Spanish royals on state visit to UK, with Brexit issues unavoidable

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Spanish royals on state visit to UK, with Brexit issues unavoidable

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:54 am

When we wrote that SIROP program 1986/87 at 87a Victoria Rd Kilburn - Brent using a make shift table of the flat door and wood pallet, on the wall above that table Living room, all the drug syringe in the garden, the beer cans and and the Durex at times and the two witches among the Royal pictures above that desk was a picture of then young Prince Philippe of Spain and his Father -what we have termed our Arcadian and Illuminati workings -whilst we worked among other issues the CERN, the ECU/Euro, the French connectivity and later the WWW then President Ronald Reagan at the White House. In Paris President F Mitterrand and that SIROP program and in Italy Pope John Paul ll and the Italian government and those form P ll Lodge

Given the stance.position of the British government Lady Thatcher they made life sheer hell build and developed a special relation with the Spanish embassy in London and would visit them and explain our woes.

Sechelles Seychelles have always had a special relation with Spain given their French and Austrian Royal connections as such the King of Spain important help in writing that program from Spain - Europe and Seychelles relation.Along with other then European royal support for that Program.

It has not been a one way street the many impacting issues of that Program on Spain Socio Economy issues and Europe its entry

From Britain we played an important role that Santandar purchased the old Building society we had account Alliance and Leicester and the one with the umbrella.

Much more important the issue of Spain Morocco Tunnel like the Channel tunnel project - we have contributed in Driving this topics - the very terrible issues of those who had linked Princess Diana and the Al Fayad to this project.

Spanish royals on state visit to UK, with Brexit issues unavoidable

Londres: le roi d'Espagne en visite officielle - Le Figaro

Letizia et Felipe VI ne vont plus voir Elizabeth II - Paris Match

Le roi Philippe et la reine Mathilde en visite au Parlement à Londres ...

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