We went to Libya Embassy in Kinghtbridge to try and meet one of their Embassy Offcial

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We went to Libya Embassy in Kinghtbridge to try and meet one of their Embassy Offcial

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Sep 21, 2012 1:04 pm

We went to Libya Embassy in Kinghtbridge to try and meet one of their Embassy official after they announced they had donated Toys to Sechelles Seychelles school children 20/9/12

The vast majority of you do not know the real reason for starting that SIROP website with Webs.Com almost 7 days ago.

We have address the issues of the Tea Party on Ning left out for special reason the issues of the USA election - from President Carter upwards. Because we judge those involved currently in the USA given the heavy handed manner they are going about global and regional diplomacy - will/would have understood, come to the conclusion why we are not writing , even mentioning it on any of our Forum space and networks. "Come election time right across the world - all those who wish to get in Office are reminded there are other Powers, that they do not and cannot control - once they are in Office it is another matter".

Events across the Arab World last week is causing great alarm - we have worked in the field, issues of Strategic studies for some near 35 years, those we have engaged in the past, events and history. Particularly in Libya.

We have and stated several instances had we been residing on main land Europe, Austria, France or Germany - that "North African Spring" would never have taken place.

The Many Libyans we came across before the blood bath which took place in that country and end results. What we had explained to them - the issues of their Embassy in Sechelles Seychelles, then Austria important influence on many working of Seychelles because I/we resided there, family, work etc., then Chancellor Dr Bruno Kreisky and his approach, judgement country's position towards the Palestinian politic/ Mr Arafat and Libya, then President Ghadaffi. Those issues impacted Seychelles politic importantly our field of research with then UN, OPEC, World Bank and other associated bodies in Vienna. Such issues, process, involvements just do not vanish away because of the change of government - it get recorded and those who have to work/responsible need requirement to take note.

There are those who know under President G Bush and President Clinton administration - we had a much greater understanding of the Libyan politic/debacle as we have talked or written about. The USA Judiciary and Services in relation to the greater Indian Ocean, Africa, Gulf Region working.

What it really took to get "those who termed President Ghadaffi as an utter ruthless and the most dangerous politicians alive to change course - with out having to use violance and other terrible methods - what Dr Henry Kissinger once said about the world capacity/ability to change events and impact issues with out reverting to war and killings.

The requirement to understand, grasp greater complex workings - and the important changes he was putting in place and changes in Libya. Particularly as he grasp, individual like President FA Rene and other African, Arab Head of State who impressed him that that SIROP program was very serious and the mechanism involved, how it impact and drive issues.

It is from this prospective/approach that we, those involved judge in spite of the mega protest, challenge we could use Libya and President Ghadaffi to drive the required issues, dynamic to change the OAU to African Union. Typical of the so call modern human bench mark unless there is a mega bust up every forget, prefer to forgot what took place their involvement and the development of the "nerds mentality - diplomatic and corporate workings"

At this meeting we tried to get with the Libyan Embassy today was to underline, discuss the issues of the "gifts they had donated to Seychelles school children 20/9/12" that website of SIROP how/which had impacted their decision.

We also told them of the issues of President Ghadaffi representative letting us have the use of that infamous property in Hamstead and three days later the so call squatters move in and took it over and trashed it - events had his Officials listen, the mess which turned out including those from the Alliance, USA, NATO, France the mess would not have been so terrible. " These same people now have the guts to go to Seychelles and give/donate our school children toys, the media, Opposition and government say nothing".

We were ask to identify our person and told them to Google our name. They/the receptionist came to the door and said we need to call their 1st Secretary Tel 020 7201 8280 for an appointment. We went and call them form the nearest phone and was informed to call back in 5 minutes. We inquired if this was a brush off. We had ask/requested that receptionist to verify/check our information in Washington and EU wise.

The primary reason for this thread is to underline - those who use that infernal "nerd" mechanism - it is ok when it impact them, the act and react. Then pretend it never took place the so call diplomatic bench Mark today. When this same mechanism and benchmark is abused what can ensue/usually ensue.

Most of all - those new occupants of the Libyan Embassy ought to know, because they used it, ruthless to topple Libya and President Ghadaffi Regime and manipulate the world media, populace and mind. They are still using it ruthlessly.

President JA Michel boast of his government good governance in African Union and that of Mauritius. If they fail to grasp what we have address here then they are not fit to lead those two nations - what is coming.



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