Financial resource issues - Ning verses SIROP website

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Financial resource issues - Ning verses SIROP website

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:20 pm

We have addressed of the very many issues this exile/refugee program have impacted over the past 23 years. Just to mention again the WWW and CERN. When a or any structure has such dynamic, abilities it does not vanish and dissapear overnight. As such how and why we got involved with those important Italian connections/networks, we have been using and work with for ages, building up since 1977 in Europe. Our Chinese Asian connections and the economic, financial and social political situation 10 years ago, the PM Blair government. What we got to do and how we did things. Then out of the blue those who got together and put the Ning project together - coming and having worked in the Voluntary, Grass Root sector and NGO's we know of the many mechanism and how to apply them and when to achieve what.

The real Ning concept - how it was influenced - not the garbage that is written. Those who could not afford or just starting out could/got a Ning for free until their project grew and the made money - some never grew and some were just messing about.

We had three projects with Ning. Also had great ideas/project for SIROP global networking.

The point is money rule the world and events at Ning. The new CEO and their policy.

Among the many new project one can come across/locate using Ning is "the Tea Party" yes the famous Tea Party, their political views and how they encourage anybody across the world to start a "Tea Party" - it is a political thinking based upon our version of views we used to change the COMECON system, the USSR, OAU, Latin America, Gulf Region and Asia.

However the role and use of media in the USA - they are just short of stating the Tea Party changes the COMECON, the USSR and the above mention issues we have stated.

This is the so call world of reality and instead we have to be contented to using the resource we have and this SIROP web site [url] - build with

Please do not take us for fools. We are trained to monitor, account and manage web site development, their impacts at all levels of functioning and working and implementation - using the simple and very cheap resource the issues we are impacting in EU and across the world this morning and those form the Tea Party their $millions and arrogance -

Occupy Wall Street use other platform and in keeping with their thinking.


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