Who are the rioters? Young men from poor areas ... but that's not the full storyThe crowds involved in violence and looting are drawn from

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Who are the rioters? Young men from poor areas ... but that's not the full storyThe crowds involved in violence and looting are drawn from

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:51 am

Who are the rioters? Young men from poor areas ... but that's not the full storyThe crowds involved in violence and looting are drawn from
The crowd gathered outside Chalk Farm tube station at 1am on Tuesday morning was representative of those who had been at the frontline of other riots over the previous 72 hours.

Anyone who has witnessed the disturbances up close will know there is no simple answer to the question: who are the rioters? Attempts to use simple categorisations to describe the looters belies the complex make-up of those who have been participating.

Some who have been victims of the looting resent attempts to rationalise or give meaning to what they perceive as the mindless thuggery of an "underclass". Others want an explanation of who has been taking part – and why.

In the broadest sense, most of those involved have been young men from poor areas. But the generalisation cannot go much further than that. It can't be said that they are largely from one racial group. Both young men and women have joined in.

Take events in Chalk Farm, north London. First the streets contained people of all backgrounds sprinting off with bicycles looted from Evans Cycles. Three Asian men in their 40s, guarding a newsagent, discussed whether they should also take advantage of the apparent suspension of law.

"If we go for it now, we can get a bike," said one. "Don't do it," said another. Others were not so reticent; a white woman and a man emerged carrying a bike each. A young black teenager, aged about 14, came out smiling, carrying another bike, only for it be snatched from him by an older man.

They were just some of the crowd of about 100 who had gathered on the corner; a mix of the curious and angry, young and old. It was impossible to distinguish between thieves, bystanders and those who simply wanted to cause damage.

A group of about 20 youths were wielding scaffolding poles taken from a nearby building site. They used their makeshift weapons, along with bricks and stolen bottles of wine, to intermittently attack passing motorists or smash bus shelters. A man in a slim suit stood on the corner recording the violence on his mobile phone.

Most of those he was filming had covered their faces. One had a full balaclava with holes cut out only for the eyes and mouth. "Is that you, bruv?" an older man, aged about 30, hands in pockets, asked the man in the balaclava. Recognising his friend, he laughed and added: "f**k. Don't stand near me – you're going to get me arrested."

Seconds later there was a smash as the minicab office around the corner was broken into. Teenagers swarmed in, shouting: "Bwap, bwap, bwap."

The arrival of a line of riot police from Camden, where a branch of Sainsbury's and clothing stores had been looted an hour earlier, signalled it was time for everyone to move on.

But there was no rush; the group knew from experience that police would hold back for the time being. "Keep an eye on the Feds, man," said one youth.

Overheard snippets of conversation gave an insight into how the disparate groups were deciding where to go.

One man said: "Hampstead, bruv. Let's go rob Hampstead." Another, looking at his BlackBerry, said: "Kilburn, it's happening in Kilburn and Holloway." A third added: "The whole country is burning, man."

And as multi-ethnic areas from London to Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol burned, a myth was being dispelled: that so-called "black youths" are largely behind such violence.

In Tottenham on Saturday many of those who gathered at the police station to protest against the shooting of Mark Duggan were, like him, black. But others were Asian and white.

By the following day, as the looting spread to other north London suburbs, there appeared to have been a slight shift in the demographic, which started to look younger. In Enfield most of those who gathered in the town centre were white. The youngest looked about 10-years-old.

Those taking part in the battles in Hackney's Pembury estate on Monday included many women. Teenage girls helped carry debris to form the burning barricades or made piles of rocks.

One, with a yellow scarf across her face, was seemingly at the forefront. She helped set a motorbike alight, walking away with her hands aloft. Other women shouted instructions from the windows of nearby flats and houses.

"Croydon is burning down," shouted one woman who looked about 40, from her flat above a shop. Another warned the crowd when police were spotted nearby.

The mix was visible around the same time several miles south, near Peckham High Street. The fact that many youths covered their faces with masks made identifying them almost impossible.

A few young men sculpted impromptu masks out of stolen pharmacy bags, making them resemble members of the youth wing of the Ku Klux Klan. An older girl with them reached into a bag and pulled out a giant bag of Haribo sweets. The atmosphere was akin to a school sports day or a visit to a rowdy open-air cinema.

A few of them tried in vain to start a fire. The girl handing out sweets said: "Why don't they do the hair shop, have you seen the products they keep in the back?"

When another group finished ransacking a pawnbroker's and started cleaning out a local fashion boutique, an angry young black woman berated one of them. "You're taking the piss, man. That woman hand-stitches everything, she's built that shop up from nothing. It's like stealing from your mum."

A girl holding a looted wedding dress smiled sheepishly, stuck for anything to say.

Jay Kast, 24, a youth worker from East Ham who has witnessed rioting across London over the last three nights, said he was concerned that black community leaders were wrongly identifying a problem "within".

"I've seen Turkish boys, I've seen Asian boys, I've seen grown white men," he said. "They're all out there taking part." He recognised an element of opportunism in the mass looting but said an underlying cause was that many young people felt "trapped in the system". "They're disconnected from the community and they just don't care," he said.

In some senses the rioting has been unifying a cross-section of deprived young men who identify with each other, he added.

Kast gave the example of how territorial markers which would usually delineate young people's residential areas – known as 'endz', 'bits' and 'gates' – appear to have melted away.

"On a normal day it wouldn't be allowed – going in to someone else's area. A lot of them, on a normal day, wouldn't know each other and they might be fighting," Kast said.

"Now they can go wherever they want. They're recognising themselves from the people they see on the TV [rioting]. This is bringing them together."

A late evening walk down the Walworth Road revealed that the Argos and various electrical stores had been smashed up. Police were sealing off banks and retail outlets with tape. A platoon of youths came in from Peckham in the early evening, a man still sweeping up the remains of his shop window said. They cordoned off the road before they began looting, which suggests some level of criminal organisation.

A middle-aged African-Caribbean man explained that some young people were targeting Asian and Afghan shops, the result of petty local disagreements. And there's no denying that a small minority are simply out to hurt people. A Chinese student, the same man said, had been set upon by a gang and beaten quite badly, simply for taking a picture.

All the same, there's more than brute criminality here. When incidents like this happen the authorities are fond of saying that troublemakers have been bussed in from outside.

But there's none of that here. Neither is there any sign of the anti-globalisation or anarchist crowds.

This is unadulterated, indigenous anger and ennui. It's a provocation, a test of will and a hamfisted two-finger salute to the authorities.

• This article was amended on 10 August 2011 to remove references to Afro-Caribbean and Afghani in contravention of Guardian style. This has been corrected.



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Re: Who are the rioters? Young men from poor areas ... but that's not the full storyThe crowds involved in violence and looting are drawn from

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:52 am

The gigantic/mega robbery, con, rip off, scandal by the many establishments, Institutions - Banks - police, Judiciary, parliament, media of the British mass from conception to their grave yard and beyond - the relation with the situation which develop across London and parts of England - involving/using "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour from hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique"

Prime Minister John Major was punished, removed from Office when he began to abusing it excessively to retain power, control the populace and be nasty - evil.

The populace watched how Prime Minister Tony Blair used it to package his New Labour politic, how he used it alongside the media and integrated it in every things which works and function in society and went to War/forcing the EU Institutions, Judiciary to adopt those benchmark and what ensued and followed. The mega abuse.

For the British public, particularly the young people - they knew and saw very clearly through the System, "the government, the system placated them with certain financial reward benefits" dole, housing benefits and other government money - so they willingly join, accepted and used, allowed this infernal system to work - to support the so call New Labour politic and corrupted practice - at the core of it the massive/excessive use and abuse of "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour from hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique" they thought it was very clever/brilliant.

Then the Banks started to abuse is Customers with it.

The Big multinational inclding the Transport, Train companies, the Gas, Water, Ener4gy Company.


The TV

The Media

The big Tele communication companies - multinational

The politicians right across the board.

The Justice

The Police

The Education System

The evil side:
Those who had their racist agenda began to use and abuse it

This include the criminals - those hell bent on making money at the expense of others/anybody and not get caught.

The Education, the school bullies, all those involved packed this in their daily living.

All the issues of Road rage, village being blighted by road rage, those cars, lorries, driving by 24 hours using this infernal "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour from hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique" stealing all your information from your house, living room and bedrooms, kitchen waht they do with them - the manipulation, what it can cause and have caused. The public protest - efforts to control and combat. So call noise.

All those in their expensive and big cars who drive by - intimidate, blight, bully, threaten those who have not, the unemployed using this "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour from hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique" The excuse of Policing in the process, the mega con - those young people, their generation know what it taking place and going on.

The list is very long.

At the end of the day what the so call experts and highly qualify were sayingare saying, their lies and cover up. The large public/mass knew they were being lied to, taken for rides, con.

The public are not fools, stupid - they knew what was taking place - they joined in, participated because they were getting something, even crumbs.

So that in a small village or home somebody started using this technique to rip of his neighbour, depending his work or business, the infant, the young people, the elderly - they put up because they thought they were getting something, some kind of reward. Indeed the economy until the mega global Financial, economic and political crash came in 2008.

The adoption and put in place of the Terrorist Legislation in EU and across the world, the horrible time everybody had to go through in Britain.

There are those in the world who call, demand accountability - that Balkan war was started, stirred up using this system, technique and that War with Iraq all that followed was build upon this technique use and application.

In and across the EU its many government, EU institutions which adopted and took on board the highly corrupted system - working. Most important the Politicians, the media and the issues associated with the EU enlargement - workings. Its very Parliament, its very Justice and Ombdusman.

This infested the G20 and other Global major Summits working.

The people and young generation in Britain saw this on their TV, they saw it in their papers, they experienced it daily in their lives, on the road and at work.

Like PM John Major it was this excessive abuse of this infernal "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour from hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique" so call new Labour which saw the demise of PM Blair.

The massive, grave, dangerous human control, abusive police powers, laws , draconian to control - prevent protest, debate, challenge of this "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour from hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique" so call New Labour or being applied in the Labour politic.

In the issues which followed the election, the people, the public knew that in their hearts of heart this system was so infested and corrupted it would not go away - yet the promise of then Mr Cameron, the Mr Clegg as against the Labour party.

Prior to this the mega political scandals - those very politicians because they had power, abused, control the system and rob the public - the many scandals and covered it up. The expense Scandals - "they were only taking part in the actual process," the many institutions, big multinational providing public service and the big Food store Group practice, like TESCO, Sainsbury and others. How these big Food company treat their Customers who use their service and go shopping - they have invented a new Religion and the impunity, method they defend this. The British public and youth, young generation have talked and written a very great deal on the many Social Networks - still nobody listen.

How now that it came out the Conservative manipulated this, along with the media to win the election, some of the things that came out in the "Phone Hacking scandal or the Murdoc Media".

With the School fees protest many of these issues mentioned here came out - all those young who had been compelled to adopt, taken this corrupted system, believe it and it had let them down - what took place a the protest and what the media have written. Their generation destroy, no hope and future.

A number of highly educated and experience individual wrote on/about the Madoff mega Financial scam - the politicians and all those involved on similar practice and in instance bigger scale. Particularly the Market, the Big financial institutions. "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour fro hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique" All those governments and their institutions how they are funded and repay their debt - those who know and make very big money from/out of it at the expense/hurt/cost of the young generation, young people, infants and elderly - those who cannot protest. They talk rather babble about these issues daily - every where one has only to listen. On all streets corners, Mc Donald, bus, markets, walking the streets. In the music they write and sing.

Everybody have read the Cuts issues, political debacle, the protests and again what came out.

Having gone through this - the politicians embark on a new if not deadlier adventure - involving the media, the destabilising of the whole of North Africa and the Gulf region. The greater public knew and realize what was going after one or two moths. What was the purpose and objective - particularly in the City. Those involved in turning the whole of North Africa and the Gulf region into a hell hole and their objectives. Those hell bent to destroy the EURO and destabilise the EU, stop the deployment of that new Global Current - very many young people knew and have got to know about those issues and why they are being done - there are tons of other abuses and cons associated. The manner they portray the situation in EU, North African and the Gulf region. The political ploy to distract, divert attention form the real issues at home and Britain, daily life. Those young people have learnt to use this infernal system to learn educate them self - they know what is going on in the political system, the media, the Judiciary, policing, education using this infernal system - the very police complain how these young people generation put rings around police working.

On the streets of London the moment the Coalition got elected came to Power the talk everywhere - except the Cuts and economic situation had not pressed home/hurt - they had not been hurt.

There is the need to study, analyse what the so call official media writes and other Social network - what the TV present, their propaganda, their abuse and what is being said out there. The media are not about to change and will not change.

Just like what the politicians, the British, EU and international institutions have done their mega abuse, corrupted benchmark, from conception to death and beyond the individual, the citizens, the people, the communities what is happening - if one had to sit and debate the difference in the criminality, the thieving, the robbery, the destruction of lives and mind and the comparison to what took place the past 5 days.

We have been trained and involved in Interdisciplinary High Management for some 30 years and the issues and topics we have covered the past 30 years. Equally important our 30 years work and experience in Voluntary sector and Ethnic issues in Britain and EU - if not as important our interfaith work/engagement the past 35 years internationally.

We have been writing that there is the need to cut down, control and reduce the use and abuse of this infernal "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour from hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique"

During the PM Blair and Brown government we saw many incident of important system failing and Nuclear issues- weapon system getting put of control, what has been written. They were importantly link/associated with this infernal system/working. Which bring us back to the fundamental reason for the Anti Terror Department to be set up in EU. The highly gross miss conception of this "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour fro hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique" its impacts.

For anybody - today to stand and say this is associated with the Masonic Establishment working as such and their demand ought to be challenge seriously - this sickness has spread right across the world, Africa and Asia. Those who know serious Masonic issues, working - something is very very wrong.

We began to address, protest, present, lobby against this practice since 1986/7 - the reason, work, contribution to put in place the WWW. Then parctice and abuse.

There is the important need to study, look into events the past 10 years across Asia, China, Russia, former USSR, North Africa to South, East and West Africa, the wars, the pubic upheaveals, and kilings which took place and have taken place, situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan - they are associated - the cause, President G Bush called it/lumped it Al Kaida, wrong "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour from hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique"

The situation in Madagascar, the situation in Mauritius, the situation in Sechelles Seychelles, the situation in France today.

We also recollect the other riot incidents in Britain, France, Italy, Ireland the past 30 years - the many complexities

By the way we were involved in the formation of Wandsworth Forum - then Lady Tacther, next to the Police Station and Old Town Hall Clapham Junction where some of the worse incidents took place in London. The MSC Employment/economic Program.

We had planted those plants in pots against the House in Kent to try and minimise their effects and the garden since they have been destroy uprooted - the very negative issues and impacts. We are very certain this is not one person view, the millions who are aware and use plants and shrubs to minimise those impacts, effects and move away from such environment or look at quieter place to live and migrate.

When we selected Caravan site to live at after loosing our Home in 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent we choos a quiet one, not overly unfriendly, croweded for these reasons that was 1991. The same when we live in Ashford Kent, the decision for my family to go and live in a quiet place 1993 becuse of my responsibilities and work - place I/we could share/use.

There is the important need to state we oppose, the use and abuse of this "this satanic rage/rave, crack vibes, cjd/Vache folle, neighbour from hell, anti social - mega con machine/technique" by Mr Ralph Volcer of new DP to change Seychelles SPPF/PL and likewise MSR/Seychelles Freedom Party. We know and have protsted a Seychelles government and many of its institutions, Services using and abusing it. Opressing the people and the Citizens.

Unless the world, those who want the world to regain some sanity do not act, fight this evil system - things will get worse and like those events of the past 5 days what will come next. { By the way there is the need to state a large portion of the Social Networking have taken onboard this evil system, including the Telephone and many new Tech associated with the Telephone technology working. }


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