Portuguese choir given warm welcome

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Portuguese choir given warm welcome

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:37 pm

Members of a Portuguese choir now in Seychelles as part of an exchange programme got a warm welcome when they were the guests of honour at a reception on Friday night.

Hosted by Minister for Community Development, Youth, Sports and Culture Vincent Meriton, the gathering was held at the Vye Marmit restaurant, Au Cap, to greet the 30-strong Canto Firme choir from Tomar. Also present were principal secretary for youth, sports and culture Denis Rose, chief executive of the National Arts Council Emmanuel D’Offay and other government officials.

Minister Meriton addressing the guests during the gathering at the Vye Marmit on Friday

Members of the Choral and Music Society of Seychelles (CMSS), the other partner in the exchange programme, were also at the reception. The evening had a very friendly atmosphere, with singers from the two choirs catching up and getting to know each other better after last meeting in 2007 when the CMSS visited Tomar.

In his welcoming speech, Mr Meriton said: “It is always a pleasure to be associated with such an important area of the arts and culture.

“I am happy to welcome the Canto Firme to Seychelles. I ask you to appreciate the diversity of the Seychellois culture during your stay, and I look forward to seeing you in action very soon.”

The president of the Canto Firme, Joanna Martins, spoke about her group’s visit to the National Museum, where they had learnt that Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese, was one of the first people to visit the Seychelles islands.

The Canto Firme choir performing at the National Theatre on Saturday

There were also presentations from both groups, in which the Canto Firme performed a song called St Anna and the CMSS sang Chacun a dans son âme un chant à partager”. This was followed by dances, including the traditional kanmtole from Seychelles.

Apart from the reception, the Portuguese choir took part in a special mass to commemorate Bishop Denis Wiehe’s 40th anniversary of priesthood, and performed at the National Theatre. Members also visited the Botanical Gardens, went on a bus tour of Mahe and are due to visit the marine parks today.



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