Zac Goldsmith to resign in Heathrow runway protest at Theresa May's ...

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Zac Goldsmith to resign in Heathrow runway protest at Theresa May's ...

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:04 pm

Zac Goldsmith to resign in Heathrow runway protest at Theresa May's ...

Sir James Goldsmith from the prospective of a member of Parliament, the Jewish political entity in Britain/France and Europe, the motive whatever the media/press have written for starting UKIP linked with that SIROP program after some two year of previous engagement with us - in instance we did not see eye to eye until his death was a very important personality we liaised and worked some of the issue beside the state of Israel.

After his death we attempted to enlist his daughter - Mrs Jemaima Goldsmith Khan.

For something current MP Zack Goldsmith have been in communication - we have supported his endeavors.
When it came to the Mayor of London debacle, because of the Britexit we took some distance.

The news that a 3rd Runway will be build in Heathrow and by now however his young person, how many economic and financial issues get taken, announced and implemented involving outside dynamic, synergy and force - yet what the media and many expert would write. Along all the debacle MP Zack Goldsmith ha indicate he would reign as MP for Richmond if this ever went ahead.

Now - that SIROP program did not come about from political directive and decision, participation - they were from a different prospective. Instead the vast majority were NGO, Academician, Voluntary Sector, Interfaith and bodies working with refugees and exile sector and economic specialist.

We have stressed, the recent three mega UN Conference on the exploding exile/refugees/migrant situation global and the Africa sustainable development program - By the way Sir James Goldsmith was involved in the debacle of getting those 84,000 Ethiopian Jews to return to Israel.

Beside the UN summits the EU conference in Vienna on this topic - we need young blood to continue and input, rebuilding many busted aspects of that SIROP program - would he be interested to take some responsibility - not necessarily along the line of Sir James Goldsmith because he was a terrible fighter when he decided to become involve and take on something. That was why we approached him in the first instance.

The Spanish and Morocco government important interest in certain component of that SIROP program.

The USA government current interested and those form BRICS and the Gulf Region.

Zac Goldsmith to resign in Heathrow runway protest at Theresa May's ...


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