La CPI condamne l'ancien vice-président congolais Jean-Pierre Bemba à 18 ans de prison

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La CPI condamne l'ancien vice-président congolais Jean-Pierre Bemba à 18 ans de prison

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:00 pm

La CPI condamne l'ancien vice-président congolais Jean-Pierre Bemba à 18 ans de prison

Il avait été reconnu coupable, mais on ignorait encore la nature de sa peine. L’ancien vice-président congolais Jean-Pierre Bemba a été condamné, mardi 21 juin, à dix-huit ans de prison par la Cour pénale internationale pour des crimes de guerre et crimes contre l’humanité.

Jean-Pierre Bemba sentenced to 18 years in prison by international criminal court

Jean-Pierre Bemba

Comment - We have been listing to France 24 version story of the international Criminal Court sentencing and debacle of Vice president Centre Afrique Jean-Pierre Bemba. ( the many thread explaining our involvement and contribution to help set up this Court/Body after the mega manipulation of that SIROP program and the debacle of former Yugoslavia)

Under President F Mitterrand government and later Jacques Chirac the many linking and associated issues with the writing of that SIROP program and Central Afrique and Congo, the Mobutu Era in particular and the close link with Seychelles F A Rene  and former Bokasa of Centre Afrique.

We were called /required to make intervention, applying mechanism to help change some of the economic and military situation both countries and nations  and yet what the media and officials have written .

We helped important Laurent Kabila  and event after - nobody mention the mess of French President Sarkozy in all this he refuse and never took into account how France had worked the issues in the past. Many of the big mess and killing were not the doing of those leaders they were due to outside intervention and manipulation - the question we want to ask what kind of Justice system is the ICC promoting , what do  they base they justice and values.

We have former President Mancham his work as elder state person of Africa and Peace promotion  and setting up  this Peace Center at the University  and the subjects it want/propose to teach and those supporting him - something is very wrong and wired here/abnormal.

Those in Russia, China, USA, the Vatican, the Illuminati, the media written who know aware of this practice/mechanism yet

Then we have them writing Sir James Mancham used Fax to change Seychelles one party system or the Commonwealth changed Seychelles


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