Le Diocèse de Victoria a un nouveau prêtre

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Le Diocèse de Victoria a un nouveau prêtre

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:19 pm

The Republic of Seychelles celebrated the ordination of Reverend Collin Underwood 23/08/9

We want to take the special opportunity on behalf of the Sechelles – Seychelles EU Community to wish the Christian community in Seychelles a special spirit of Christian adventure and experience on this very special occasion.

Particularly our community good wishes to Reverend Collin Underwood, in his challenging task and awesome responsibilities the years ahead.

Given that Reverend Collin Underwood is not unfamiliar to very challenging topic relating to Seychelles International, regional and national politic believe it very necessary to draw his attention and the attention of those who have provided him with his spiritual to taken such high responsibilities to one of the the most challenging, perplexing and troubling state of things.

Namely the news that US deficit to soar towards $1.6tn – the BBC article link below:

This Sunday as the Reverend Collin Underwood was ordained, 25 years ago we got the privilege to know him, his grand parents and the family that provided him with this British education then. Equally the state of the British economy, EU, the world, Seychelles and Africa.

The family which looked after him during his early education were very close friend of former Seychelles President Sir James Mancham.

The situation and state of our Seychelles Exile communities, the former East African Seychelles communities and other Seychelles communities in London. Their view of our national, regional and International problems.

Very many from our Communities, former Ministers, those who led certain political faction of our communities – demanded and challenged with what authority and capacity we made known certain strong views, position we adopted and approach to a wide range of above mentioned issues.

We had been made a Fellow of Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute 1979 of Professor Micheal Hoffman – the sister concept of today's World Economic forum. Beside other important issues we had been privileged to get involve and contribute to. { In those days very few around the world safe those who were involved in advising the president of the USA, USSR, Europe leading nations – understood and knew what the discipline and science of Interdisciplinary – multidisciplinary management was all about. Those involved were not permitted to discuss and divulge what they knew, these were termed/called Grey areas of economic, politic and diplomacy. The media had very little knowledge and understanding either – beside eventually Sir James Mancham nobody for our Seychelles respective communities in London knew what it was all about}

Very concrete - the research we had done by UNIDO, World Bank for a very radical concept which went totally against the then Socialist/Communist ideology, thinking. An Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Center – its working similar to that of the CARICOM and Western Pacific Group of Islands. Those who took the research and turned it into COI with its Secretariat in Mauritius.

Equally, then Lady Tacther government, the political and economic crises Britain, its people and government found themselves in on account of the independence process – decolonization. What led Lady Tacther to appoint that Austrian Economic Guru to advice her – her Cabinet. For those who were in the know and reasonably informed – our ability to contribute to economic and political issues of Britain, France, Italy – depending what issues were presented to us.

Resulting in the strange relation between myself, her government, British politic, its media and economy – the respective establishment.

Over the past 25 years we have addressed a number of important article stating the fact that had we not contributed and participated to the extend and level we did. Britain would not be what it is today and the rapid changes from being called " the sick man of Europe" to the position it acquired.

Having stated this, equally the important issues we have addressed naming, pointing some of the important issues we have made, contribution to the USA economy, politic and outcome over the past 20 years.

By contrast, given that Sir James Mancham is publishing his autobiography, the then situation in the world and our region. The situation in the world today and the region, Reverend Collin Underwood ordination. What many were not told of our important link to the High Office of the Vatican then.

It is very troubling, perplexing and exasperating to note – conclude that the USA have many great Institution of learning, Both Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute and World Economic forum are hybrid/offshoot of those great USA Institution of learning and thinking. Yet their collusion as to what caused, is causing the major financial melt down in USA, its economy and political system – along the rest of the world and where the crises originally originated is completely wrong.

With the coming into Office of Pope John Paul ll- the Church decided to taken upon itself new responsibilities and to speak out where it was silence for many centuries. We trust and pray that those young generation of Priest – will keep the light burning brightly which Pope John Paul ll lit. Meanwhile we trust and would expect that young priest like Reverend Collin Underwood would have become familiar what entails – the disciplines and sciences relating to Interdisciplinary – multidisciplinary management across its very wide and intensive application today.



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