Another issue which have hit the gutter/street - affiliate network

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Another issue which have hit the gutter/street - affiliate network

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Dec 12, 2008 12:29 pm

For over 15 days now we have signed/bought an Affiliate softwear from OSI Omnistar after visitng and reading several forums views.

There has been over half a dozens attempts to install the softwear on our Host Server. Each time the response - becasue of secutiry issues they - shared Server they do not allow script to create data base on MySQL. The database required to run the info side of the softwear like a blog forum, cart and other.

OSI Omnistar have a hosting company in the USA the recommand one can host such account for free. We wanted to avoide as the say in "creole" wasp nest looked around for other hosting company - again the reason we did not want to us a British hosting company after the Google crap.

We look at German, French, Dutch, Austrian hosting account. Finally decided to use a Danish company.

{We address the President of Seychelles, the former presidents, the Parliament, the cabinet, the court and judiciary of Seychelles, the police and the di[plomatic corp in Seychelles including the USA - that large blue comment we made yesterday under the caption of the largest Marlin caught in Seychelles, the Savy family - the stinking remark about the psudo Terrorist relation - the British, French, Italians and many other nations of the earth when they want to use their archaic/fraternal heritage to do something nobody quarry or question them - the moment we do everybody jumps on our back. The British Police in Maindstone involvement this morning and Downing Street trying to get some order instead of the other way round. It is that Danish account that got those group in Seychelles fishing competition to catch that big marlin" - the thousand time we have done this when other benefit nothing is worng - when we do it for our self everything is worng}

Back to that OSI Omnistar softwear issues.

We had said there was a British company involved in the Google crap - discontinueing of our Adsence account. We had joined their Forum and added a link of our portal - they read some of our portal issues and did not liike it being British/English their racist crap they joined that our Google account be discontinued - their threaths like many of those English companies, they will have us knife or the such. They have a right to kill us or anybody.

They have also blocked our ip whenever we try to visit their site or links form their site our Fire fox brawser crash and the others too.

We sent an email and customer ticket to OSI Omnistar two days ago explaining and requesting them to upload the affiliate softwear there because the database in clean and the server is clean so that we do/they do not encounter problem.

They have come back and requested twice to refill the form - we replied we have and underlined that it is almost 15 days since we bought that affilaite softwear.

Last night we decided to join the 5 Star Affiliate forum and threaded a brief articel about OSI Omnistar and asking for advice and help. We had added a lik to our portal affiliate page, they visited our portal and read teh other issues. During the evening the "satanic rave/rage from the owner - female, of the 5 Star Affiliate, then the people of the English affiliate joined in Web Affiliate with their rave and rage.

This morning checked my email recieved an email for 5 Star Affiliate our thread had been deleted.

Since then they have been raging and raving, People at the EU commission have got involved, the government in Paris, the USA Judiciary and the Office of the Clinton and Obama and Downing Street.

The bloody arrogance of those who run such program passing themself as God and cursing hell fire on anybody who challenge them or they do not like - their sleaze. We had masses of such bad experience of crooks and theives who robed and were robbing affiliate $millions until the FBI got involved and shut them down 5 years ago . One such Scam was ran by a woman E- Profit Team she thought she had become the messaiah. Until the FBI got involved. We were one of their affliate.

There is a great need to explain - when the WWW was created/concepted not so that a few scums and crooks, took over a program or business and pretend they are God. Or that certain Group or Ethnic group or Religious Group etc they do not like they cut off , exclude, block away or harass.

This is why Africa in spite of the WWW the state of economy. The African revert to inventing far more terrible Scam today making working and earning a living on the web pure hell.

We will not be intimidate. They do not realize with their terrible practice they haver brought the world economy to near destruction and far more terrible ios yet to come from these same individuals who is playing God.

We are very concern that OSI Omnistar will take the cue from those two Web Affiliate, and 5Star Affiliate and mess us up and then keep our money as usual the ritributions - by the time the authorities get involve or are inform the mess would have been terrible.


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