Mr R Volcer UKSCA - LLoyd TSB merger/demerger

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Mr R Volcer UKSCA - LLoyd TSB merger/demerger

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:00 pm

In deed something has gone very wrong in the Banking world - the announcement of Lloyd TSB demerger today and Co - op to acquire this former banking/saving entity.

We recall then PM John Major government and the approach of his government - the many Ministers he sent to Seychelles before the 3rd Republic of 1993 and Royal Family members.

Because TSB had been the Account holder for that UKSCA important help and support then London Irish communities and Hounslow - they sat on the finance Conmmittee and had supported our application, assisted us in filling the details, why we had choosen TSB as against other British Banks and then UKSCA Executive made their views known plainly - what we explained, the possibility of SIROP had been on the Agenda as such Communist Seychelles, the vast global network involved - why and how we managed to strike that deal with FA Rene and his government later because he knew and monitored our activities in London and Europe - his spies network, secret police, then Pan African National congress, ANC and Refugee Forum as against BRC ( Seychelles coup d'etat, failed SNM/MPR issues, other associated political and exile issues - those from the British high archaic, fraternal, illuminati, masonic establishment who fought a dog war that TSB was acquire by Lloyd Group - they had wanted something else, they did not get it and had to settle/be content with TSB as part of the booty/loot after the COMECON change, USSR, Sechelles Seychelles Communist change - beside a great deal of changes going on in London - Then they write that Sechelles Seychelles was changed by the Commonwealth - people of Seychelles you just do not appreciate just how very close you were from being recolonise - Mr Christopher Gill then decision to support SPPF, Mr Gill you are a very grown up adult - you can share such issues without having to make/give excuses. Mr Phillippe Boulle then and Mrs Kathleen Pillay was resonably aware of all the above issues as Senior and important Executives. We have been discribed as a bully and dictator - we had to discuss some of the issues)

In spite some of the very big multinational deals, corporate issues we have been involved and LLoyd benefited they maintained a highly negative attitude/position towards our person and indeed some of the mega coletaral corporate spillover.

{" In London we have been doing our nuts over the announcement of the Seychelles Central Bank CIF Management system - the question which overseas Investors would want all his business and banking details run/manage by a bunch of highly corrupted politicians and the criminals associates - the people will suffer and it is not at all condusive for that SIROP etc., combine/exile refugee program - which government in the world support/use this management program. "}

Co-op to take over Lloyds accounts: what it means for you
Lloyds Bank has agreed to sell 632 branches to the Co-op, which will include the transfer of 4.8m customers and 3.1m personal current accounts. Here is what the deal means for those customers.

Trustee Savings Bank - Wikipedia not very accurate


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