BBC News this morning Zimbabwe need new leadership

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BBC News this morning Zimbabwe need new leadership

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:48 am

BBC News this morning Zimbabwe need new leadership

Forum and visitors good morning – Monday

When we first contributing one or two threads at AKS those who ask of us if we had smoked or drank some terrible tea or herbs. Yes we have drank/smoke some very terrible herbs and tea. It is called Mrs Hillary Clinton.

Some of you recall the issues of the EU decision after certain government in EU had give their Airport and other facilities to kidnap individuals on EU soil and take them in some strange prison or place for torture and interrogation. The “manure which hit the fan and the ceiling in EU” – the media.

It is pointless to post a copy of the Commonwealth or other Fraternal/Masonic charter to her to read. Part of her “rave and rant” this morning was that she would get special agent from the State to take me to the State and have me tried and executed. When one have been involved and contributed to so many very important world issues you would be an idiot if you do not take such issues with adequate seriousness – This woman I/we contributed that her husband get elected and served two terms. She is as bad as the friend of ours in Boston – the GMR Conglomorate. Many of you will be saying this is enough now. Please try and remember had we had a proper building/office in Seychelles for IOIMF our duty as head, would have been to firmly tell Mrs Clinton and anybody else when they are wrong, they are wrong – even if they like it or not.

The terrible situation is not just from Mrs Hillary Clinton – the economic, social, political and spiritual climate is causing very serious – individuals who normally would be very compose to comport very erratic.

One such situation is over Zimbabwe.

Had that historic mega financial crash not taken place starting form the USA, in spite of the whole for the past 15 years protesting that the ruthless exploiting multinational, big corporate practice cannot continue. This in relation to any country in the world small or large. In EU and other nation of the world would not have taken time to ponder to re - evaluate their economic concept and practice. Among them Germany, Spain, Italy, Britain.

Two months ago had anybody written this kind of thread – they would and could have expected very serious challenges.

It is very sad and terrible to see those individuals lending their names and many years of knowledge as world or Africa elder state men – their statement of Zimbabwe his morning.

Among some of them, they worked on the blood bath problematic of Kenya. The process that was put in place top find a solution.

We have said – Zimbabwe, have been closer to our heart for a very long time – given the very many friends we have/had from there – their fate. We decided not to intervene, unless we are requested to. President Robert Mugabe will confirm this.

Over the past 25 years when we have been requested to intervene or contribute – this took a matter of days or weeks not years. We had hoped and expected given the mechanism in place in African Union – based on the experience they have acquired solving the Kenya dangerous crises – those actually on the spot would use these to solve the Zimbabwe situation.

We are very concern with the statement of the African or World Elders this morning. They are going down the road of Mrs Hillary Clinton. Yet they ought to be wise and knowledgeable. This is why they carry that name and put in such position.

They foremost ought to know and importantly remember that in Kenya, not Central Africa if certain mechanism had not been introduced and involved there would have been a terrible situation there today and nobody know what would have been certain of the out come.

They ought to know the degree this mechanism have been applied and used in the Zimbabwe terrible political situation. Until South African Thabo Mbeki was in Office certain measure of this mechanism was being applied. Since his leaving Office the effort to find a solution in Zimbabwe have not improved. ( Certain very important issues and mechanism which everybody is forgetting and overlooking in their squabble – particularly in South Africa)

Like Europe and other leading nations around the world have their problem so to have African nations. We have acquired sufficient experience with the Zimbabwe problematic to be able to make the same kind of contribution as we did Kenya. If fact we have been involved – had AKS forum members known this they would have removed all our “feathers as they say in French”.

In the case of Kenya , the president, politicians inside and outside, Kenya NGO requested that we make such a contribution. In the case of Zimbabwe this have not been the case. They are mostly exasperated. Very important to the problematic – the issue we conveyed to the Kenyan about finding a solution to the bloody process and issues. There are certain issues which need to be addressed – they are equally as bad as Seychelles colonial issues. Except on a very large scale.

In January 2/5 2008 we watched a very old film about somebody in France who had inherited/been left was supposed to be a very vast fortune in Africa – there is a very deep personal and public lesson in this film. This applies to Kenya, Zimbabwe and other African countries. Those who dream Africa is their to be exploited and its people, wealth too. Or those with their agendas.

This is not because of Mrs Hillary Clinton we are addressing this issue this morning – former President Clinton know our abilities. Our past involvement and engagements. With or without her a solution will have to be found. Not because of her.

We say this very publicly given the modern communication platforms. Should President Robert Mugabe office- Party wish that we make a very serious contribution – he know some of the issues we have contributed to we will then contribute.

The question we ask not of the world or President Robert Mugabe, are the people of Zimbabwe prepared, -. able to cope with the change that will be presented to them.

Here we ask all those who have know us particularly Lady Tacther former Ministers, those who served under Dr Butros Butros Ghali UN Secretary. Some of the important issues we acquired our experience working at international level. They may not be exactly what the world elder state men or Africa Elder state man or the UN will wish or the media wish.

We are going to add a thread below about the death of Britain – for the media leading anti - apartheid activist. Bearing in mind those who know and see only one side of the coin.

BBC article


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UK anti-apartheid campaigner dies

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:50 am

UK anti-apartheid campaigner dies
The man who led the anti-apartheid movement in the UK for nearly 20 years, Mike Terry, has died of a heart attack at the age of 61.

He played a key role in transforming public opinion, turning the South African apartheid government into an international pariah.

A tireless campaigner, he organised two huge concerts in support of the campaign to free Nelson Mandela.

After the fall of apartheid in 1994, he returned to teaching.

'Kith and kin'

Mr Terry was a quiet, but towering presence in the international campaign to end apartheid. A British student leader, he went to work in Zimbabwe when it was still under white rule.

The experience transformed him and he went on to dedicate most of his adult life to ridding southern Africa of racism.

Nelson Mandela looking out of his old cell at Robben Island
Mr Mandela spent 27 years behind bars

In 1975 Mr Terry became the executive secretary of the anti-apartheid movement, a position he held for nearly 20 years.

In that time he worked all hours to mobilise public opinion and with every sector of British society: from local church groups to members of parliament.

Many people in the UK had strong ties with family members in South Africa and in the early years, they saw a need to support their white "kith and kin".

But by using all the levers of persuasion - from letters to newspapers to mass demonstrations - the anti-apartheid movement transformed British policy towards the South African government.

Mr Terry was a key member of the team that brought about that change.

His work culminated in the huge concerts for Mr Mandela at Wembley Stadium, which were televised around the world, and played a considerable part in securing Mr Mandela's release after 27 years in prison.

"Terry devoted every ounce of his energy and every moment of his life to the cause of African liberation," said ANC spokeswoman Jessie Duarte in a statement.

"The ANC will forever treasure the contribution he made in the struggle for liberation and the building of our democracy... condolences to his family, friends and relatives."

After Mr Mandela was elected South Africa's first black president in 1994, Mr Terry returned to the career he had always wished to follow, teaching science to pupils in a London school.

BBC Article


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