National History Museum

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National History Museum

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National History Museum

Opening set for first quarter of 2018
The ex Supreme Court building in central Victoria is transforming into a history museum with a mix of still and motion exhibitions showcasing the history and culture of our country.
by S. Marivel
Ondiek Beryl, who heads the project, says the museum is now in its touch up phases, and will feature a story line of Seychelles’ main historical events and modern set ups for motion exhibitions and installations.
“Various objects are being chosen now for the exhibitions,” Ms. Beryl explains.
“We want people to see significant things when they visit the museum and to be satisfied with their visit.”
Ms. Beryl says the entrance fee still needs to be determined, and new staff will have to be hired to run the museum on a day to day basis. However, they are confident that the Museum will add value to Victoria, giving something new for Seychellois and tourists to enjoy.
The team behind the Museum project breaks their months of silence due to Leader of the Opposition Wavel Ramkalawan mentioning in National Assembly last week that barricades had been set up for months around the building, with nothing to show for until today. He suggested that the work was “too slow” and that the people behind the project might be “idle”.
“We were working hard even while the building was closed,” explains Ms Beryl. “The museum was closed for about four years and we have since been working to reopen it. We are also working with a Belgian exhibition designer and he has done a great job.”
While the museum was closed, Ms Beryl explains that “materials we had were stocked and continuous work was done on the collection to clean and maintain it so it would be ready once the building is up. There are standards we need to adhere to for the museum building because the walls themselves are old – so they are themselves part of the history we want to showcase. We need to protect that and make sure exhibitions last in the humid temperatures.”
The inside of the building had small compartments that needed to be broken to make room for exhibitions, according to Ms Beryl. A Committee which meets on a weekly basis is deciding the rest of the logistics ahead of the 2018 opening.
“Government should realize the importance of a museum for a country; it was about time we opened, and we hope we don’t have to change location again” stresses Ms. Beryl.
“We need to instill the importance of a national museum for Seychellois as well, because we don’t want them to assume that this is just for tourists to enjoy,” she continues. “We have many students already who regularly visit the natural museum across the street so we are in the right direction when it comes to local interest in our own history and natural environment.”
Ms. Beryl notes that the cost of setting up the exhibitions in the building goes “a bit over SCR14 million for our budget.”
“These costs are necessary if we want to put new technology such as screens and light displays where necessary for the exhibitions,” she adds.
A conference room to host public workshops is also part of the plans for the museum.


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