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Serious sponsor wanted

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:17 am

Serious sponsor wanted

I am currently looking for a very serious sponsor to help me finance a brand new world standard invention registered as JOSELEC. JOSELEC is the company I registered that if the invention succeed will greatly reduce the carbon footprint globally, thus talking care partly of global warming etc. (We have mostly all heard the news of European temperature of August 2, 2017), this same company, if it works, will later on build cargo ships powered by sea water. This will greatly cut down shipping transport cost factories manufacturing things will all have to come down, because of far cheaper (probably half price) electricity. Globally, I force things like the weather, as with the monthly bills for everyone will take a big step down, while we live on a healthier globe!
Over the years I have quietly been stitching together all the various parts for both the hydro-physics and aero-physics inventions, none of which to this day have ever been seen or heard of on our planet.
As for chance taken on the ground for JOSELEC this will, I am sure, make everybody laugh. No comparison whatsoever.
I am 79 years of age, an ex justice of the peace (VP), a winner of international architectural competitions, built my own water-cooled house, and I am a very serious and battle hardened soldier. I am currently asking the patenting company in the UK to please speed up the invention finding, when submitted for obvious reasons I shall flatly refuse any cash from the sponsor to the patenting company to pass through me, but to be sent directly to patenting company. I want nothing to do with any cash. JOSELEC is a three family member company, the owner being so, local phone number is 4261456. The patenting people have quoted the price of £7500 which I find not correct – too low.
There are 7,6 billion people on earth like, only difference is that this one is desperately trying to save mankind from what appears to be heading our way from over the horizon. Is it true that massive portion of ice broke away from Antarctic main block last week? Talk to Global warming? Good Lord what next?
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