SezBiz Tech - First national Business Incubator needs its own Forum, Blog other Social network resources

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SezBiz Tech - First national Business Incubator needs its own Forum, Blog other Social network resources

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:51 pm

SezBiz Tech - First national Business Incubator needs its own Forum, Blog other Social network resources

SezBiz Tech

In the first instance thank you to all of you who have supported, encouraged, fought, invested money and lost, that today we have the SezBiz Tech Venture in Seychelles.

It is well over 20 years since that SIROP etc.. Exile return program at first thought only $500 - $800 million will do. The cost of everything over the past 20 years which have rocketed, resulting that the eventual cost of that Exile return program will have amounted to some $1,200 millions which will take another 5 years if we are fortunate and hard working.

Within greater refugee/exile world issues, 20 years is a very long time for any Refugee exile economic program to run in terns of working and benefits to the exile/refugees – if one take the time to research the data of UN, UNIDO, World Bank, the countless many international organisation and bodies set up to monitor and support such process. Very unfortunately in Seychelles it is only the last 10 years that we have been getting any meaningful support. Greater positive engagement by the International communities.

Prior to the decision to put in place that Exile return economic program, the time, efforts which our community in Britain and Europe had taken to discuss what are/were the economic wishes of the returning refugee and exile families.

Their wish and priorities were appropriately noted, those involved in formulating this program conveyed, informed. As such the manner and complexities of the Program. Most nations when they have put together such economic program, undertake reviews, evaluation and due record. In Seychelles in spite the very many hefty protest – nothing was done. The State media communicated to the people, foreigners, education system, senior citizens as if there had not not been this terrible, dreadful, painful tearing event, process and experience for families, individuals and nation.

However, the Seychelles Communities in Exile still in Europe, given that they did not or could not , would not return made a great effort to monitor, discuss, address, lobby the vast arrays of issues as they came up – to present situation, at UN, EU, Important national government, African Union, Commonwealth, Francophone, interfaith, Church level.

Very many important statistic, management issues, social, diplomatic, have been lost and forgotten. When one read of the daily topics of Standards and Bench marks, good practice in Seychelles, the region, African Union, the Asian Nation one is very much left wondering what this is all about.

We deplore the manner the African politicians, institutions, diplomacy have portrayed, mediatize this very important part of our painful history, regional important political event. Yet we have witnessed, experience and seen very many delegation coming to Seychelles to appraise, find out how we managed to achieve what we have and the manner we have gone about this. One detect a large amount of hypocrisy at very many levels.

Only yesterday in Nation, the news that a delegation form African development Bank was in Seychelles to appraise and find out how the Seychelles, its economy managed to bounce back. Had there not been that Historic SIROP etc. exile/refugee economic return program amounting to some $500 millions - $800 millions, the international network we had set in place, political, economic, philanthropic, Arcadian, cultural, scientific and military quasi alliance with certain very powerful European entities. This program would have never worked. It is very undemocratic of the current Seychelles government, the President in Office, the politicians to go about as if nothing had happened.

Just recall President Michel speech in Denmark last year and indeed President FA Rene many speech and those at UN. Any small nation espousing to put together such an ambitious exile/refugee economic program must be prepared to face the gauntlet of those who take themselves for high and mighty. They have the money, the diplomatic clout, the military clout you will do as you are told and will implement what we tell you. The world have experienced the fierceness the Sechelles – Seychelles nation joined together to do battle, to fight to tell those big bully. We will not be bullied, you will not dictate to us. Most important how we involved our European ancestral archaic, fraternal, Christian heritage, their institutions, other links and the result. These are important issues the Seychelles politicians, former president FA Rene and President J Michel must tell the world, Africa and India. Not to exclude the Commonwealth. We have a right to be given due credit for our achievements. Not to exclude the mega World Wide Web debacle we gave to the world. The dimension of global change, social, scientific, political, communication, the very nature we live on the earth and function.

Obviously there have been corruption, disappearance of money targeted for this Program right across the Board and the due accountability process and so call bench mark. From North, meaning Europe to South Africa and USA to Asia in respect of this economic program. We will not heed and take it lying down those who will throw it at us we do not have proof, these are mere allegations. This economic program was a people program and as such how the people communicate and their capacity for awareness, grasp what take place.

Having said this – for the past 20 years those very many from the exile, refugee communities who have been marginalise, excluded from the main stream economic working of Seychelles, many who were in exile/refugee have died and never lived to see their wish or dream come true or materialize properly. The process of Nation building call for such painful passage to be adequately appraised and understood.

Equally the very many debacle of the many foreign individuals who have come to rip a very rich harvest from our very hard and bloody work. Had these been the People Party or the original SPUP they would have reverted to drastic measure and solutions.

We read more often these days of the many Asian in Seychelles or recently migrated who have benefited importantly, financially, position wise. Never a word about the exile and refugees who fought, strived and made this all possible. Had this been in India the blood which would have been spilled as a result and India History, current development and situation.

Equally we hear of the many families, individuals who have invested, borrowed to return to Seychelles and build a business, try and earn a decent living – we would simply say bring a loaf, fish, vegetable and drink on their table and provide their loved one, family with a decent home. What they have gone through and experienced, their children – the future generation.

The Seychelles national economy have experienced at least four major collapse since the implementation of that SIROP etc. exile/refugee economic program; 1993, 1989, 2004 and 2009. The manner and due process that contributed that Seychelles came out of the situation.

Again the Seychelles Community in exile or in Europe and around the world how, the manner they have rallied to come and help – support or find solution. These are very important experience in Nation building process, development of a nation economy.

Among one of the objective, issues, wish of the exile/refugee communities given they had experience the downturn in Britain under lady Tacther, Major – the view and decision by the returning exile community to put into place system, civic society mechanism, church to bolster, support, safeguard and drive the given issues related to the national economy, social process, integration, education, small business and most important rebuild entrepreneur belief, engagement in the nation and those returning. Today the Seychelles nation, people ought to be proud of LUNGOS and other Civic bodies achievements and contribution in Seychelles the past 20 years.

Very many on the streets of Seychelles/Mahe just did not know what this Exile/refugee return economic program was all about. Not just the European or American bad habits and practice to talk above the heads of its Citizens – that exile return program contained a good amount of such bad practice. Among development we had envisaged, a Stock Market, Oil exploration or Bunkerage, the due Political system, structure to support this by way of a Two tier Parliament system involving a Lower House and Upper House. Integrating those foreigners coming to resettle In Seychelles the opportunity to take part in the social, economic and political process. A National University and proper National TV station and Radio broadcast. Yet again the important energy, resource and efforts the Sechelles - Seychelles Community in EU and around the world have invested to make this happened. From the failure – our communities and those involved have acquired vital and valuable knowledge and experience as to the capacity of becoming engage and committed.

Very little have been said also, of our exile/refugee and greater communities in EU and the world contribution to put in place the Seychelles Economic zone, SIBA and the position today – those who operate from there today and benefits they enjoy.

As part of normal democratic, and social progress our community monitored the process by which the Phase ll development was implemented and the infrastructures put into place. Very important what percentage of the exile/refugees were allocated, land, parcel, plot from the new reclamation and for what purpose.

The exile/refugee community in Seychelles, Europe and around their important contribution to the setting up of Internet in Seychelles, modern communication resource for business, social education and other purpose. Again how the government approach and managed this very vital, strategic sector and part of the national economy. Including our drive for optic fibre connection to the world.

We want to use this opportunity to address our older politicians - when one debate with UN/ UNIDO or other officials their view that the majority of national who approached them from the South were lack lustre, they lack the vision and ambition. Over the past 25 years we have remembered this well and made it our objective, personal challenge that the UN/UNIDO relevant institutions dare not affront us with such statement.

When one look around the world - those from the exile/refugees who have been brow beaten, excluded form the mainstream process and what they have reverted to and become. The struggle for the past 10 years to initiate a number of economic venture, the institutions, world view who support those with such experiences and traumatized. ( This call for a very lengthy debate given the position of the UN, EU, Commonwealth, the Francophone and African Union. The frustration having to compete with the government and ruling party.)

One of these venture is an appropriate Business Incubator in Seychelles to foster small and medium size business particularly the Native of Seychelles – do not misjudge us when we make this statement. From the success of LUNGOS, setting up Civic society in Seychelles and the involvement of NGO in national and international affairs, the need to build and put in place resources, infrastructure which will lend to this from a national and economic point of view, not political motivated and orientated. It call for barriers to be brought down, it call for a different thinking process, social existence, the way the Seychelles people tap, manage and use the available resource. Equally, given the very important amount of experience and knowledge, good will amassed with the SIROP etc. exile/refugee program of some $800 millions. To build upon such knowledge, experience and successful business. Further remembering that this program is in complete, further $400 - $500 millions will have to be found.

We began discussion 2004 in Seychelles upon the setting up of such idea and project. We have written to the government asking to provide or lease us adequate land on the reclamation where by a complete self contain Business incubation can be set up and operate from. The reply and respond. We will not go into the financial repercussion for fear the greater public will get the wrong end of the stick and create public disturbance.

We had entered into communication with the Belgian who was responsible to set up SenPA, some of the discussions we have had, including former Mr Guy Morel the ideas we were working on – economic wise. Some of the meetings with SIBA officials.

Very important the approach, brief encounter Mr Payet of Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and efforts to engage Mr Bernard Pool. However in the discussions we kept it very close our ultimate wish to set up a proper Business Incubation in Seychelles. In most develop countries, the crucial and important role Business Incubator plays, tackling unemployment, job creation, safety net for young business men and entrepreneurs, job and opportunity creation for school leavers and supporting their entry into the main stream economy, driving many key sector of the/a national economy. New business ideas, innovation and inventions. Particularly in difficult time and recession the approach use by business incubator to overcoming such situation and the resources they use and put into place – develop.

In 2009, after due discussion and meetings in Seychelles and other related issues in Europe decided what ever modest resource we had – we would go ahead and not wait for the government to give us their blessing and put in place a Business incubator in Seychelles. We, our communities in Australia, Europe, the USA, South Africa, New Zealand have been involved, studied, worked with, promoted, discussed the for and against regarding the role, purpose of Business Incubator in modern economy, society, scientific environment. The decision to go through the due process. We are relatively please that we were informed that a website had been build integrating Business Incubation - incubator in Seychelles. ( In 2000, we introduce the much talk about business management resource platform of a leading Russian economist to Seychelles)

We have seen how the government, State House began to muscle in on some of the issue we are working on, the media involvement and those from the outside unaware of what is going on.

We request that a proper forum and Blog as well as other social network presence be build, integrated link to the venture website.

We have been working towards addressing other academic institutions, Universities, government and business involved in Business Incubation. Yet again the danger that government, the politicians wishing to score, grasp the public light start a circus along the National University and the result.

The infant has seen the light of the day, need to be cared, feed and look after. From the prospective of free society – the urgency and important need for those really concern to rally. Support the first National Business incubator.

Now we come to venue – there was talk that we could take over the old Seychelles Bureau of Standard premise. Those interested, concern ought to make their view and voice herd, there is currently a large amount of available space in Seychelles, new and old buildings until we can acquire a space to develop a unified working area/spaces. We do believe we ought to let the government know that one of those building in the future is the current LUNGOS building.

The Sechelles – Seychelles community in EU, which support this venture have the tenacity and capacity to knock on the most difficult doors be they in EU or the world when the need arise. There is a need here, for expertise, training, exchanges, media involvement, frame work, resources, finance, the list is long.

We propose that we use the AKS Forum to address and pursue the issues until the first national Business Incubator – SezBiz Tech set up it own Forum , blog and network and that of the Community FECAS – ECSVS and the Seychelles EU Connection Forums to debate, share ideas, discuss the pertinent and relevant issues surround Business Incubation. Incubator in Seychelles, the region and the world resources, Institutions, benchmark, conferences and ongoing current agendas.


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Banks sign low-interest commercial loan agreement for July 22 launch

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:48 pm

Banks sign low-interest commercial loan agreement for July 22 launch - 16.07.2013

The heads of the commercial banking sector and the Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment have agreed upon a mechanism to make access to finance for entrepreneurs easier and more attractive.

Yesterday’s meeting between Minister Laporte and the bankers

The bankers met with Minister Pierre Laporte and the principal secretary for Finance and Trade, Dr Steve Fanny at Liberty House yesterday to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the provisions of loans to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The signatories to the agreement with the ministry were Barclays Bank, the Bank of Baroda, Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB), Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Nouvobanq, Seychelles Savings Bank and BMI Bank.

“On behalf of government I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in this scheme,” said Mr Laporte to the bankers.

“It is important because it is an agreement that is credible, one that works and for this, government will be relying on the efforts and the active participation of the banks.”

The minister said the banks had recognised that the government is making a “significant effort” to provide help and support for small and medium-sized businesses.

The initiative will be launched within the next week, by which time there are expected to be trained customer service personnel available in all banks to deal with queries from the public related to the scheme.

“The banks have asked for a few more days to put the last remaining structures in place,” Mr Laporte said. “By Monday July 22 they will officially be open to queries from the public.”

Mr Laporte said the signing was a formalisation of discussions that go back to last year between the parties in trying to come to an agreement on the terms of the scheme.

The minister said an SME would only qualify for the scheme if it was making a revenue of not more than R5 million per annum. This, he added, applies to new businesses based on its projected cash flow as well as those already in operation.

“Government will be assisting businesses through the subsidised interest rate programme for up to R3 million,” he explained.
The chief executive of the Seychelles Savings Bank, Michael Benstrong, said the scheme was encouraging for all the parties.

“I think what makes the deal special for us is that the risk gets shared with the government and this will help the commercial banks to reach more SMEs,” he said.

Mr Benstrong cautioned that the banks would continue to follow normal procedures when assessing loan applications; and approvals would only be given to proposals that are viable.

For the first R1 million of the loan, clients will pay 5% of the interest rate and government will cover the remainder of the prime or base interest rate. For example, if the commercial bank’s interest rate is 8%, the client will pay 5% and the government will pay the remaining 3% on the first R1 million.

On the remaining R2 million, the clients will pay 7% of the interest rate and government will cover the remainder of the prime rate, meaning 1% if the prime rate is 8%.

If a client borrows more than R3 million from a commercial bank; for example if R4 million is borrowed, they will only benefit from the subsidised interest rate for R3 million. For the remaining R1 million the interest rate would be set at normal commercial lending rates.


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R&M Services provides private mail boxes

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:24 am

R&M Services provides private mail boxes


R&M Services (Pty) Ltd is a new service that has launched itself in providing private mail boxes to the public and business across Mahe.
‘Address Box’ is the name chosen to operate the private mail box under.
What makes the ‘Address Box’ special is that it allows the box owners’ clients, associates and business partners to have direct access to the box. This means that documents can be dropped into their boxes directly by their associates. This privilege can be enjoyed at any time of the day and even during weekends.
For any business person or organisation, the ‘Address Box’ also helps to reduce transportation cost to the point of completely eliminating the need to travel around to many destinations to dispatch documents.
This happens when the organisation has created a network by advising its connective associates to use the ‘Address Box’ alongside them. In other words, documents can be collected and dispatched right here, right now.
The 24/7 access removes all time limitation, which is beneficial for every business transaction.
The size of the ‘Address Box’ allows oversize envelopes, magazines and even newspapers to lay completely flat without folding in your mailbox.
Small businesses can use the ‘Address Box’ as a point of contact to receive business proposals, documents, etc…, as often times it is difficult to reach their locations or they are too busy to accept phone calls.
The location of the private mail box is well presented inside the Unity House building lobby (Block A). It has been chosen to give customers not only shelter while accessing their boxes but also a prestigious feel.
To learn more about R&M Services (Pty) Ltd as well as terms and conditions if you are interested to own an ‘Address Box’, visit the business’ website – – or visit the Facebook page (R&M Services) to see the weekly updates.
You can drop them an email at or you can contact them directly on 2514891 and speak to their public officer.


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Profile of young entrepreneurs Jean-Paul Labonte and Jean-Paul Toulon

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:28 am

Profile of young entrepreneurs Jean-Paul Labonte and Jean-Paul Toulon

‘Do not give up if you ever find yourself failing and struggling’

Out Of The Box (OTB) is a company that was created by Jean-Paul Labonte and Jean-Paul Toulon in December 2013. The The two young entrepreneurs receiving an award at a recent eventcompany is primarily involved in the importation and wholesale of products.
Unlike most importers OTB strives to bring in the most innovative products on the market. Their latest product currently is the “AIR FRYER” a machine that fries food (chips, sausages, burgers, nuggets, fish etc.…) without oil. This product is ideal for people with a cholesterol problem, kids with an affinity for fast foods or for weight watchers.
Using their innovative and “out of the box” perspective the School of Business Studies and Accounting graduates market, advertise, promote and sell their products themselves. They have also received much support from organisations and associations such as the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC), Small Enterprise Promotion Agency, (Senpa) and the Association for Young Entrepreneurs Seychelles (AYES) to propel themselves further.
The young entrepreneurs feel that there is still a long way to go but they decided to venture into a business because of the freedom that it brings. Firstly a freedom to fulfil their commitments to God as they are devout Muslims. They also feel that having their own business is also an opportunity to reach their maximum potential as it brings about freedom to be innovative and make their own informed decisions. The partners would like to stress however that freedom comes with much discipline.
Their advice to the young people who want to do business is as follows;

Put God first in your life and ask him to guide you.
Do not get involved with drugs!
While at school remain focussed and learn something of interest that will benefit you in your future
Focus with passion and exert every effort into developing your business while remaining realistic
Keep in mind that the struggles and failures of the business world are real, so stay strong and do not give up if you ever find yourself failing and struggling. There is a lesson to learn in every failure and struggle, the faster you learn the faster it ends.

Contact details
You can visit and "Like" our page "Out Of The Box" on Facebook, send us an e-mail on or you can contact us on +248 2795900/2742950


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Re: SezBiz Tech - First national Business Incubator needs its own Forum, Blog other Social network resources

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