Hi All. Very good public meeting on La Digue in the community centre.

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Hi All. Very good public meeting on La Digue in the community centre.

Post  Sirop14 on Sat May 27, 2017 1:01 pm

Hi All. Very good public meeting on La Digue in the community centre. The meeting was led by myself and MNAs present were Hon Afif, Ferrari and Adelaide. A range of topics were raised. They will be taken up in the National Assembly.


We addressed a topic about the church workings last Saturday/Sabbath before that atrocious massacre in Manchester - for those in Seychelles who do not know that it is one of Britain important Industrial city. In Seychelles first events this week the Judge Trial more importantly -after Monday's event in Britain a number of strange phenomena in Seychelles - This Saturday/Sabbath over our 40 odd years of Independence those who have associated La Digue with aspects of our Illuminati and Arcadian workings, associated disciplines, functionality. In particular our black brothers and sisters in Seychelles. This said and those of you very privilege to seat in that building, its roof your respective view of the world, our regional workings and democracy - If when you look a most European churches building you will see a number of disciplines/science associated with high Heraldry/Heraldic workings - the deep christian meaning/purpose. In Kent the past 25 years managing and working those discipline/science. They/it requires individuals of knowledge and understanding and in Seychelles 1991/3 those who understood such discipline and high workings and many have left us and the ongoing functionality of our Heraldry/heraldic workings. A very important step, development - it required that President FA Rene given his consent that we can uses the Seychelles existing Heraldic, coat of arms - national Emblem to develop the Seychelles EU Community Heraldic, Emblem coat of arms. This Saturday/Sabbath those who believe a God does exist and his capacity to impart his knowledge and energy for the good of mankind. In the case of Seychelles the Origin of our Black brothers and sisters, they equally having the Rights to use and apply, benefits for our greater Seychelles EU Community Heraldic workings. From infant conception to death and beyond. We have en devoured to press President FA Rene on this important aspect of our nation workings, we have addressed the Truth Commission of the National Assembly - how because we have to manage it form Britain the many negativity as had it been if we were in France Belgium or Continental Europe - President JR Mancham was very highly knowledgeable an versed - yet. Given that Seychelles is a Christian Nation the important role of the Respective church and the current situation. Just as the money issue we addressed last Saturday/Sabbath - this Saturday Sabbath the important befits those and every benefiting for our Seychelles EU Heraldic, Coat of arms and emblem and yet nobody not even able to say thank you or give a donation instead and then we ask and wonder not worse calamity have not befallen us and other nations we interact and work those high disciplines with. Across the globe and world the respective benchmarks yet in that Sechelles Seychelles. Such/the responsibility in significance and our prayers to find a solution. We have noted the many Facebook impute at 7 am British time and have tired to take sample of the moods and state of things in our Nation functionality.



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