Sylvestre Radegonde : Le grand retour à la diplomatie

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Sylvestre Radegonde : Le grand retour à la diplomatie

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:19 pm

Sylvestre Radegonde : Le grand retour à la diplomatie

Comment -
Tonight this is the third time we address and bring to the Seychellois nation and public the debacle of Mr Sylvester Radegonde

In real christian practice, everyday life this Friday - 31/3/2017 the first Friday of Britexit - the person of Hon Wavel Wankalawan who is supposed to be a Priest and ex priest

We would like to refresh and remind everybody then Seychelles when F A Rene appointed him/rather his name came up for appointment, his position in Seychelles government - those Adventist individuals like the Sabadain Brothers, Family - Ah Wan their Adventist belief and faith their connection to the Radegonde Family -

In then Seychelles then Seychelles so call Masonic, Illuminati and then Mr Mario Ricci, Mr Guy Morel and others - it was on account of this Adventist/religious connection he was given that job/posting in London and when he took his post like/as all of them their bloody arrogance - it went too far and I protested to FA Rene and he was removed and the so call victimization many aspects of his person and the misinterpretation by the SNM and many others they ignore and distorted the facts and they distort the facts surrounding their person and SNP high office workings.

Events surrounding that 2015/2016 Presidential election and outcome the very important change in political working of Seychelles

Very many from the Catholic church in Seychelles or the Church of England or the Adventist will not like/Appreciate what we/I am about to say in public - the Bible ecclesiastical verse - the slave on horse back and the prince/Master on foot what this means and related to life - I have very important responsibilities and workings interconnection in Europe and the world - the late Sir James Mancham many associates who know and are aware in France. Yet the arrogance attitude of Mr Sylvester Radegonde - Adding the Bible verse below - please everybody stop the rave.rage and mad cow /vache folle comportment in France those who would not heisted to insult and swear at him using very degenerating words and racist and nobody will prevent/stop this - tell me bluntly on the web your views.

◄ Ecclesiastes 10:7 ►
I have seen servants on horses, and princes walking as servants on the earth.


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