Seychelles tops list of most indebted nations

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Seychelles tops list of most indebted nations

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:27 pm

Seychelles tops list of most indebted nations
Seychelles has net debts of more than 150% of GDP, while UK is 98th on list, according to Jubilee Debt Campaign

Comment -
We have read scantly the content - will not be able to work out the detail, those awful Conservative applying their nasty mechanism on my person - their motives, those aware  and in the know.  Typical Conservative working they are creaming both project I manage online/offline and manipulating huge financial issues, politic and economy so that I cannot work adequately what they are up to - and it is a small world those in Europe, USA, Russia, China, the Arabs, Africa and Mauritius/Seychelles aware.

I address the debacle of Vatican nomination of those 17 Cardinal  and the state of the world - in particular the mega refugees/exile/migrant global situation.

Having mentioned a few time that SIROP program is worth $4.5 billion some say more - the indebtedness of Seychelles today  and it situation back in 1986 when the possibility first surfaced of that $800 million SIROP program - combined with the then greater world changing economic possibilities and projects.  Some of the information we have made available at that SIROP portal

All those who had very little money near bust in some instance and the unique role of that project and its impact - Yet how President JA Michel milked it and spun the Blue  Economy thematic off it.  Those calling for corruption investigation ought to concentrate on this topic and we are supposed to have an anti corruption Commission.  Central Banker Mr Afif knew a very great deal about it too, all the MNA we have helped/contributed they get/arrive here they have today.

Today news of a very revamped Airport infrastructure at Point Larue by Abu Dhabi Airport authorities - under then PM Blair/Brown Chancellor - the important impact of the SIROP program on the UAE/synergistic/dynamic  economic, big financial national issues,  development - the decision to develop the regional Airport Hub and a very modern Airline.  The average people who do not understand these/such thematic and what the media write for them  and those who spend years researching in Universities/related Institutions  how and why they work.

Yet again how the media is presenting the topic - beside what we have written their major/Principal interest to so cal partner with us so that they can control and influence our National, European and workings and those thousand Seychellois with a Facebook account who are not trained/do not understand such complex and sophisticated  working and the Arab know this they have people who monitor and watch them.

We want to remind the many of young generation of the many ex COMECON/Communist state government work - the utter corruption their today prevailing. Seychelles government emulating them/duplicating their system and approach.  In particular Romania.

Will post both links here.  The current Conservative government those who lean toward Masonic/so call Illuminati working/disciplines - my personal role in getting the SFO initiated over/liked by that SIROP program - then Kilburn - Brent .

Abu Dhabi Airports to invest in redeveloping Seychelles airport


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