Sunday 7th August 2011,

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Sunday 7th August 2011,

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Sunday 7th August 2011,

After what we wrote yesterday on Facebook, our community forums, my email, my Twitter and phone or even home address, not one person has reacted as to the gravity of not just my situation - the many times we/I have explained the past 21 years many responsibilities and what, whom they affect and impact - particularly Republic of Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and the region. Beside France.

Just to remind not just the public in Seychelles, our exile/refugee communities around the world. In 1979 onward, the few millions dollars President FA Rene and his politicians were getting from China, USSR, the COMECON, extreme Socialist countries of North Africa and Gulf Region, Cuba, Certain South American countries and Socialist countries of Africa. They found it necessary to use and spend State money on Private properties in Britain, France and Germany. They were large properties.

Yet for the/a man, individual who has associated, help them - facilitate a large many important Financial transactions, economic. We can stay in cheap bed and breakfast or the such. President FA Rene from associated work owes me/us personally some $150 millions - not to count the interests. For that SIROP etc., exile/refugee return program $500 - $800 millions and what the idiotic Seychellois public were never supposed to know some $20 billions gearing business/finance to drive that program those who made the money - we have never been paid a cent. We have never received a donation. Had we not been involved Seychelles government would have gone Bankrupt - anybody who can save the/a government backside you pay him and well. {We say it again if this ever came to Court - came to Seychelles in 2009 knowing fully well the cards/score, all those who knew with to view to working a solution} With what is coming - in 1991 the Army, Police and Politicians could dictate - this time round, they would have to deal with the people.

We will not write to those lawyers we have been in contact in Seychelles the past 25 years, we will not write to the Police, we will not write to the appropriate Judiciary Official in Seychelles, certainly not the Nation. We will not write to the National Assembly and the Opposition.

All of them are adults and educated enough to read what we have been writing. In less then 15 days time I/we will need a place to store my personal belongings from Kent. { Just in case any Police or Court dare come back - a plot of land in Kent cost £25,000 - a 20' container cost £700} is this a lot of money to be asking all the above institutions in Seychelles. The/those individuals who have made very large fortunes because of our person/off our back. If we cannot get this kind of money - we/I will have to find a cheap place to rent to store them - and all of our from the Police, the Court, the Politicians, the Media and other Seychellois who have live in UK know - the harassment from owners, Land lords, the local thugs, politicians and others when you rent a property. Specially now that we/I will not have a "House" in Kent.

Which ever way one look at - there will be "a mega bust-up" - underneath you poker faces, you all know what this exactly imply. You have gone through events of the past 30 years.

We also have four sets of children, their relatives and so call close relatives - we will not talk or mention about those Christian. We are supposed to have countless acquaintance in Seychelles, Mauritius, Britain, France - what took place in 1991 after 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent. If you have forgotten - today we have blogs and forums go and read about them. Do not dare turn round and say we are crap - in the face of Justice, the Church and Society and History you will go down as the crap.

Then use your sleaze, your super education, your great Christian preaching, your satanic rave/rage, CJD/Vache Folle to crap us and everybody. Including the SBC, the Seychelles Nation and those News paper in Seychelles and Mauritius. Then go on turn your backs as you all did after events of 1991. Invent your lies as you have all done and been doing for the past 21 years, you cover-up, your excuses and your experts explanations.

We are writing in this tone because we hold a Seychelles Republic passport. We also had an infant of 1 year to worry about in 1991 and the undertaking between our person the archaic/fraternal/French government establishment. No other passport and we are an exile/refugee.


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