Béatification : Une exposition itinérante dans les paroisses sur l’héritage de Jean-Paul II

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Béatification : Une exposition itinérante dans les paroisses sur l’héritage de Jean-Paul II

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After the numerous threads about the Bin Laden dreadful situation - we are/decided to add this thread underneath here, after all it is more in comformity with the Beatification/interfaith/Church issues. For those who do not know, have no memory> That Young Priest then in England/ Hounslow with his parents and the debacle of our Sechelles Seychelles exile politic, the Camp that wanted to use Military force to change Seychelles and the SPUP Government. That property is associated, belong to the Lefevre Family and the then Exile politic, our friend ship as children and adults later, the buildng of Coral Strand Hotel, the family had a very extensive property and to certain extent kept on eye on us whilst our parents were in East Africa, the mess. Not far the road going to Le Niol is the Russian Embassy/Was.

With the parents of that young Priest in England, then UKSCA - we use to discuss the issues of Osama Bin Laden, the Afghnistan War then and his involvement - those from the SDP, the SNM/MPR who advocated that we set up a similar situation/operation to change Seychelles, get the West involved from certain political faction in London.

Osama Bin Laden for the wide Executive of SNM/MPR was their example of Military Leader Opposing the Soviet Union/Communism then. They discussed in public and private, in the pub. We discussed the issues objectively how the USA use and had used some of our individuals in Seychelles and in Exile, the dangers, practice of either being put in a fix afterwards or eliminated after one had serve the purpose and usefulness. He was their role model.

There are those form the Military Wing of the then Seychelles Exile government, who discussed, raised the possibility of similar Operation wth the Saudi Adna Kashogi, Giovanni Mario Ricci, the South African BOSS, the South African Mercenary and their diplomats, similar with the Isreali, Kenya, France, USA - in Britain with prominent British politicians, military experts and advisors.


Below is the article:

Site clearing for new chapel at St Louis - 06.05.2011

Site clearing work is underway at St Louis to rebuild the chapel of “Notre Dame de Sacre Coeur”.

The new chapel will be bigger than the old one pulled down recently.

Father Colin Underwood of Bel Ombre, who is also in charge of St Louis, said that the previous chapel, built in 1964, was much too small and was in a bad state.

The new chapel, to be built by Mahe Builders & Design of Gilbert Frichot, will accommodate some 300, compared to barely 100 previously.

Father Underwood said that until the new chapel is open, Holy Mass is being said by him in a workshop nearby at Pascal Village. Church services are usually held every Sunday and also on Friday morning.

The new chapel is being funded by the Catholic diocese.

Father Underwood said all donations will be very much appreciated.


Having written what we have above on Osama Bin Laden - Vienna in 1978, the Cold War, East West politic - when we took over the quasi responsibilities form the late SNM/MPR Leader Mr Gerrard Horeau, those who had grounded and educated us in the greater Austrian politic and diplomacy. Then Austria nutrality its role in the world. There is the very important need to underline at the core of the SIROP etc combined exile return program - the experience Austria had gone through in the first and second world war - how its diplomats and citizens fought a highly delicate and complex manouver to regain their sovereingty to get rid of the USA, British, French, Russian. We discussed in many instance those issues and researched - with the view of using and applying the same procedure for the Sechelles Seychelles situation - hence our rage/anger and vexation when we read the Comwealth help change Seychelles one party state. At least FA Rene and his old government remembers. The Habsburg Family, their contribution and support in our efforts, because we know the facts - none of them had thought or dreamt the COMECON and USSR would change - the Berlin Wall would come down and Germany unified. Upon these events and process all the Royal families in former COMECON and USSR benifited, regain their Titles and properties in instances. That young Priest then as a child his parents - again had those who wished to change Sechelles Seychelles by Military Force, the COMECON and the USSR would not have changed and the Habsburg among other many Royal Families of Ex COMECON, USSR, Europe not enjoy the privilege, position, prestige and popularity they are so enjoying today. Pope John Paul ll Beatification and the reconstruction of that Chapel on the Lefevre property, we as children, the Soviet Union Embassy at Le Niol - oh Coral Strand just down the road. {The Austrian parliament has agreed to pass the law before Summer 2011, which will allow the Habsburg to become President of Austria if they get elected.}

Note: Je vien due Sude



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