Special envoy from Morocco calls on President Faure

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Special envoy from Morocco calls on President Faure

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:29 pm

Special envoy from Morocco calls on President Faure


President Danny Faure yesterday received special envoy from Morocco, Mohammed Benjilany, at State House.

Besides delivering a message from his country and King Mohammed VI, the envoy also spoke on the cooperation between Morocco and Seychelles and ways to expand them.

“I also thanked President Faure on behalf of the Moroccan government for Seychelles’ support for the return of Morocco to the African Union. Seychelles is among many other African countries that have commended Morocco for such a move as they were of the view that Morocco has its place in the union,” said Mr Benjilany.

Elaborating on the subject of cooperation between the two countries, he said there are already Seychellois students in Morocco.

“The cooperation can be developed as today Morocco has gathered various expertise in different areas and is sharing this knowledge with various countries in Africa,” Mr Benjilany said.


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