Reclamation projects link and implemented as part of SIROP original program

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Reclamation projects link and implemented as part of SIROP original program

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:17 pm

In the original documents, notes, propositions - there were supposed to be four major Reclamation projects using the same technique they/that had been used to build the current Seychelles International Air Port at Point Larue 1968 and the New Port both by Richard Costain Group. Gift before our Independence.

The largest was supposed to be in Victoria - joining Providance and President FA Rene not to create one large land mass, instead several islands - then "so call ecological argument, the madness of that Satanic rage/rave infesting the Island, the people, the Tourist importing this madness and pest - by creating Islands how this would act as barrier, minimize this phenomena - the development today."

We had wanted a special plot reclaimed for the purpose of Military, military movement and today UAE Naval base, this would have been by North East Point Reef and Land area.

The current Praslin Reclamation Project is as near as our envisaged project, safe we would have reclaimed extra land - for industrial industrial purpose.

The fourth Reclamation would have been at Port Glaud, the natural protection it offers once dredge for a large Marina and added land for industrial, housing and commercial projects.

Below is a link from Virtual Seychelles giving details of the current Reclamation:

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The newly completed East Coast Project Phase 3 is the first component of the long term Victoria Expansion and Modernisation Programme mapped out by the Government of Seychelles.

The project, which comprise of a total of 352 hectares of reclaimed land in the sea in and around Victoria and Greater Victoria (including a small reclamation in Praslin) will provide suitable land to meet the country's development needs over the next 20 to 25 years.

The dredging and reclamation works of the East Coast Project Phase III lasted four years and was completed in February 2003. This consisted of two parts.

(1) Consists of the construction of bunds in the sea to contain the fill material, hence minimizing the overall impact on the environment and;

(2) The dredging and reclamation works to fill in the bunded areas.

Seven new islands have been created, five of which are found of the eastern coast of Mahe, one off the coast of Anse Aux Pins and one on Praslin.

In a recent national school competition organised to celebrate the National day, these seven islands received their names.

New Land for New Projects


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