Once again we are getting stuffed/EDD 2016

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Once again we are getting stuffed/EDD 2016

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:54 pm

Once again we are getting stuffed/EDD 2016

This years European Development Day in Bruxelles 2016, those taking part including the President of Mauritius as main speaker and Mr Marco Francis ex Seychelles chamber of commerce.

Had that Presidential 2015/6 election been otherwise - the Team and those individuals who would have had to attend and take part/support from Seychelles instead it is the old Team of Seychelles government PL/SPPF and how they exclude those they deem/judge not supporting their cause and agenda. They EU Indian Ocean Team visited Seychelles and their conclusion. The EU own benchmark and they they choose to ignore such situation - yet in the Sessions - the might an lengthy talk - this does not lend to credibility - EU is not there just to support a few or those special chosen.

What we mean by stuffed - we were call/asked to support with our workings the EU budget drafting and implementation - you cannot do this unless you have a good and serious possibilities, beside ongoing support of the EU economic we are talking of the might EU Economy, the EU Institution must know of one capacity to deliver, and ideas to offer, that Seyeu.Com portal and that SIROP portal project beside the many supporting mechanisms and projects and platform we have helped to build the past 30 year sand the many institution of the EU. When one feels or a community or group of individual fee you have been deprived of your rights and economic interests you normally communicate and those on the streets who are friends and associated how they react/respond and this will never change.
Meanwhile the super sleaze or spins PM Blair and other would say/explain.

Time and time we en-devour to explain the EU is not a fortress, very large amount of what goes on in institutions get on the streets of Europe and the many ethnic communities their receptive reactions and whether they are violence or not or Criminal. The Brussels Airport bombing and the Paris Bombing.
What if we pull down those portals and watch the economic and financial reaction.

In Case the EU Commission, the Council of Europe and other leading ~EU bodies judge we are malfunctioning - what the economic and financial landscape of EU this morning and Africa would have been like had Seychelles a new government people/Individuals involved working that SIROP program and our EU community interests , then as you have done the past 30 years tell bloody lies and at the next European election we would have had to revert , use such mechanism to tell you off.

The EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF) is an integral part of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES). Its main objective is bringing the views of business to European and African leaders together on critical issues pertaining to both continents' relations.

This is the fourth of a series of follow up workshops organised in Africa and Europe by the European Commission and the African Union Commission, building on the great success of the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF) held in Brussels in 2014. (We had know of these issues and the bloody efforts to change that government in Seychelles, their ambassadors and AU delegation are hand in glove creaming and ripping those 25,000 refugees and exile - those who had recommended tougher actions - this situation cannot go on - we had a super bust up in Bruxelles and Paris - France and those in Bruxelles want to go on business as usual, this is not business as usual situation. Some of the super manure the British media are refusing to publish about EU and British workings - the supper corruption. it really stinks. Those from Africa use this to be more aggressive - really terrible and the situation all over Africa. )

"100th Anniversary of the 1st World War 4 August, 1914 mankind - humanity would have been destroyed and…
We would have wished/wanted to message our issues to Minister Walter Steinmayer cannot use his comment or message we have taken a picture form his Facebook and publish them underneath the ongoing debacles. Trust the German Intelligence Service pick our trash up. Then Chancellor Merkle goes ballistic

We are not daft or pig headed the many of you - your view that we are getting old and the Europe we helped build is past and what of the younger generation - their Europe. We call upon all the Illuminati of Europe this morning - the system is fundamentally faulty - all we need to do catch a bus come to Paris or Bruxelles and the whole system and mechanism change over night - we go away and "the manure come back and those with all the massive recourse cannot find adequate solution". This is poop heads workings as the children would say. We have grandchildren in Europe.


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