In the press 26/1/2018 no mention of NEOM city at Davos 2018 safe good deal of groping scandal/articles

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In the press 26/1/2018 no mention of NEOM city at Davos 2018 safe good deal of groping scandal/articles

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:36 am

In the press 26/1/2018 no mention of NEOM city at Davos 2018 safe good deal of groping scandal/articles

May be somebody did mention the topic of Saudi Arabia NEOM City and the 200/300 Prince and Saudi arrested firs t in the super prison the real Prison - to a good extent where the Saudi and Gulf region business entities get the Benchmark /corporate wise and the super dishonest and utterly corrupted and ruthless Benchmark supported bu ~~Davos - worse than female groping how vast many of that who stand and lecture at Davos acquire their information superly abuse them and then say this is the best experts /knowledge and they take credit.

Those who program the human nerds just as they want o develop human robots in Saudi Arabia for the futuristic those who developed and coach the human nerds and how they function and world in society the media never publishing writing about them and their role, stealing creaming, listening and licking information and passing them onto their controller. The Cars, vehicles, who drive by in a respective place, village and use the so call "Noise factor", actually a massive dose of satanic mechanism to rip of harvest and control information again the media very silent on this issues and yet it matters to this NEOM City project - because this is becoming the very norm of daily life in the Western so call democracy who the economy, business small and big have been build upon the past 25/27 years and the mechanism at work and involved - in the process the human destruction , death and economic havoc and chaos beside real life chaos.

There the mega thematic of Britexit - those manipulating information and knowledge vast strand and amount of information, issues and thematic including that SIROP program workings impacts - because it is spewed out at /Davos the media attitude and approach and the rest of the world - the old world approach and manner of confusing the mega construction industry with Illuminati and Masonic working/Establishments - the collapse of Carillion Britain second biggest construction company and the need to have such major platform to carry out futuristic construction project and Management disciplines. All those is required a couple of mismanagement and the world and mankind in real mess. This/these are not coming out of Davos 2018. We will not pick up a quarrel with Prof Swab this morning he has already made his view clear on the approach and workings of Davos and we will not wast time to write or question its leadership. Mr Soro took time to talk about the Google and Facebook yet in all his wisdom refused to discuss the debacle of the Murdoch media demerger what took place and what was the real cause as those presented by the global press.

One of the article we came across mentioning about Davos and NEOM City

This piece of garbage form the media just because they are media - do they really who President Donald Trump is all about - where he is coming from - what really happened at his election and he EU equation him standing at Davos platform and addressing the Europeans and they pretend they know nothing -

Angela Merkel's Davos trip in Trump's shadow
2 days ago - The German chancellor will likely be upstaged by Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron in Davos this week. That's just how she likes it.

Germany |
DAVOS, Switzerland European leaders warned at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday against a return to nationalism, with France's Emmanuel ... key budget committee if talks succeed to renew a "grand coalition" of conservatives and the Social Democrats (SPD), according to a document seen by Reuters.

Davos 2018: Emmanuel Macron draws laugh with dig at Donald ... › News › World › Europe
14 hours ago - French President Emanuel Macron has poked fun at Donald Trump's refusal to accept climate change science, by joking to delegates at Davos they had not this year invited anyone who was “skeptical” about global warming.

Davos 2018: Attendees are quietly planning to walk out of Trump's ...
1 day ago - A growing number of Davos attendees are planning to walk out of US president Donald Trump's speech at the World Economic Forum this Friday (Jan. 26), several conference-goers told Quartz, to protest his remarks about African countries earlier this month. Trump repeatedly called African countries ...


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