Coral Strand Hotel to close for renovation

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Coral Strand Hotel to close for renovation

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:49 pm

Coral Strand Hotel to close for renovation

We just learnt via SBC that Coral Strand Hotel build in the early 1970 is closing for renovation, the Project Management statement and the Architect.

We played a vital role in the building of the Coral Stand Hotel - build by Beau Vallon Properties,the property was purchased from a well known Sechelles Seychelles, Beau Vallon family, they also had a bus/lorry to transport passangers - where we as children swan and joined in the catching of makrel using the long black pirogue and every body helping. Headed by Mr John Lacon, Mr Richard Pettit, Mr Ron Gerlach as enginer, Carpenter and overall supervison Mr John ...., the Foreman was Mr Bertie ---, the private Secretary of Mr Richard Petit and Beau Vallon Properties was a Young lady Jenney --- then form East Africa - who resided a Bel Air, now works for Hunt Deltel. The debacle of the Trade Union and employment debacle/then politic between Seychelles Democratic Party and SPUP Headed by Mr Guy Sinon - then Mr FA Rene.{ if and when we become old we will write what took place, the employment politic and SPUP.}The Local Architect was Mr Jeff ... Upon completion we accepted and signed a Contract to be and was as the first Deputy Manager to be sent on Training in UK. As such making history in Sechelles/Seychelles as the first Deputy Manager of a Hotel over 125 beds. { Mr Phillippe Boulle then worked for/in partnership with the Principal Tax Officer - Mr .......... of Cerf Island, who later committed sucide by drowning} We resigned shortly after the opening with the view of starting our own Small Hotel project.

For many years after events of 1977 - Block Hotel Group/African Safari was involved in running the Hotel and its became known as the Flag ship of British holiday hotel in Sechelles Seychelles.

After events of 1991 the Hotel was purchased by a German businessman - we had wish after events of 1991 to purchase the Hotel and be the first Sechellois to own and run a large hotel over 125 beds.

Five years ago the Hotel was purchased by a Russian business and Coral Strand stop being the flag ship of British tourist and the standard degraded inspite of the major renovation.

We have written a great deal of our involvement as a Seychellois to change the COMECON, the USSR, Berlin Wall events and Germany reunification and Russia privatisation. As such those associated to then President FA Rene and Sir James Mancham, those involved in the Privatisation of Russia former state business - the fortune they made. As the individual that/who had played a key role never donated or given a cent. Beside our ongoing work/in put in numerous important Current Russia national development and other areas. Equally Russia International position and diplomacy. Beside their Intilligence Services knowledge of our unique role to help change Sechelles Seychelles from a one party state to Muti party, contribution in countless major issues of national diplomacy, economy, education, culture, sports and other areas.

Now, this said those very rich Russian in Britain, South of France who know of our role and capacity in their country past working and currently, as well as input in the affaris of their large companies and global business connections. { For those who know the debacle "that Russia took over the working of the Sicilian and other Italian corporate global working and turned into a formidable system more dynamic that the Sicilian System/Working.}

This said during the 15 years of one party state our work in the field of Tourism and involvement in financing other large Hotel project in Sechelles Seychelles like the Plantation which was financed three times over. What ensued two years ago and in the process the closure and refurbishment - the utter destruction and wast. We wrote and stated given that we had led and worked to change Sechelles Seychelles, all the politicians who have earned, made their fortunes on the back of our work - to date we have not made any money, do not have a house let alone a toilet in Sechelles Seychelles. We had ask some members of our family to try and ask, the builders to donate some of the wast material where we could use it to build a temporary dwelling. It never materialised.

We heard via SBC, that all the furnishing of Coral Strand Hotel is being sold, doors, fittings, in one word the hotel is being gutted completely to be rebuild from a shell. We have members of my family and close friends with important working and friendly connection with the Management and owners of Coral Strand Hotel - yet again we still do not have a dwelling let alone a toilet in Sechelles Seychelles. There will be important reprecussions given our responsibilities and afterwards what the government and the many officials will write and try to explain.

For the past two terms of President JA Michel his emphasis to underscore the value of those who have worked to build Sechelle Seychelles the past 35 years from all walk of life - why are we being excluded.


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