Interview with the new Al Salam Bank – Seychelles chief executive Asim Kumar moving next door to Novobank

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Interview with the new Al Salam Bank – Seychelles chief executive Asim Kumar moving next door to Novobank

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:35 am

It is scientifically interesting how we or one address a given issues and what it turns out to be our founding fathers would/used to say "you plant cassava and it come our manioque or the such" - one cannot build a nation or economy on such science/discipline.

The Drugs and Banking issues the news that/Interview with the new Al Salam Bank – Seychelles chief executive Asim Kumar moving next door to Novobank - our recent thread which others ignore and we are told go and read your Bible, prepares your self to met you savior -

In bad English those who would say you take the piss out of somebody/wind them up/rub them up in a very strange or wired way. For the best part of 40 years my life and work in Europe and before in Seychelles - little wonder Sir James instead spent his time to collect titles and distinctions because that nation of Seychelles as much as you share issues in simple and plain way it goes in one ear and come out the other. That way he could talk to them in strange Language which they at best time did not understand again.

Please refer to several threads to some of the richest Gulf Region personalities about the Palm dates trees as children which grew in the old Esplanade and as children walking from the SDA school, the back of government House, the old seafront where we took our fishing line and fished very often later the comblage, the many Asian merchants as children and later. The Mosque they have come to build in that Seychelles the very issue of they building a Mosque in Seychelles then President FA Rene Seychelles and International politic - the OPEC debacles, that SIROP program impact on the Gulf Region, the Sovereign wealth Funds we were involved in the early/initial set up and mechanism involved and their wealth today, the posting one of them paid $15 millions for a gold dress for his daughter or the such, flaunting of their wealth and acquisition almost one third of London how it all started - nobody/none have ever said a thank you safe the London small Arab shops when we go to purchase something/dates mostly or coffee places. They know my person - my request to then to plant a few palm date trees back in Seychelles and going on very deaf ears. Then we talk of noble Koran and his holy Prophet - it take 3 years to bear fruit.

We have stressed the topic of the old Standard Charter Bank in old Seychelles and the like of Mr Paul Chow if he remembers or chose not to - the same Bank in East Africa and Britain and Asia their unique politic and workings. Their part in that SIROP program as against Barclays and the BCCI debacles. ( Across the Road the coming to Seychelles of Qatar Airline and their Office) for a long while Dr Ramados wish to house the Chamber of Commerce in a building off the Esplanade.

May be there are a few who today have undertaken the study /science of dynamic/synergistic corporate high Management - we started in 1979 Vienna - the dynamic which is being created and how they are managed in Europe. ( Just noted our IP have been blocked to access Nation this practice have been going on and off since President Faure took office, those who want o control information/manipulate them - we ought no have left them in their Cold War Communist ghetto )



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