Three firms join forces to-enhance Anse Major trail

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Three firms join forces to-enhance Anse Major trail

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:01 pm

Three firms join forces to-enhance Anse Major trail


Three businesses are giving their support to the Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) to enhance and add new facilities on the Anse Major nature trail.
Yesterday morning at the bus stop near the La Scala Restaurant at Dan Zil, Bel Ombre, not far from the start of the trail, representatives from the three businesses namely – Apex Hotel Supplies, Takamaka Rum Distillery and Archipelago Rum & Spirits – together with officials and staff of the SNPA and pupils of Bel Ombre school, gathered to witness the unveiling of an information board.
This is the first of numerous projects to be realised by the three businesses in collaboration with the SNPA on the trail.
Peter Clarke, the manager of Apex and Bel Ombre district administrator Melissa Simeon unveiled the information board.
The chief executive of the SNPA, Flavien Joubert, welcomed the support of three private partners to put in place the information board as well as other projects to come during the course of the coming months which will include toilets, barbecue areas, sheds, among others.
Mr Joubert said the Anse Major trail among many others are heavily used by visitors and locals alike for recreational activities and family outings and there are increasing demands for well maintained trails, something the SNPA is committed to ensuring as part of its commitment to the community.
“We encourage people to use the trails, to do recreational activities instead of engaging themselves in activities which are detrimental and dangerous to their health,” Mr Joubert said.
He said the SNPA has plans to improve trail facilities around the country.
“There are many facilities around the country which are a bit run down and we therefore welcome the help that has been promised by the private partners to enhance them.
He has called on people who use the trail to keep them clean by placing their litter in available bins or carry them back to be properly disposed off later.
He also called on everyone to take good care of and to properly use the different facilities which will be put in place so as to encourage more private partners to come forward to help.
Mr Clarke said the three businesses are very pleased to be part of the project to enhance facilities on the trail.
“Seychelles is a very beautiful country and Anse Major is a very special place that should be kept clean at all times to preserve its beauty. The government cannot do everything,” he remarked.
He showed everyone present a plastic bag full of an assortment of rubbish which he said he collected on the trail to Anse Major on Wednesday morning.
“An effort from all of us is needed to keep the trail clean,” Mr Clarke said.
Mr Clarke has extended invitations to some schoolchildren to visit a trail he runs in South Africa where he is from. The children present also had poems and reflections on nature and the environment.


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Re: Three firms join forces to-enhance Anse Major trail

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jul 09, 2016 11:19 pm

Three firms join forces to-enhance Anse Major trail

Today we listened on Frence 24 French, many of you in Sechelles Seychelles watch this TV station beside other TV station for alternative world news. We followed the closing statements by NATO official for beefing up three Flank of NATO/former East Europe/EU boarder against Russia aggressive posture. Among others the Ukraine situation, Poland - the deployment of new Missile system to prevent an eventual Russia attack - deployment of more US troops, British and other NATO members and the praising of NATO member contribution to its budget.

We also listened to the arguments by the Minister on Security and Terrorism and Refugee/exile situation and NATO proposed new role. We also listened to one or two correspondence who dared asked question - the objective and purpose and the EU public view on all this. Forget the Tony Blair inquiry and some of the more important issues left out - those who refused to look at it - NATO officials were involved.

Nobody dared mentioned the publication online of that SIROP program contents - have many of them are milking that program and then pretending it just does not exist. Now this is the lowest of scum comportment. Those who wonder public reactions.

We also listened the commemoration of the massacre in former Yugoslavia again NATO involvement and the terrible lies and distortion. The TV station and commentator just vomit the garbage out. At lone point somebody very important from France buzzed in he was also at that NATO Summit. It is the last of president Obama.

We also listened to the African union summit and the would be Chair person candidate and the thematic of African Union passport the argument for and against -

Before we go on the need to stress those two female would be PM Cameron replacement and the satanic mechanism they are applying on my person, making my health suffer and when we go to the NHS doctor what they will say and their argument they can use and apply anything on my person and nobody will do anything. Thee demented minds are supposed to be leading this country the next 5 years.

We had not read the article on today' Nation - the EU call for Project funding - the eligibility requirement and neither the article about the "Three firms join forces to-enhance Anse Major trail" -

For the past 10 years have been asking/calling and pressuring that that SIROP program be setup and registered in Seychelles. The opposition from PL and President J A Michel, the attitude of those Seychelles exile families in Seychelles.

We have tried raising money from what President FA Rene owe my person and other entities with little success.

Those who suggested we adopt the online of many exile and refugee organisation raise money by any mean, prostitution, drug, breaking banks., fake money and fraud. We opposed these and have not sent up an office or platform for that SIROP in Seychelles .

For 15 years have been addressing the abuse and creaming off of that program by EU government and others including the USA, Russia, China, India, those Latin american countries and Australia - what really happened in 2007/8 the so call Lehman Brothers run, the untold event, issues and mechanism which is important linked with that SIROP program when applied to regulate and what it can cause and do. Europe is still paying the repercussion this is not an amusing statement. The citizens and people have to pay and made to suffer.

Yet when asked to come and help the new Team EU with their economic and Budget requirement we came forward - dear readers unless one is mad you do not write such issues for the greater public to read. The terrible and corrupted benchmark of EU and the world workings.

In January this years we had an account /project online build to support the workings of that SIROP program and during the three weeks it was offline China alone lost $900 billions - compare this to the money EU is offering to set up project in the Indian Ocean.

Until - events in Finance and Economy leading to the Britexit Referendum, the many Heads of state of EU and those politicians in Britain who know, are aware that program impact on their economy and Finance beside politic. Yet the terrible lies.

We read of EU Indian Ocean Unit about 6 month ago - yet the Mauritian politicians and in Seychelles those so call politician well aware of this development particularly in the supporting sector of democracy, accountability, human Rights and economic capacity building.

We have been reasonably aware of the undercurrent and those for and against setting up a project for that SIROP program in Seychelles - because we are still operating form London Britain, the criminal and corrupted practice and their complete lies and dishonesty - making it impossible to make any progress. When we attempt they let loss their thieves, crooks and cream off all the information and turn it to their advantage then let loss their dogs on us and those supporting us - we have reported to the UNHCR and other world institutions until we are sick/ill.

We want to challenge the EU Indian Ocean office what they have against this program and those 25,000 exiles/refugees we have been battling to represent and promote the past 30 years. We know were the Courts and Ombudsman are in Europe. We also know how to lobby against the EU official and Institution. We also know how to use bulldozer to remove bad and corrupted officials form office and we will not hesitate, forgetting we helped contributed that the complete Commission was forced to resigned some years back.

What the EU official do not appreciate any other country and anybody leading such a program - the death and destruction when they cannot get justice - we have waited and been patience and all those who think in adopting this posture we are stupid imbecile and crazy. There are other powerful forces out their and mechanism which can be applied.

This aid - the need to identify those who are prepared to help set up a SIROP project in Seychelles, those Lawyer, firm of chartered accountant, NGO's and Political parties, beside the Church or Religious bodies. The diplomatic services in Seychelles and business entities. In instance we can demand they repay their Goodwill back.

Tonight we want to address Mr Jeremy Corby - for some 6 years we watched him and greeted him during his surgery time at the Old fire station in Islington and tempted to ask'/seek his help - today he is the leader of the Labour party - even if they chuck him out - it would be the greatest achievement and success if if he could/would lend us his help in setting that SIROP program in Seychelles - there are things we jut do not write and share with the public. If he refuses at least nobody can come back to us and say we did not approach them.

To you president FA Rene and Mr Danny Faure the money is not coming from your pocket - the least you can do is offer us one of your daughter to come and help as volunteer or the such to help manage this project in Seychelles, a least they will have to opportunity /occasion to learn thing first hand and then share with the family at home - we have said it correctly for all those who can read. Before all of you start swearing write to my person and inquire of our motives and reasons.

Civil societies learn more about EU grants for projects

Anti-NATO crowds march through Warsaw amid alliance summit (VIDEO)

Nato summit: US says it will deploy 1,000 extra troops to Poland

Warsaw NATO Summit 2016

Russian media unhappy with Nato summit - BBC News


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