ADFD launches unique training and support programme for Seychelles

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ADFD launches unique training and support programme for Seychelles

Post  Sirop14 on Fri May 27, 2016 2:12 pm

ADFD launches unique training and support programme for Seychelles

The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), Abu Dhabi’s international development body, has launched a brand new, innovative training and support programme in electricity and water management in partnership with the Federal Electricity and Water Authority for the rapidly expanding Seychelles energy and infrastructure sectors.
The programme will provide a platform of learning and knowledge exchange for the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) of Seychelles to work more efficiently and to optimise the utilisation of their resources to meet the country’s rising demand for water, electricity and sanitation services — areas in which the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) is a global expert.
The launch of this programme represents the continuation of the close relationship between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Seychelles. The ADFD has been supporting the socio-economic progress of Seychelles with a number of initiatives in the energy, housing, transport and infrastructure sectors and this initiative will make sure maximum benefit is derived from these projects. To date some 225m AED (approximately R811 million) has been granted across 11 projects.
Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, director general of ADFD, said: “International development is not just about delivering projects on the ground but ensuring they have maximum impact when they are established to make a meaningful difference on the ground. We are delighted to be working in partnership with FEWA and representatives of Seychelles to continue our support for the economic and structural development of Seychelles, reflecting our focus on infrastructure as the basic building blocks of strong and prosperous societies. We believe that by supporting the knowledge-capacity of the islands’ infrastructure, utility and energy sectors, we are able to help build, through collaboration, stronger and more sustainable economies. Ensuring communities are empowered to take this initiative will provide enhanced opportunities for future growth.”
The programme will leverage the experience of ADFD in development matters and the specialist know how of FEWA in utility matters across the Emirates, providing a new knowledge sharing programme that represents cutting-edge thinking in international development support. In doing so, it is expected that the initiative will help improve the efficiency of employees in the civic service sector, especially those working in public service domains from a technical, administrative and financial perspective. The programme will run over several days with the first cadre focusing on water plants, including production and maintenance, water transmission and storage, GIS systems, electricity grid management, touching on surveillance and control systems, maintenance of power and water grids, smart meter discussions and general utility project management.
“The continued commitment of the UAE to the development of the Seychelles is most welcome. Over the years ADFD has played an important role in supporting the Seychelles’ growth agenda and has always helped us with our energy and urbanisation challenges. This new programme will be part of the next stage of our socio-economic development, one that gives the knowledge and skills necessary for our local communities to be empowered to help us meet and go beyond our future energy and infrastructure needs and I thank ADFD and the UAE for their ongoing assistance in our development agenda,” said Environment, Energy and Climate Change Minister Didier Dogley.
Adnan Nasib Salem, acting director general of FEWA, said FEWA is happy to take part in the co-operation existing between UAE and Seychelles, particularly in water and power sectors. For this purpose, FEWA prepared a technical support and training programme, in participation with “Tanqia Company”, to improve capabilities of staff of PUC in Seychelles which will be financed by the ADFD.
Mr Salem also said this cooperation between the two sides started in 2014 when FEWA was delegated by UAE government to visit Seychelles and study infrastructure, particularly water, electricity, and sewage utilities in cooperation with “Tanqia Company’ in order to prepare a report about these utilities and set up an emergent technical plan to enable these sectors to carry on with their activities and to enhance economical development in Seychelles.
The acting director general of FEWA added that he hopes this training programme will achieve its objectives and contribute with ADFD Abu Dhabi Fund efforts to push economical development in Seychelles and improve performance of workers in water and electricity sectors in that friendly country.
Ambassador of Seychelles to the UAE, Dick Esparon, said: ''The ADFD projects are key to the prosperity and wellbeing of the people of Seychelles. This project will have a direct impact on the lives of the ordinary inhabitants. The training will increase our human capital and indirectly improve the lives of their families. For that we are very grateful. It will also help sustain the infrastructure of our country. The UAE government and the ADFD model of assistance have shown a level of generosity and nuance that should serve as a model for other development assistance worldwide.”
The announcement of the training scheme is the next crucial step to making development projects more effective by giving the beneficiary countries the skills to run and operate these energy projects which can act as a catalyst for further socio-economic development. There is also the opportunity for greater trading and economic links between the two countries as the economies both expand thanks to increased investment in infrastructure.
Projects supported by ADFD in Seychelles include housing, healthcare, agriculture, telecommunications, clean water, land reclamation, roads and energy. Major energy schemes include the building of a wind farm on the island of Mahé, comprising eight aero-generators generating 6MW of clean electricity. Future schemes under consideration are a new transmission system and the implementation of electricity generation plant on Praslin through the construction of new power stations and supporting infrastructure. On Ile Perseverance 2,000 new residential units have been built, creating a new town with world-class utilities, roads, parks, schools, hospitals and public amenities.
Globally, the ADFD is a leading international development agency, supporting close to 500 projects worth 75bn dirhams in nearly 80 countries across the globe and is pioneering a number of new approaches to international development, particularly in energy such as through its US $350m funding facility for renewable energy schemes in the developing world in partnership with IRENA.


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