The British media, USA, EU and international media critic at President Obama poor performance at the Denver USA Debate

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The British media, USA, EU and international media critic at President Obama poor performance at the Denver USA Debate

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:30 pm

We/ I do not have to share my view with nobody - we/I mean nobody including the White House, the State Department, the Services - However.

We have been involved in not just highly USA Presidential elections for some 35 years now in term of Interdisciplinary high Management discipline, those from the British, EU - French, Italian, British Illuminati Fraternity who know and are aware of these issues for the past 35 years. This involve other major EU, UN, African Union election issues.

In Germany, Paris and Bruxelles those who know the issues.

What happened on Wednesday evening. The Romney Team including their connection to the Service have began to target our person for about two months now, those around the Conservative Party in Britain, PM Cameron Office, VP Nick Clegg and Opposition Labour Leader. Those form the PM John Major era, PM Tony Blair and PM Gordon Brown who know and are aware of the issues.

Including the Murdoch Family, what has not come out tin the public yet. Aspect of the hacking Scandal - we do trust the Wiki Leak people will get to read this note and Mrs Jemaima Gold Smith.

We had signaled to President Obama that as Election approach, things will heat up - to watch out, particularly issues relating to our person. those form the Romney Camp - including the Presidential candidate who know our capacity and ability to contribute to such important workings.

Given that so much is discussed and debated over the social media and in instance issues which are very dangerous and harmful - our respective training and responsibilities do not lend us to discuss everything about the greater workings of high Interdisciplinary management.

Individual like President Bill Clinton, current USA foreign Minister Hillary Clinton know of the issues, both President Bush if they had to be honest.

This practice has taken place in British election, German, Italian, French election those who judge - if they so wish to influence, plainly said brutal manipulation of our persona and given responsibilities - to cause a series of personal mishaps or affects our work and workings environment so that we become very or highly stress and cannot focus properly or manage the issues as we are expected to and the end result in sight.

We experienced this as we took "Dracko" our dog to the Vet and we had particularly chosen a friendly Vet knowing and having work with such issues in ken for the past 21 years how the Local conservatives work, how they manipulate and then deny everything - short of the hacking scandal and the mega Murdoch scandal. We know some of them will be reading this note and discussing it. We had a very nasty time at the Vet, the local Farmers go to hear of it and other families bringing their dogs and cats to the vet picked it up and intervened. We also let the parties involve know that we can become just as awful if pressed - the issues of collateral spillover.

We have address PM Blair Office about a number of personal attempts on our life and that of my son - the file/info should still be available. Those neighbors involved in manipulating the mother of my some what took place in the name of " Freemason/Masonic issues and the such " The harassment using that infernal satanic rage/rage/mad cow and neighbor form hell mechanism" We fully expected those form the White House, former President Bill Clinton, those in Paris and indeed PM Cameron may/to have picked up the incidents - the previous Monday had just had had my flue jab because of such issues and had told the Family.

Suddenly aft the visit to the Vet that evening - all the windows of the Cottage were shut, the many attempts by the same person to play with the Thermostat and what took place that night - in the middle of the night we/I was developing a flue/cold. The person in question works as a Care worker and such regulation and laws, responsibilities. We had picked up other issues form the raging/raving cars.

We had to decided in that state given of the important that TV debate in Denver - USA, those who know my responsibility, in managing working such issues to either go/come down to London and how this impact and influence importantly depending what take place and will take place - the action and reaction of the debate and those involved in managing the debate and the very presidential candidate themselves.

On the Train the issues, at the Bus station those who had picked up the issues - particularly the Black community their suggestions. When we got to Islington what was going on - all those involved and those who picked up and heard everything including the local police, the antique shops and those who belong to the many illu7ninati and, fraternal and masonic factions - including the Polish church and the Catholic church."

We do not have TV or Radio at the Flat - judge that those around President Obama would have listened - we mean listened to what we had exchanged and warned about and how these issues are manipulated.

We had a difficult night - and had stuff our person with a great deal of Flue/cold tablets we had bought in Ashford Kent to control and minimize the impact. We had also gone to the library and Photoshop the records would be available and why.

Next day it was allover the new and Paper how disconnected, unfocused and uncommitted President Obama had been in the so call Denver most important USA Presidential national debate. In the Library we are using the resources all the leading papers have address ed the issues.

This is the terrible benchmark of the global media be they British, the USA and continental media - they know nothing and those so call experts and in the end we have such situation and indeed over the past 35 years many terrible situation and what we have termed collateral spillovers.

{"For all those who will read this note ask them to refer in detail to DSK incident - we have stated time and time again we contribute and can make important input in IMF, World Bank workings again those who know and the corrupted benchmark and the media corrupted benchmark. Had we not intervened DSK would have had a very terrible time."}

To add to the issues the Forum FECAS-ECSVS is down has been brought down, those involved and the reasons. This is something g the White House can directly look onto they have the resources. They have been monitoring this forum for a long time.

We have gone back to our Local GP and explained what took place.

Beside this issues what we have addressed at the new Webs.Com site for SIROP.Webs.Com thread 4/10/12

Mrs Obama has also a Facebook presence and the issues. { We also ask all those who recall the pre election of the Coalition what we communicated to PM Gordon Brown and those form the media who came back afterwards and wrote about his attitude - a very great deal they do not know and will never know - why PM Brown took the position he did and reaction - those of us who work is such high responsibility knew the media had been importantly involved and the case/scandal after wards. The British media are important involved in the issues of President Obama and why. } We would like to add that we have been advice not to travel to Sechelles Seychelles or EU until the USA Presidential election is over and the reasons.

We ask those in Paris the Elysee to read this note/those around DSK and those in Bruxelles who know who we are and our respective capacity.


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