institutions.

We ask everybody why Sir James Mancham in all his great wisdom has not found it proper and fit to help set up such a body in Seychelles and support its work in EU and Internationally.

Most important - how do 21,000 Seychellois exile/refugees tell the world and all its supposedly Democratic and Human Rights, respective institutions - laws that this very body condone the workings and policy of Seychelles government since the return of Multi party, along with all those involved internationally, their media to discredit the 21,000 Seychelles exile/refugees, deny their very existence. Because they want to control the regional economic as well as their natural resources, agenda - Fishing, Oil and Financial Services - most important their Land and Country. Those from the former OAU today's AU involved - their many institutions, those from the Gulf Region and their institutions and those from Asia meaning Pakistan and India and their Institutions. Those form the former COMECON, the USSR today's Russia and China, their respective Institutions, How they dictate the workings of UN and in this case UNHCR - United Nation High Commission for Refugees. Today from then SPUP/SPPF - Communist One Party System, who undertook the purging - the Ethnic, Political, Social and cultural cleansing; we have 9,000 foreigners who have come to settle and take over those Seychellois exile/refugee and their children rightful place. They have all the rights in Today's Seychelles under its current Constitutions and Laws, those 21,000 Seychelles exile/refugees who build Seychelles over six generations and their children have no Rights- this catastrophic and unprecedented situation is supported by the UNHCR. More Seychellois are leaving Seychelles every year going in Exile because of the current situation, regional and international politic state of things. Those 9,000 foreigners who have acquired citizenship and those near 7, 500 migrant workers are making their lives very difficult - they being made second class citizens - with no or little prospect for their children and their future. The international community, their institutions and respective medias being fully aware of this catastrophic situation.

We had wanted address the highly corrupted issues, global, international, regional and National workings related with the changes which took place in Sechelles Seychelles and that SIROP $500 - $800 millions exile/program instead these issues. In linking some of the information about the call for Seychelles exile human rights commission our reasons.

Mr Paul Chow had been a very close person to the leader of then real Opposition in exile Mr Gerrard Hoareau and he formed those Executive with inner workings of then MPR/SNM - the Executive resolute position on what course of action.Including both military and political decisions. Those who excluded our person from coming anywhere near Mr Gerrard Hoareau - because we were a possible "Traitor and Nazi". Those who have demanded our death, that we be killed - that was very common among all the Seychellois exile factions and the meant it. If and when a/such commission is put in place these/such issues will have to be addressed. After his assassination events and development, the new Executive of MPR and SNM - he again formed the inner circle of special Executives. All those would be on the records of the CIA/Pentagon, French, British, Israeli, South African, Australian Special Services.

Events which led to the formation of UKSCA, then ex Minister David Joubert role.function and responsibility - his Executives, those former Ministers in Exile our dog headed fight not to rebuild Mr Felix Hoareau SEA - Seychelles Exile Association instead UKSCA. This was not clandestine all the many officials in London who advised, helped and took part. All those form the Seychelles East Africa who helped - shared their experiences.

Former President Mancham was completely cut out/marginalized - the view by everybody it was his fault we were in this mega mess, head had failed at two or tree attempts to change the situation using Military options - involving other governments and their Services. We had been in contact with some of them and those with major interests - their respective view of former President Mancham - it will all have to come out. What was really going on.

It was in this political climate that a number of Seychellois families who had been involved and supported President Mancham, ex Minister David Joubert Faction and most important Mr Gerard Hoareau - they ask me to do something to take this horrible and awesome responsibility - those who watch those video will say it is fun is it is certainly not. On account of the above situation only relatively very few executive from SNM/MPR, Minister Joubert Faction SDP, Minister Andre Uzice and Mr Phillippe Boulle knew aspect of what we working on - Sir James Mancham was not and never involved. Until they almost had me killed when they saw that the Plan was workable and those form the Pentagon/CIA, British Services, Politicians did their very best to wrench that Program form our person, discredit us and hand it observer the President Mancham and the highly corrupted Associates. We had had indirect contact with Dr Ferrari because he was one of those former SPPF politicians we had done some work with, events in Seychelles and his political aspiration. He had eventually considered a position as President/Head of State in any change.

What about the mega involvement of the greater Irish Communities and the Republic of Ireland, North Ireland, USA and Australia it will have to be addressed.

The historic meeting in Germany - we had strongly advocated and lobby Minister Joubert and we were left out. The Alliance of Mr Christopher Savy and Mr Lewis Betsey had just been formed.Everybody knew they were working for President Mancham.

The first issues which brought us back to this form - is the issues of Mr Paul Chow article about Mr Felix Hoareau and Guy Pool. Prior to this incident Judge EJ Stiven had been a good acquainted of Mr Felix Hoareau - his capacity in Zanzibar, the colonial administration, vast army of friends and acquaintance - in depth experiences and those like Lord Oxford and other who came and served in Seychelles, the Smith special agriculture division. Then Seychelles Judiciary, legal practice.

Time and time again Mr Paul Chow, le Nouveau Seychelles Weekly and indeed former President Mancham refuse/complete omit/leave out the retrial of Guy and then lawyer Mr Albert Rene challenge of Chief Justice Souyave and the retrial - it was Judge EJ Stiven who was appointed the retrial. This will be in the colonial archive and civil service. The question for what good reason Mr Paul chow, President Mancham adopted and keep adoping this position what are they wishing to cover. What about judge EJ Stiven Lawyer Mr Ramnijk Valabjhi, Mr Robert Frichot, Judge Rasool with whom Judge EJ Stiven on many complex workings of Seychelles French Laws, traditions and culture, Mr Bernard Rasool, Mr Pesi Pardiwalla, Judge Sauzier, David Welsh Lawyer Thomas, Mr Raoul Nageon Des l'estempt and the De Chermond Notary Family - his office next to the police station and then SDP Office, they never miss a thing. always alert and in the know of the latest development and events on the Island, What about Mr and Mrs Duglas Bailey who were reasonable good friend of Judge EJ Stiven what they conversed about. the many Court officials, senior police, the Seychelles press are they all liars, mad, demented and were not alive them. What about Mr Ali Parkar and the Oliaghi Family, Adam Moosa and Jivan Family, Meghjee who followed and discussed the who issue as if a TV show - President Mancham own Family super Market discussed those issues and that of Mr/Minister Phillippe Jumeau super Market. What about Mr Dawson Houreau - brother in law of Minster Chammery Chetty he kept an eye or half eye on our person and young Family and Vanessa.What about all the customs Officials. The Nuns and the Church SDA, Catholic and Protestant who followed and discussed some to the issues. What about individuals like the Delhomme Family. What about Mr Maxime Larue Family - he was like a second/another father to our person and young Family them. Those form then Seychelles Club and and the Yatch Club and Tobruk club, President FA Rene own Club Chez Nous, the Expat Communities. The Rendevous Restaurant Mr Barallon, those form Standard Charter Bank, Cable and Wireless and Barcalys bank then - they all followed and knew the issues, the Group from East Africa, Makenzi Dalgety and those form then ULC the Bentley Buckle family and Captain Harwood. All those from the Hospital - doctors and Matron, staff nurse and specialist who followed and talked about this development. What about then Seychelles Fraternal/Illuminati and masonic Fraternity what they knew and talked about.Those form the Airlines, the big Construction companies like Richard Costain and W & C French, the German and Italian Developers. One group/bunch of people who knew a great deal were the Bus /lorry drivers and the Taxi drivers - what about them. Whilst in exile president Mancham and those exiles who knew we were reasonably informed about this Trail and backgrounds - events since. The British police, politicians and their Secret Services on some of those ground gave our person political status in Britain.

The important challenge then for the governor, the politicians and police - there was enough evidence to sentence then Mr/Lawyer Albert Rene to prison - all the legal entities, Capila and Colonial Service knew and the evidence is still there. Mr Felix Hoareau knew of those issues - they feared a situation like Zanzibar, riot and they decided to avoid it and the judgement that was delivered - all the Grand Blanc knew of the Trial issues and contents an the respective Judgement. If/should there be a Truth Commission and otherwise these will have to come about/out too. The British, USA, USSR, Chinese Secret Services knew of the issues or got to know and those leading then African Politicians who followed such issues those form Kenya, Tanganyika and Zanzibar or Mauritius. OH those form BIOT - Diego Garcia

In Seychelles all the leading personalities, intellectuals who respected and admired Judge EJ Stiven intellectual capacity, all those who did in Zanzibar and Arab world, India , East Africa- Kenya and Tanganyika, Jamaica, London and the Royal Family circle and in Scotland - those form the Pentagon/CIA and FBI USAF Tracking Station - an individual like Mr Paul chow and President Mancham for their won good reason just delete him for existence. Relating to greater Judiciary workings even for generations one is called upon to respect certain workings - those who were very well aware of then Mr James R Mancham in then Seychelles - his positive and negative side and share this at the very highest level of the colonial Service and their workings.

It certain aspects and manner of speaking those who took and believe they are right in taking credit for that SIROP program and the changes in Seychelles Africa etc - we were entrusted to a Circle of very prominent personalities when it came to such workings in Britain including the Special services in this country and elsewhere - what the British picked up and what they wrote. Without such important and unique resource we would never have been able to work/advice and drive that historic exile/refugee program.

All those we have been in contact form the Zanzibar Opposition, the Sultan royal Family and their Gulf Region contacts/support will have to be address then some light will be shed and those in the USA and London who will be very surprised. Not at their invention but the reality - what really took place. The role of the Agha Khan People in all this "crap/fouye and mouye"

This include our person, our working with such/those issues the need to maintain certain benchmark. We got a great deal of buzz for the Seychelles Judiciary Institutions this morning and they are responsible of the Nation Judiciary and they are equally responsible for all the working of the Seychelles court past, present and future and all the personalities and Officials. We have acquired the experience and knowledge of working with Judiciary on a global scale/prospectus and we will have to address/shore such issues in any Truth Commission too. Beside there is the Judge EJ Stiven Estate and all the documents, pictures and files are supposed to be look after and keep in proper state just in case. They would contain a very great deal of information which will have to be presented to any Truth Commission - including those Grand Blanc attempt a setting up a government like Rhodesian.

In the call by President Mancham as Opposition and Leader of SDP - we ha\d let everybody know that we would not share or use him to work that SIROP program as he had been endeavoring to do. What followed - it is easy to get on a platform and then you view when the populace and electorate find out the Truth it is another matter - he had not change Seychelles - he had/was being catapulted by the USA, those in Britain and elsewhere. In his call for a Truth Commission the question to ask what would he have addressed and the manner /composition of those involved - We wish to underline those involved in their attempts to have our person killed after the change in 1991 involving the current person who head one of the Leading Security Service in Seychelles - we had been very good school friend and knew all the family very well, Mr Marc Sabadin had wanted to marry one of the sister and the Family opposed. As For Mr Paul Chow we grew up in St Louis/Beau Vallon on together, my relative lived next door to his house and his parents knew my parents very well and when we were left in boarding alone their his sisters friendship with my two sisters, all our cousins were all acquainted lived close by including the family of Mrs Mancinenne then. From my mother side the important Chinese parentage - those who know our history and society in Seychelles then and today.

In 2008 when Hon Wavel Wankalawan called for this Commission we had been bombarding him, then Mr James Sabadin and the Sabadin Family and others, for more accountability about that SIROP $500 - $800 millions exile return program, the call for a Senate - Parliament - it was aspects of such issues that compelled him to address the national Assembly and his Executives and Opposition in the National Assembly. We knew he was going about it the wrong way (we do not work those issues alone in Britain, France or EU or the World, re refer a great deal of our workings to others, with greater and better resources and expertise/experience. They knew a very great deal of what was going on in Seychelles form 1976 to date and the future too.)- he ought to have got the UN involved first and others then go to the National Assembly and put the fact to them and they could not have refused. Our 21,000 exile and our diaspora communities are not in Seychelles and hence relied upon such individuals and politicians - their respective responsibilities.

We had equally addressed Mr Christopher Gill as National Assembly member and we sill have those correspondence - copy. His position then. Beside Mr Jacques Hodoul political party, Mr Phillippe Boulle and Dr Maxime Ferrari political faction in then Seychelles - his son - Mr Jean Francois Ferrari. In that or any Truth Commission all the issues of that research by UNIDO/UN world Bank will have to come out, all those involved - events and the setting up of the COI, the killing of Mr Maxime Fayon because he almost got us an important position and support those who did not like it and had him killed.

In calling for such a national Commission or International or Regional there is the cost important factor and what is the desired greater and small objectives. When one look study some of the other small nationals Truth commission - how they are set up, parameters and Funding issues criteria's. To have in mind the some of $10/15 millions is not exaggerating, the time it will take/set for its work to be of any use/success and review, they will have to hire and get outside expertise and consultants and they will not be cheap and a great deal of other expenses, beside researches. The involvement of the international institutions, UN, EU, the commonwealth, AU and many others. Referring to the many Secret Service files and operatives and a very great deal more if it is to be of credit worthy and reliability.

Many of you who have lost members of family, husband, brothers, close relatives, child and parents in what has been part of Sechelles Seychelles very bitter, painful and traumatic years of is modern existence since Independence and the 1st Republic - why have we not mentioned anything in this thread about a Seychelles Exile Human Rights Commission - Truth Commission. There has been substantial articles, debate and this subject covered by numerous leading International publication and Africa. We judge like other issues we are adding as feedback is buzz/given to us - form the very beginning the priorities to start this thread. Of course this horrendous part of our nation experience will have to be meticulously addressed, recorded, dissected and reviewed - as many witnessed and whatever information come forward, address an eventual Commission. The very many specialist and experienced Consultants who work with such issues and how to set up such special or separate study Group within a Commission. It will require great diligent and require very brave individual to get involved, contribute and support this process - the work of such Commission.

Just as we had not found it immediate priority a to present this very painful and horrid aspect of our history - equally to the issues of the many attempts at changing the Regime, government and on Party State will have to be addressed in details. This will also require a very great deal of work and expertise. It must not be forgotten there has been at least some 10 to 15 attempts in various degree, those actually executed and failed, those planned and failed and those that never got off the table or planning Board. They have also been address scantly over our many nation media, social networks and forums or the such. Paramount will be the conclusion of the commission finding in comparison to/with our finding/conclusion which forced us to decide not to join all the voice, concerns and demand for a Military- the use of Military to change Seychelles then one Party State in 1985 onward - instead that SIROP combined exile/refugee repatriation Program with its very important Economic package amounting to some $500 - to $800 millions.

Our Military, Policing and nation Intelligence working capacity has improved a very great deal today in 2012 as compared in 1985 - those Communist and socialist countries their Military and Intelligence System with supoport4d and worked with then Seychelles government. Including their respective governments. Their diplomatic global connections. The new Seychelles Military, Police and Intelligence personnel have had the opportunity to train and be train by the Force they opposed then in 1985 and it would be highly interesting to acquire their respective view in such/eventual commission. Again as every nation carry and undertake such exercise to record and analyze their capabilities - most important the vast array of complexities in Military Intelligence and policing issues we will demand that they be studied in any Commission whatever its name.

After events of 1991, the Constitutions process and 2nd Republic then Sir James Mancham as Leader of Opposition - DP, in the face of all the four or five Opposition factions in Seychelles - his call for Reconciliation and National Unity. Again a very great deal of information is already available - yet there is a great deal to be reported and in depth studied if such a Commission is to be of any use and the kind of Money invested/out into its work. Had it not been for all those involved in that SIROP program in Seychelles, the Region, in EU and other countries what the real situation would have been and impact - outcome.

What equally need to be addressed those in Seychelles, EU, Australia and south Africa who got together resources and planned some 2/4 attempts, including ideas of partitions at changing then multiparty so call democratic workings, then constitutions, Social and economic workings with their preferred options. Who and hwy were those involved. For the benefits of working democracy, current generation, the region democratic workings experiences and current trend and development equally studied in depth. Why in the face of the very many change and what the International communities, their respective media applaud as very democratic workings of Seychelles and its 2nd position in good governance in Africa - yet those who wish/want to changes it and their respective political greater objectives.

It ks very wrong on the part of any person /Seychellois and otherwise to stand up and say that Seychelles ought to never again experience Military intervention or coup d'etat or army take over. In spite of great stride in economic workings, social progress - we need to look around the North African countries, the Gulf Region, many African States, Asia and Latin America - the changing demand and aspirations of its populace, their respective cry and plight - most important the corrupted political, economic, financial and executive workings of the world and its system.

Part of the issue which led and brought about some many international and regional high parties to become embroiled in using Military options to change Seychelles was/is its Oil, Mineral resource, Gas and others. We have seen how a few individuals with the involvement of very powerful entities have set up structures to take total control of the nation Mineral Resource - the politic, economic and social politic that come with it - dictated. Seychelles is not in Europe or Asia its slap part of African greater economic, democratic, social and financial workings. Equally to that of North Africa, gulf Region and Asia - meaning Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and Sir Lanka. The important need and requirement to study very closely for any such Commission call it what you what you want, to take proper note of events and development - Seychelles Nation is not isolated - we form part of a very active world and its ever changing dynamics - synergies. As our young generation acquires more knowledge of the greater world workings they will soon realize that what was for us exile/refugees terrible oppressions, loss and painful experiences - the economic disparity will become very evident and those who will use all their energy and available means to change this situation.

These dynamics and synergies are influence by greater regional complexities negative in most instance and what - how they and can impact events and decision making for any government or nation and their in lies the challenges - such a commission will have to address. As stated there is a very great deal to included in this Introduction and we will comeback and edit and add the feed back and in put.

In our many calls, request for a national, regional and international review of that SIROP program - such body would have been of uttermost importance.

Mr Felix Hoareau then Chair Person of the first exile body in UK

Mr Felix Hoareau, the father of Captain Edmond Hoareau

Seychelles Exile Human Right Commission

Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Seychelles

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa

Seychelles Christian Democratic Party (SCDP)

SFP National accountability - Truth

NDP - Ralph Volcer Truth and Reconciliation

Seychelles Human Right

Claiming Human Rights - in Seychelles

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