Daily Mail See realtime coverage James Bond legend Roger Moore dies aged 89

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Daily Mail See realtime coverage James Bond legend Roger Moore dies aged 89

Post  Sirop14 on Tue May 23, 2017 4:32 pm

James Bond legend Roger Moore dies aged 89

Sir Roger Moore: In his own words

Roger Moore: a modest, self-deprecating James Bond who brought some serious aplomb The Guardian (blog)

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There are those who pointed out we may have cross the red line in our comment this morning - We decided after explaining to a staff of Santandar Bank where we have been paying for rent for the Builders Yard past 5 years/our Accountant, the issues and information shared/discussed with him, the current situation and our grave concern to go and have something to eat in the local Center where 25 years ago we came to Ashford Kent 1991. Then President FA Rene announcement, many of our exile/refugees leaders still in Britain, the Britain, USA, USSR, China and OAU that SIROP program then 1991, the state of Ashford village -the USAF in then Seychelles Gulf Region.
Beside the Mega Channel Tunnel Project and the Nord pas de Calais Economic Development they had little going in Ashford Village - our protest those Conservative who knew who we were and our important connection use and abused them and what was written in the Press and TV - the disdain for the Italian nation both Masonic and Mob workings.
Sainsbury then in Ashford Town, those using that SIROP dynamic synergy, began to leverage big business projects, business parks and attracting major chains to tome to ~Ashford. Then they talk of their great British benchmark and Illuminati - to protect and defend myself and that program refereed many of the ongoing to the UN, EU High Institutions and the church and the media. Those who saw Red and got mad because of EU Capacity to intervene -
The Church of England high Officials knew/were informed 1991 of the contents of that Program I have had 2/3 direct meetings in Canterbury and explaining who we were and doing the Indian Ocean Issue, then KPMG Head office in Maid stone, the leading law firms we/I took contacts, the British Intelligence Service then - the Church of England had along with others used/apply to leverage the Market dynamic with a Prime Property they had in Ashford and those who got their information wrong and what ensued, they had Pears and apple on that land then 1991, we took a few photos of Roger Moore house then also - we used to write to Paris and the French Embassy in London of the situation. The price of land and Properties in Kent then 1991- The Actor Roger Moor had a House next to the Church of England property that was earmark for Housing development, the Restaurant the Harvester and Little Chef coming to Ashford and another Hotel near by and I had inquired if it was rentable or purchasable because of some of the issues we had input in Roger Moor work,
The news this afternoon that he had passed away in Switzerland, those from the International Spy and counter Spy profession. Those for the CIA then 1991 in Kent, French Intelligence and Israeli ( Then we have golly wog in the National Assembly who want to dictate the parameters for that Truth Commission to cover up the lies and distortions)


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