Saturday in Britain, across EU exile/refugee tradition, values - what they do

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Saturday in Britain, across EU exile/refugee tradition, values - what they do

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jul 23, 2011 1:18 pm

Saturday in Britain, across EU exile/refugee tradition, values - what they do

Normally among the Exile/Refugee across Europe and Western civilization, including former Balkan, COMECON on a Saturday morning the practice - just like the Apostle and the Elders of the New and Old Testament, Bible, Holy Scripture wrote, gave their laws, recommendation and guidance for all those who believe in the Holy Scripture.

In the case of the Saturday/Sabbath keepers on Saturday/Sabbath Jews for the past 1500 - 2500 years in exile/refugees - their comportments, their solidarity, their prayers and worship, their sharing and caring, reverence of their God and the creator of heaven and earth, the God of Abraham and Moses. The upholding of their culture, ancestral values.

Christians - Christianity originate from Jewish belief, spiritual values - their Holy Scripture, the Torah, the Bible - Christ was a Jew, Maria his mother and Joseph were Jews. The Disciples were 95% Jews. As well as the ancient people practice of Europe, belief their Values and Spiritual belief - this made Christianity.

It is customary on a Saturday morning in the world, domain and life of Exile/Refugee in Europe for those not working, trying to earn something, keeping a roof on their heads and bringing a meal or a piece of bread on the table and some oil for the lamp/ rates, bills etc., to take time to share, care, discuss their plight, needs, problematic, anger, pain, anguish, agony, old age, their children - the oppression - the list is very long.

As such this used to be the practice and case with our Sechelles Seychelles Exile/refugee in Britain from 1977 to 2000, eventually those or or two individuals who still meet up at a friend, road side, market place, eventually school function and pub in the afternoon - get to discuss our needs, politic, issues, problematic etc. Until the main exile leadership return Home 1991 - it was a must and those who did not keep up their responsibilities, meetings and appointments, what ensued, the anger, rage, the back turn, they would be talk about the talk of the community and the families and friends.

We believe as such this practice of our respective Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee communities across other European countries - even if they were just a Family or two or three - their thoughts would be turn to those issues and problematic, their wish to meet with somebody, someone who can share, understand their issues, problematic - other refugees/exiles, their situation, experiences, integration, work, education, community functioning etc. This is how many of us made friends, particularly the Irish Community. The North African, ex COMECON, African, Latin American and very many other communities. The need to discuss and share some or the many common problematic and challenges.

In the more affluent, working exile/refugee communities in and across EU, lecture and political debate are organised, outings, Church events, dinners, lunch, market stalls, special class for elderly, young generation, mothers etc are organised, special housing, homeless and refugee/exile need class, sporting events, excursions, inter community functions, ie integration discussion - debate. We the Sechelles Seychelles communities have been excluded, oppressed, suppressed, threaten, intimidated, bullied, forced not to take parte in such process and issues, dissuaded, programmed - why the question need to be ask. What it has made of them in the process, their human values, their children and elderly. Most important their future. Economic involvement and economic contributions in the land they have found refuge - their respective roles.

Their role towards their people, their nation, international and regional interest, today and future situation, strategic issues - special needs, economic programs and issues which in on the agenda and their rights to take part and support, contribute and their by help build and maintain their nation - land of origin. By the way all these are enshrined in the UN and EU charter for Refugee and exile. The question are they applied, are they followed through are they made aware. . How in history over the past 5,000 years exile/refugees have worked, networked and helped with rebuilding their homes and nation. Regain their lost heritage and culture, values. How they link up with those who have returned, the issues they work together, they solve together, the resource they share and put into place - what about Sechelles Seychelles, we have been demanding accountability, review for the past 21 years nobody, no one wants to hear and do anything. The most horrendous and outrageous is what fellow exile/refugee once they have return home, helped safely to return home , rebuild their lives and regain their properties their attitude and hurt - they completely ignore those in exile, they pretend they were never in exile, they never shared or suffered the/this horrible experience. This is/can be stated as one of the great evil which prevail take place among exile/refugee issues, living, their affairs. This is sheer horror the utter betrayals. In the case of the Seychelles exile/refugee - what really took place and has taken place the past 21 years. The wealth that that $500 - $800 millions exile/return program brought in their lives as returning exile/refugees, beside the $20 billions or more in Gearing Network business if not more. Not to exclude the greater regional economic, financial working which supported them and rebuilding of their lives over the past 21 years - some kind of accountability - they have become just as guilty as the government and the international institutions. Why do they remain silence. There is the need to demand question and expect answers. Sechelles Seychelles and Mauritius hold the best governance note in Africa/African Union as such for a small nation in comparison to Mauritius, the multitude of bodies, agencies, meetings, training, conferences, debate and discussion - yet not proper discussion, debate and reporting is done and taken place about events since their return and those 10, 000 in exile. One hears and read daily on all the national media of the new workings approach, new benchmark the government keeps putting in place and enhancing - what are they for and their purpose - objectivity.

After events of 1995 in Sechelles Seychelles and Europe we began to address to the British and EU Seychelles Exile/refugee communities and indeed those older Seychelles communities, from former East Africa, those who had come by way of the Economic program in the 60's then Seychelles British Colony, they have become accustom to sharing the exile/refugee, politic and economic issues of our community. We began to write about "the broken bridge" the broken link - and challenged those exile/refugee politicians who had hijacked that SIROP etc., combined exile return program $500 - $800 millions, supported by those officials of the USA, Britain and one or two other governments, their media and relevant institutions, rushing back home and expecting with their 15 years of battle/struggle in exile, their pain , anguish and horrors - things will change immediately in Seychelles. They will change Seychelles immediately, President FA Rene and his supporters will give up and capitulate immediate, surrender. Added to that the manner and nature we had put together that SIROP etc., exile/refugee return program. Meaning the International communities, media, institutions were well aware of the going on and intentions, developments - because we had not had a UN or Important EU relevant Institution written, commitments. documented as such what took place. Those of us who had been at the core, centre of the struggle, had studied, researched, debated and exchanged many hours of discussions with officials, other exile/refugee communities, Leadership, Direction, their experiences - they were at the mercy of the SPPF - Seychelles government, their institutions, their police, army, their media - propaganda, etc.

In a few simple words they took and got a proper trashing from the SPPF, with all their institutions - the government in spite of having declared, announced to the world the return of multi party was not about to hand them anything on "a silver or gold tray". What ensued and took place, from Europe the few of us who had been "deserted" left by the road side, calculatedly excluded - particularly in our Person the decision of the USA, British and German Officials, as well as the Dutch. Because they had perceived we would not bend our knees, we would not listen to their dictate/so call cue, we had refused to take onboard their corrupted working, corrupted benchmark. We had dared said that we belong to the same French people, values who came to colonise, discover the Indian Ocean from South Africa, East Africa, those Indian Ocean Islands, South India and South Asia as such our politic, heritage, reasoning, archaic, fraternal, christian and illuminate heritage. We used to ask them/challenge them "if we came form Mars or Jupiter" their view we were African as such to be treated - their racist and arrogant position. We told them time and time again the very same "archaic, fraternal, Christian, illuminate" heritage, values they were using, their governments, their media and institutions, their education were based upon their army and police - these were our ancestral values, they were values laid down. set our by our French and other european ancestors. As such those involved, working with President FA Rene, his government the values they were using, in Reunion, Mauritius and South Africa.

Because of the highly important dynamic which had been build, developed around that exile/refugee return program, diplomatic, military, the utter fiasco - President James Mancham had not concepted that SIROP etc., program, neither Dr Maxime Ferrari, not even Mr Gabriel Houreau with whom we were very close and shared/exchange many view, neither Mr Phillipe Boulle. What the many Executive of SNM/MPR said in public, their public address. Because we had had to discuss/go into some of the highly complex working, challenges, problematic, management, global, diplomacy, politic, military, strategic related issues with President FA Rene as such his knowledge and insight and those who worked, managed and associated with the Corporate side of this exile/refigee return program. He listened and watached all those in Seychelles who told their own sotries and invented their concepts. Incliuding former President James Mancham. The USA, Britian and other nation, institutions, diplomary, intillegence had collected a great deal of information, knowledge about the working of this SIROP etc exile program - their own strategic interests - the information they passed, to indivudual like President James Mancham, Mr Phillipe Boulle, Dr Maxime Ferrari and those from the SNM/MPR who had judge they can takechange Seychelles government overnight once in Seychelles.

There was a major regional Asian, Gulf Region and Africa economic meltdown. The Market working just disintegrated, the dynamic just evaporate and all the massive work, sacrifice, sweat and toil overnight destroyed. That was the price of the decption, corrupted benchmark those from the USA, Britain, certain EU countires, Australia and one or two leading Asian nation - had to pay. A/the good question, where/what was those in Davos, then World Economic Forum doing - having said that that SIROP etc exie/refiugee was important linked with changes, dynamic of the COMECON, the Berlin Wall, Germany reunification, USSR change, changes in France, South Afvrica, North Afvrica, the Gulf Region, Asia, Latin America, Northern Ireland. Those so call high world institutions who have $billions at their disposition - massive resource who refused to grasp, understand what had taken palce was taking place - their media like Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch the crap and muck they dished out daily, just to build their turnover and con the mass.

We are and have been suing this tone of language because we have a right to - we are talking/addressing these issues on behalf of our ancestors of the Indian Ocean region who left France 400 years ago, charted the perilous ocean and uncertainty, death to come to the Indian Ocean - 1/3 of them got killed/found death and over the past 400 years their grave, their bones and tombs all that is left of their endeavours and we their great grand children and our children.

After the Regional Indian Ocean economic and financial meltdown, the military conflicts which were occurring - we had to go "down on our knees and pray just as hard" as we had to put that SIROP etc., combined exile/refugee return program together - we did not invent military threats, or use them - we dialogue with "the powers that be/exist on bended knees" and the results - we/the initiating of the IOR Association concept - getting the greater Indian Ocean Region to commit themselves to greater economic working, diplomatic and spiritual commitments. It worked.

It Britain - only those who experienced it, those who went through it can explain - the way the exile/refugee left everything without some orderly exit, leaving a bridge behind - once the situation had utterly collapsed in Seychelles with the Opposition, in Britain and across Europe the disjointed feeling, the horrors in our lives and home, our energy utterly sapped/exhausted, we were utterly dejected, we were at dead end and nobody to turn to. From the Irish, the very many communities, grass roots, ethnic, ex COMECON, Latin Americans we had worked and build the system and dynamic - they shunned and turned their backs on us. The laugh at us, our calamity and plight, our situation. They were pointing fingers - they could not understand, they shook their heads. All those who said who come any human, nation given such important responsibility, resources, possibilities, support, limelight, media coverage gutter media - blood shed and mega historic and political sacrifice of the COMECON, the Germany, France, China and the USA, beside Africa, North Africa, Gulf Region, Latin America and we had let them down, we had failed. Had this been in another regional nation a great deal of severe answerability/brutal accountability would have been demanded and taken place from those politicians who had taken part in the fiasco, the dreadful abuse of trust and confidence, the sell out - the list is very long.

Having started this thread with the Jewish people in exile/refugee 5000 years ago and they know the sacredness of pacts, arrangement, agreements and understanding between exile/refugee communities - when they are brooked, not abided by, they are treaded upon what will ensue and inevitably. We they Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugees of French and European Heritage, who swear of our great Christian heritage - 90% of Seychellois is Roman Catholic. Beside Church of England/Protestants, Seventh Day Adventist other Christian belief. What took place recall and not -" we had gone down on bended knees in the first place/instance to put that exile/refugee return program together" - the important involvement of the Holy Seat/Vatican and vast army of Christian institutions.

We had taken part in major Faith and interfaith issues as part of the process, building of Churches, Mosque, Synagogue, even the replica of St Peter in Africa to support and work the issues. In Sechelles Seychelles - then issues of Bible Translation in Creole. , those who know the true agenda what it was all about. Rebuilding of the Cathedrals and other Churches.

What took place and have taken place in Sechelles Seychelles in regard/relation to the greater exile/refugee needs of our 10,000 exile/refugee who never made it to Seychelles, Home. They had battled, they had prayed, they had sacrificed, they had gone to heaven and hell our French ancestors would have said, they had paid a very heavy price - the price we and those left behind had to pay, at the mercy of those we have mentioned above because we had failed. It had failed.

Particularly Christian for the past 2000 years who have experiences, wars, conflicts, European upheavals, famines, economic extinctions, social upheavals, religious an political persecutions - the manner and approach they have faced, processed, gone through, managed such horrid events and moments. These/this is the manner we comported ourselves between 1976 to date. Our children and respective Families.

The President JA Michel this week started the campaign of Social and Morel renaissance in Seychelles, the people, children and new settlers. not to exclude our visitors. There were never a word about the 10,000 exile/refugee or more sisters, brothers, close relative away, sufferings - they had changed Seychelles, they had build that Seychelles - the criminal benchmark of the international communities like the UNHCR, the European Refugee/Exile institutions, and very many others associated. All those who have been saying their is nothing wrong in Seychelles, their are not exile and refugees - the global media, political and diplomatic scandal. The mega cover up by the international communities and their respective institutions. Their criteria's at what is an exile/refugee.

To really exasperate, pore oil on the fire - since 1995 our Sechelles Seychelles have been usine the IT, computer science like all refugee/exile, grass root and ethnic, and near extinc minority group. The issues which began to surface - gone were the days when the exile/refugee would rely on the goernment, the national media or given exile/refugee institution dealing withe their cause the only say so - media control. They had began to address, explain, exchange and research issues on the WWW. The Email and other such IT technology had become available. In Sechelles Seychelles the government and media also began to use the same WWW facilities and resources - yet. Having said what the Jews did/do 2000 years ago as exile/refugee, today the IT and Web possibilities - nobody need to leave his/their home, they can communicate, inform and share all the knowledge, information, news, development and latest national, regional and international development, issues and agenda - in fact thy are over informed. Where 20 years ago only highly educated experts, individuals with great learning, expertise, massive resources, police, protections etc., had the opportunity of using and sharing such information today the Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee have all this at their finger tips, in their living rooms and bedrooms. With the explosion of Socia media as of 2005 the seamless and extra large posibilities, offer of Social platfrom, interacting vehicle, including forums, blogs they have at their disposition to share communicate, educate, lobby, protest, submit immage, video, chat, conference - interact with exile/refugee communities, institutions and the very institutions like the EU parliament, Court of Justice, Ombdusman, Council of Europe, Commission, EU refugee/exile related institutions, beside the UN, the Commonwealth, the Francophone, the Afican Union and a very long list of other possibilities. In Seychelles the development of LUNGOS their IT capabilities and experiences, beside that of the government, the Church and their christian communities institutions, the diplomatic Services and their institution - yet everybody is covering up, everybody pretend there does not exist and exile/refugee situation in Seychelles and across the world where they have found refuge and began rebuilding their lives. Something is very very worng some where. To really make the situation sheer hell - it was because of that SIROP etc., combined exile/refugee $500 - $800 millions program, the Communist situation, the Cold war, the stand between the West and East values, the use and abuse of information, massive manipulation of exile/refugee that using our French and European ancestral heritage/working we contributed importantly that the WWW was created, became functional and the issues of setting in place CERN in the firt instance. In other word, plain and simple we gave the SPPF/PL Seychelles government, their institutions, their diplomatic representation, their business the WWW and how they use this today lie, abuse, cover up and deny our very existance - threathen, bully, intimidate and exclude us out of society, the nation working affairs.

Now we come to the reason we had started this thread - for any exile/refugee the horrors of lining, queuing, day in and day chasing those officials, for cloth, roof, furniture, place to say, food, health, education and work. By/at the end of the day or week one, the exile/refugee is completely exhausted, exasperated, it is a very horrible and utterly unpleasant psychological process - having written about the Jewish exile/refugee here. how over the past 35 years of our Sechelles Seychelles community in Europe and Britain we have been associated/linked to Jewish issues. It was in this manner that fro those who recall - the mechanism that prevails/function to recall and remember such issues - the Grand son of Sigmund Freud painted that painting of the dole/DHSS, woman on a couch - it made headline, then media issues - he went to earn some £17 millions form the painting. Our Community and ancestral respect, condolence at his passing away - the many instance we have searched deep into the discipline, meaning of psychoanalysis, the science associated - as Leader or a Leader of our exile/refugee the need to understand such science and discipline and develop, contribute to develop means, ways of supporting, that our exile/refugee be they in exile or upon their return Home can over come, process, grieve, understand and manage - share their exile /refugee experiences. So that the nation can learn, so that their ancestors can hear, so that God can hear, so that that the Justice, the Army, the politicians, the education, the plants and animals can hear and learn - share. That way help avoid, prevent politicians from going down the same path/make the same mistakes, commit the same folly.

Once an exile/refugee has got a modestly safe place, warmth, peace of mind - they will fight to prevent any incursion, disruption from the outside, their families, relatives and very community. This said the politic and process which develop. Those international institutions the manner and process they dictate, decide who is a refugee and exile. Their corrupted benchmark. Their use and abuse of global wealth for their own corrupted work and benchmark. We have 35 years of world experience in this field we know what we are talking about. As a result because those exile/refugee have chosen to not integrate themselves, rather hide their identity, their feelings, their values, suppress their feeling, educate their children to do and live by the same values - nobody get to hear or know their feelings and plight, conditions. They have become ghost/phantoms and President FA Rene and President JA Michel know very well what we are talking about. As such they are treated, they and their children and everything associated with them.

On this Saturday morning al those in Seychelles who say they are true Christian do they know and pray for the 10,000 or more exile/refugee from Seychelles. When they take the Communion, when they go on their knees to pray, when they listen to the Holy Spirit to they know there are 10,000 or more exile/refugee from Seychelles out there. Do they know as Christian in their hearts and mind when those exile/refugee pray in their respective land/country they have found refuge and made home their respective national feeling, sentiment, need, anguish, sufferings, and desires. After all they and we pray to the same God and the same Holy Spirit - we are supposedly to required to share the pain and joy of only one Christ.

This Saturday morning - where many exile/refugee in Britain and across the EU, Canada, USA, Australia will/take the effort to meet in one or two or more - our situation in Britain. The situation with our Seychelles exile/refugee communities across the world. Their children and grand children. Equally we ask all our relatives in Seychelles and across the world who believe in Saturday as Sabbath, their position and attitude towards our person, our families and children and grand children - our respective responsibilities over the past 35 years. Yet we will pray, yet we will sing hymns, yet we will ask and seek forgiveness from God and Christ.

Somebody - somewhere need to get up and speak for of the wrong towards the 10, 000 exile/refugee from Sechelles Seychelles committed the past 35 years - particularly the past 21 years since Multi party was introduced, their children and grand children,their national rights, their human rights, their constitutional rights and their blood rights, irrespective if they are White racist, brown, black - their political ideology dark blue, dark red, yellow, orange, green or white and purple. Had we been allowed to take part in the British documentation of exile/refugee 5 years ago funded by the Sainsbury Trust among others today ther would be on record like many other exile/refugee in London, their history, their lives and fate. We were not allowed, excluded, left out. As such our efforts privately to ask, seek and approach private individuals, TV programs to make a Film about the Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee history, documentry - those who know we have approached them. That way our children and the world would see and have on record who we are and what we have gone tghrough. After all they make porn, they make thousands of horrible films, movies and people pay to go and see them - a people, nation and heritage of the Old French who left France, Europe 400 years ago, their left over, what is left of them, their values nobody want to know or film. All they are interested in/about thieir ancestral business, economic working such as the body set up by the King of France, their Royals, their Nobilities to Establish Trade and Trading House and such partnership in the Indian Ocean Region, the nations they counqured and greater Europe -French East India Company. The core of those Sechelles Seychelles exile/refuges is of them - are them and their children and grand children.


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