Volcano erupts under Iceland glacier, hundreds flee

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Volcano erupts under Iceland glacier, hundreds flee

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:31 pm

A volcanic eruption in Iceland spewed black smoke and white steam into the air on Wednesday and partly melted a glacier, setting off a major flood that threatened to damage roads and bridges. Skip related content

Aerial handout photo shows a plume of steam rising from a crater at the Eyjafjallajokull …More Enlarge photo

The plume was seen rising from a crater under about 200 metres (660 feet) of ice at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, close to the site of another eruption which started last month and died down only on Monday, Icelandic state radio reported.

The Icelandic Civil Defence Authority ordered 700 people to evacuate their homes and said melting ice from the glacier had caused big floods that threatened to damage a highway and several bridges, an official told Reuters.

"We have had to dig some holes in the road so the flood could pass through and ease pressure on the bridges," Rognvaldur Olafsson, who is leading the rescue effort, told Reuters.

Three large holes which were visible on the glacier in the morning had turned into a continuous rift running for about two kilometres through the ice, he added.

Scientists had measured increased seismic activity near the glacier about two hours before the volcano started to erupt early on Wednesday, local media reported.

In March, another volcano erupted near the Eyjafjallajokull glacier but caused no casualties.

The volcano, situated beneath Iceland's fifth largest glacier, has erupted five times since Iceland was settled in the ninth century.

Iceland sits on a volcanic hotspot in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and has relatively frequent eruptions, though most occur in sparsely populated areas and pose little danger to people or property. The last eruption before that in March was in 2004.

Volcano erupts under Iceland glacier, hundreds flee


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Volcano cloud over Europe

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:38 am

Eyjafjallajokull volcano on 17 April

Welcome to our live coverage of the volcanic ash cloud over northern Europe. This live page will update through the day. Please refresh for the latest news, analysis and advice from experts and BBC correspondents. All times are in BST.

Send us your views using the form on the right.

1220 As the International Air Transport Association warns airlines would lose at least $200m (£130m) per day in revenues during the disruption, the EU executive in Brussels announces it will set up a committee to examine the economic impact of the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland.

"The volcanic ash cloud has created an unprecedented situation," European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said in a statement.

1215 British Airways announces the cancellation of all short haul and long haul flights on Monday.

1214 Some groups about the volcano have been set up on the social networking site Facebook. Kasper Nygaard posts on Volcanic Ash Cloud : "Anyone going from Paris to Barcelona who wants to share the rent of car???"


1212 From Ireland, mdifranc tweets: "Cycle to office in Dublin this morning was itchy. All this ash has to fall somewhere, and I suspect well feel it for awhile."

1210 The BBC's Lorna Gordon says Iceland is considering broadcasting an ash forecast along with the weather forecast in the country.

1200 The Icelandic Meteorological Office says that the light winds prevailing in Europe and large amounts of unmelted glacial ice above the volcano means the situation is unlikely to change over the next few days.

e-mail sent in by reader

1156 Jerome Bertin's 15-year-old son is stranded in China with 40 other pupils. He emails: "They were due to fly back Thursday but have been informed by a business class passenger on the same BA flight they will not be flying before Monday 26 April at earliest.

"BA say they will pay for one more night, and after that they're on their own… I'm in regular touch with our son, he's run up a £250 mobile phone bill."

e-mail sent in by reader

1150 Jeannelise Edelsten from Chesham emails: "What is very strange is that I came back from France on Saturday afternoon (for a Calais to Dover crossing) and there was none of the "chaos" announced by all the news reporters.

"The P&O boat was pretty empty and we even managed to get an earlier ferry - so not sure Dan [Snow]'s attempts, though heroic, are truly necessary at the moment."

1140 The spread of the ash is causing greater disruption than the shutdown of air travel after the 2001 terror attacks in the US, the International Civil Aviation Authority says.

1135 For more details on the extent of the dust cloud and for projections of its future spread, have a look at the BBC's Iceland volcano in maps graphic

1120 BBC engineer Eugene Sully is waiting to leave the Spanish port of Santurtzi near Bilbao on a ferry to Portsmouth. But an extra 1,000 ticketless people are clamouring to join him.

"With 25 minutes to go till departure, there's pandemonium in the booking hall with lots of pushing and shoving as people try to work out which queue to join.

"I can hear cheering as someone ahead of me has just got their boarding card. Staff are being helpful, but look slightly overwhelmed."

Eugene Sully
Up to 1,000 people are desperate to buy tickets to leave Santurzi

1110 UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show it was a priority to make the air safe so people could fly and he would be "shocked" if train and ferry companies tried to "make extra profits" because of the ash cloud.

1100Jane Sheard from Leeds emails: "Great work by Dan Snow. My daughter is stuck in Florence and about to pay a huge amount to get train back to Paris. And then what. Can Dan and anybody out there keep these inflatables going to help people back?"

1055 The BBC's Lorna Gordon in Iceland says: "Most of the country remains unaffected by falling ash but in the area immediately south of the volcano visibility has been reduced to almost zero and conditions are described as extremely unpleasant.

"Most families with children who are living in the fallout zone have chosen to leave. Those that remain are mostly farmers with livestock to look after.

"Experts estimate that around 10% of the glacial ice in the seat of the volcano has melted but there have been no flash floods for at least 24 hours.

"The stretches of road breached by the melt-water are now under repair but remain closed.

"There's great hospitality being shown to the 1,800 passengers stranded here, who have been all given free passes to museums and pools."

1045 Historian Dan Snow is organising a flotilla from Calais to bring people back to the UK who are stuck in France.

He tweets: "Arrived off Calais. We're going in. http://twitpic.com/1givtt"

Presenter Dan Snow is on a mission to help those stranded because of the ash

1042 Just a reminder that the Foreign Office website contains advice for British citizens stranded abroad, while relatives in the UK can call the FCO's emergency helpline number - 0207 008 0000 - if they are concerned.

1040 UK Transport Secretary Lord Adonis says further test flights are also set to take place in the UK later. Extra rail and ferry services have also been laid on.

"British embassies and consulates around the world are providing consular assistance to those that need it, visiting airports and working with the local authorities to help stranded UK citizens."

1034 UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg says his sons, who spent half term with their grandmother in Spain, are stranded.

"[My wife] Miriam and spent hours on the phone trying to get through to Ryanair yesterday… I think we're like so many other people and we'll just have to wait until this volcanic cloud disappears."

1023 A camera crew shows what it is like driving into the dust cloud in Eyjafjallajokull the area worst affected by the dust cloud caused by the erupting volcanco in Iceland"

1021 Gianfranco Berrutti, from Turin in Italy, is stuck in Singapore after attending an exhibition into dentistry equipment. He emails: "It is getting difficult finding hotel rooms available in Singapore. The hotel where I am currently staying for a business trip already put me on a waiting list when today I asked to prolong my stay due to flight cancellation."

1014 The latest statement by Nats: "The volcanic ash cloud from Iceland is currently spread across the UK. Based on the latest information from the Met Office, Nats advises that the restrictions currently in place across UK controlled airspace will remain in place until at least 0100 BST tomorrow, Monday 19 April.

"There may be limited opportunity in Orkney and Shetland from 1900 BST today for some flights to operate under individual coordination with Air Traffic Control. However,it is most unlikely that many flights will operate today and anyone hoping to travel should contact their airline before travelling to the airport.

We will continue to monitor Met Office information and review our arrangements in line with that. We will advise further arrangements at approximately 1500 BST today."

1013 The volcanic ash cloud is starting to cause serious economic problems for some airlines and food importers and even postal deliveries.

1001 Nats will extend restrictions until 0100 BST on Monday 19 April but will be looking for "windows of opportunity" in that time.

1000 Football body Uefa confirms that this week's Champions League semi-final first legs will go ahead despite the travel problems caused by the volcanic ash sweeping over northern Europe, with teams travelling by road. A decision is still pending over Thursday's Europa League ties involving Liverpool and Fulham.

0954 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines says it has already carried out a test flight from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf and plans eight more throughout the day.

0952 The business magazine, the Bookseller warns the flight cancellations could pose a problem for visitors to the international London Book Fair .

0942 Simon Calder, travel editor of the UK newspaper the Independent, says the airline Ukraine International is planning to resume flights at 1000 BST as they believe "the skies are safe". They have reportedly carried out a test flight and are happy with the results.

He adds: "I got a call from somebody, a very senior figure in the British travel industry - saying the only time aircraft have actually suffered is when they've basically flown right through a volcanic plume as the volcano was erupting."


0935 In a series of tweets this morning, themaria says: "I should've just gone back to the U.S. from Paris while I still had the chance. Worst. Idea. Ever.

"And... Back home in Moscow. Only way out today was on 1st class seat for 3k -one way! Stuck till Wed, had 2 buy a whole new ticket

0920 Asia-Pacific airlines, including Qantas, Air China and Thai Airways announce they have been forced to cancel more European flights. Qantas group executive David Epstein says he is not yet sure when flights would definitely resume.

0912 Alex Bristol from air traffic control body Nats says the situation has become "slightly worse" and the latest information they have from the Met Office is that the volcanic cloud continues to change shape but will remain over the UK.

e-mail sent in by reader

0911 Steve Byrne, part of a five-piece Scottish folk band from Edinburgh, is stuck in Denmark after playing a tour there. He tells the BBC: "We've been haemorrhaging money in hotels, rental companies are trying to charge us £2,000 to hire a van for 36 hours, so we're now looking into buying a couple of cars to drive back in."

0906 The bodies of President Lech Kaczynski and his wife have been flown from Warsaw to Krakow under the plume of the ash cloud in preparation for their burial later. Many world leaders, including US President Barack Obama, have been unable to travel to the funeral because of the danger posed by volcanic ash.

0857 Crisis advisory company Lewis PR estimates the problems caused so far by the ash cloud has cost the European travel industry more than £1bn ($1.5bn). The company says the disruption could last for at least another two weeks.

Frank Gardner

0845 The BBC's Frank Gardner is stranded with his family in Kuala Lumpur. He says there is something of a Dunkirk spirit among the many stranded British passengers booking into hotels in the Malaysian capital.

He said despite the unexpected change to their plans, most are in good spirits and determined to enjoy some additional days' holiday, even if it is at their own expense. And some are making reservations for a further seven days to be on the safe side.

Malaysian airline staff have said, as it is an act of God, they are not obliged to help them until UK flights are cleared to resume.

Our correspondent says there is a marked difference between those who are stranded on company time and paying with corporate credit cards, and those holiday-makers who are now facing unexpected and open-ended costs.

0836 Historian Dan Snow is taking five boats from Dover to Calais to bring home British travellers stranded in France by the closure of UK airspace. He said the journey would be fast and "quite enjoyable".

"Ten people all clinging on for dear life, with no cabin, so they're exposed to the elements, and it's got inflatable sides with those outboard engines on the back," he said.

e-mail sent in by reader

0827British headteacher Cassandra Williams in Hong Kong e-mails: "None of us will be back to school in time! There are lots of children meant to be taking GCSEs and A levels and they are very worried about when they might be able to fly home"

e-mail sent in by reader

0825 Karen Abbot from Southampton e-mails: "I'm stuck in Singapore with my husband and daughter and am IDDM (Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) and running out of medication. What provisions are the airlines making for this? None! We have experienced hotel prices increased by 100% and a complete shortage of rooms."

0822 Dutch airline KLM and German airline Luthansa have both carried out test flights and have so far reported no problems during the flights. The KLM Boeing 737 is currently being inspected for any possible damage.

0820 About 20 European countries have closed their airspace - with some, extending flight bans into Monday. An estimated three-quarters of flights, including transatlantic journeys, were cancelled on Saturday.

0815 Flight restrictions over much of UK airspace have been extended until at least 1900 BST as forecasters say the ash cloud could remain over the UK for several more days.

BBC article....


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