The relationship between "that satanic rage/rave, vache folle" and IMF Strauss-Khan incident

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The relationship between "that satanic rage/rave, vache folle" and IMF Strauss-Khan incident

Post  Sirop14 on Mon May 16, 2011 11:11 pm

This Forum was created a couple of years back as a result of certain buring/important issues which had, were affecting the then PM Blair government, what the media were saying, the gutter press and the people on the street - two years on with the Colaition government and numerous closely related incidents everybody forgets have forgotten.

This Forum was viewable anly with special permission. There has been a number of very high profile issues which caused us to create a sub unformation section and subhead th forums underneath.

Again because oif the very many negative spilling issues related with our Seychelles National politic, started this Forum so that those who wish , are affected are being abused, bullied, traumatised etc can come and discuss and ask question and help. In view of the uncertainty of the forthcoming election result had wanted to wait after the Presidential election to make the Forum available for the public.

If everybody study, look closely - the Satruday that th IMF Head Dominique Strauss - Khan was arrested for attempted on that 32 years old black African female working for the Sofitel in New York - we decided to create the Sub Information section and put those Forums underneath.

This said, the way the police and International media presented the whole situation to the world. They were presented with/packed, driven by "this infernal satanic rage/rave, crack vibe, CJD/Vache folle" all the Police involved, all the media involved, the Trial in the USA, the vast many discussion in France, at the EU and certainly across the world. Yet it had with 100% certainty this phenomena which had trigerred this terrible incident.

We tried to study, read the many French reaction and English speaking reaction on blogs and Twitter those who presented nuance that they suspected certain strange phenomena was at work and they "Labelled, called it their adjectives" the fact that the world, mankind had witnessed in plain daily working of the world, this phenomena affecting , causing an individual of the IMF Head to react in such manner - there are the medical aspect which need to be taken into consideration and the two combined can have/cause devastating reaction - in certain instance "school children taking a gun and going on a rampage - killing inocent people" or in other partes of the world like Pakistan "individual becoming sucide bombers and again killing inocent individual".

We to have travel and stayed in Hotels and suitcases as some prefer to call it and what about in Britain the phenomena of Bed and breakfast. We are familiar with the many Hotels regulations and practices including the use and abuse of "drugs, satanic rave/rage, crack vibes, CJD/Vache folle - neighbour from hell - the British police must have a very important catalague of such incidents - yet nobody from the high authorities have dared to tackle the phenomena for what it is.

We are being very scant here - we also know the positive side of its working in very many forms, disciplines, modes and places. For instance the construction industry - like in time of old the builders had their own communication mode, the carpenter, the blacksmith, the stone mason, the wood worker etc etc, those who were taken in as young apprentice - most often they would not be talked to - they would have to lean to watch and listen to the sound, noise of a given tool, material, mechanism and that way they/one would learn a given function, process, procedure and sequence of action.

Given the complexities of a nation economy in our day this is duplicated across all sectors.

The same applies in the monetary functioning of the big world institutions and the small or large hotels or the smal or large restaurant. The positive aspects - one did not write a letter, use vocal words or body sign - via the sound , noise the communication were made and they had a meaning.

For instance in the big hotels were there are strict working regulation because of the quality and importance of the clientel - one is supposed to make a minimal amount of noise. To the trained, experience again every noise however quiet says, mean something. A good example you have a maid cleaning a hotel suit, other maid in a next room or corridor or a room below - their communication manner not by telephone or telepathy but by the noise, closing a window, closing a door, the noise in a bathroom when cleaning or the vacume cleaner the very many noise it/the make the need to understand.

Now this said those who can abuse this science and discipline for very negative reasons and purpose. In the same manner a Maid can let you know her/his mood, views and many other ongoing issues at the time.

This application of the "satnic rage/rave, vibes, cjd/Vache folle and anti social" is a form of communication using the mind as mechanism to communicate a given issues - this is very different to differentiate from say a child natural smile or a child natural sad look. This method of communication - communicating had existed in many civilization in Britain and Europe - those who judge they dictate the manner how one was to communicate and now being very complex - complexer subject and topics. This take us to the year 1985 and greater events in British society, European society and the rest of the world. Social development, cultural development and practices.

Having said breifly what we have given the many ethnic communities - their use and application of using the technique of noise in say a blacksmith or mechanic work shop how seperate ethnic communities communicate to differentiate for the White and again English, subdivided in many counties, town and region, Irish, Scott, Welsch, each have their unique and specific mode of communicating.

For thousands of years of social and economic development, from the days of the cave man, stone age - the many aspect of sark power, witch craft, black or white magic, craft associated in a given craft - "say the farmer, the miller and the baker". The need over the year to have a good understanding of the dark positive or negative forces involved, related in the daily work, and application of a given craft.

This said the same with speech, verbal communication and what may be term as telepathy or mental communication - we are beng scant and brief here, the use and application of similar powers, positie and negative - their impacts. Come 1985 given that a system, situation practice had began to appear - not the free usage of say the craft of a "miller or baker" from a given ethnic origin or back ground - those who judge they could control the progress, advance, development of a given ethnic group or indivdual by ristricting how such communication was made and the pattern. The sudden situation like all living species, animal so as not to become extinct develop alternative method and manner of communication. Again the positive and negative aspect. Taking into notion the issues we have mentioned about the daily encounter in life with dark force, powers in their many forms. Suddenly those who judge that they can apply, deploye those dark powers, forces in communication to achieve unification and controlling function over this development - the intensity of the application , degree of dark powers and forces i n this new mode of communication - where for thousands of years across all the craft unless you practice witchcraft or sorcerer - experience had taught the need to take distance and maintain control on the application, inclusion of dark forces, powers in say the "farmer, the miller and the baker" waht it would to to his business, working life, family and very end product.

Suddenly those group of individuals knwong fully well of the implications and impact their knowledge for 500 years of such dark powers and dark force working. If and when apply in this new communication mechanism thedesired impact. Time and history have proved to mankind that when dealing with "dark powers and forces" even the very best and greatest get defeated - there come a moment, time and situation where you loose control, overview, you are tired, you are sick, your mind do not have the capacity to cope - th discipline of using dark forces/powers is that you need to be always on your guard other wise the dark powers, force with take over anddefeat and eventually destroy you.

The issues presented briefly here - those who today use and overuse and over apply this mechanism new found method of communication in ruthless, wantom and indiscriminate fashion and manner. Those who can use and apply this mechanism to create major upset, disturbance in a given situation, environment and very place of work and building say a 5 star Hotel. Give the importance of the interest in a topic or given issues the applicability of this mechanism. Where a few years ago those who study and manage, regulate such workings and their negative impacts judge held the view that certain individual were unaffected - imune to the intensity or degree of this mechanism application - meaning for example those who study certain science and discipline were imune, example priest, police, teachers, lawyers etc.

We had/have a situation whereby politicias, trade unions and church leaders vey ability to judge the application and working of this new communication mechanisn unable, lacking in the greater knowldge, indpeth understanding of the corelation when combined with dark forces/powers their highly negative impact if not controled or regulated - those across society, complete nation working who supported it application and implimentation from issues of procreation, to birth, growth, development and maturity/adults. The vast spectrum of human existance and working with those uinable to fathom, think, work out the complexities of this new communication mechanism and the impact of the darkforce and power included, what it can do the the mind and soul - how it can equally trigger highly abnormal reactions. This with very dangerous consequences.

This meant that as parent or family one could undertake extraordinary activities in communicating - example the farmer did not have to go in the fields and barns where his or her workers were - yet communicate - by the way again the inguniety of human the rapid development in mobile telephone and functioning and the computer - human emulating, attempting to work like the mobile telephone, the computer - super fast. It all works resonable well until somebody decide to apply it/use it /abuse it for negative or criminal or malicious or hate or vengenful reason.

The application of this communication mechanism also meant that you were not ristricted to communicating with a given set of ethnic group, age and education - you can, became possible to communicate with a wide sector of mixed group of individuals and communities.

We have some 25 years experience in monitoring and studying the many aspects of this communication mechanism in practice - a goo example where you normaly would shout, call to a member of your family "fetch me a glass of water" you can use this communication mechaism to get/ask a given member of your immediate family to fetch/bring you a glass of water. The challenges and problem begins when suddenly apear in front of you a member of your family with a glass of water and you do not acknowledge or pretend that your have not did not use this mechanism to request and ask for a glass of water - the person reaction and counter reaction in instances. What may be called provocation/termed provocation - this is one form of abuse. In applying this mode of mecanism you can build a rapport, relation a friendship with a given member of your family or families.

Again this said - this practice in working place, the benchmark developed and application.

A person like the Head of IMF having worked in the Mitterrand government when this mechanism ws just being develop and the many years as Minister and again its application, the fact that today this communicating mechanism is very widely apply in institutions like the IMF from the cleaner to the Head of IMF and certainly one become aware of the negativeand positive aspects and the pitfall - what really took place in New York as the Sofitel and the Suit that the IMF Head was occupying at the time, the whole hotel working mechanism, the sarrounding streets equaly the same working mechanism an beyond to one immediate family working associate, counter part in the USA and Europe. This communicating mechanism has developed, evolved given that embryo, infants, elderly and the application of drakforce/power the ability to communicate issues of infinite sensitivity for that matter secrets and of great importance and the ability to verify its authenticity, reliability and positive effectivity - it is this temptation given that it is very uniqie which entrap its users and new users. A very large majority unaware of the grave danger thy are running/risk taking because on accoun tof the dark forces/powers within the mechanism.

The application for those who study , observe and monitor its working and impacts just like you can request a relative to bring you a glass of water you/it can be use to make an approach on a person you have a soft spot/infatuation or imagine you can strike a positive relationship/ This is ofetn apply and played in daily family life, friendship at school and place of work.

The danger when the inpropriate, miss application begins, to be nasty, negative, to infer on eimportance, to control, to bully to be over demanding and over exacting. This said all those who know and are fully aware of this mechanism working in all the best hotels and certainly the Sofitel where the Head of IMF was staying - the senior hotel workers, in all the given function of the hotel, all the chamber maids, the cleaners and the security, and the porters and the receptionist, the near by police office and the list is very long. Build in this mechanism thesr is the capacity to recreate, to go back in time to relive a given incident and retive all the details of what exactly took place.

In the coming court case as many pointed ot and the Micheal Jackson case - it is not about Justice it is about the given party capcity to manipulate, influence and dictate the outome. However here is in peril the working of this very sophiscated communicating mechanism and its application a one of mankind and world leading Monetary Institution - the need to find what really took place because when this malfunction at such entensity and working the grave danger and gravity of negativity, reactions, undermining the very existance and functioning of such an institutions ad interlinking Mechanism and world institutions.

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