Lay off rumours confirmed

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Lay off rumours confirmed

Post  Sirop14 on Tue May 24, 2016 11:05 am

Lay off rumours confirmed
TODAY confirms that some of Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS) employees are already being made redundant,
according to reliable sources. CWS has however not come forward with an official statement on the matter yet.
S. Marivel

The lay-offs follow Cable and Wireless Communications’ acquisition by Liberty Global, an international cable company.
While it is still unclear how this will affect local operations, it has now been confirmed by reliable sources from within the company that employees are being laid off. This is following general meetings between employees and management at CWS headquarters which took place at the end of last week.

According to a source, the redundancy includes employees who have worked there for many years as well as those who have completed a year or less – proving that no one was safe from being laid off.

Government has received a request for approval from Liberty
Global for the purchase of CWS as part of its acquisition of Cable and Wireless’ entire global operations, according to a press release from the ministry of Finance, and Land Use and Housing.

It further states that the government “insisted on the payment of
the appropriate compensations and benefits to all staff members in accordance with Seychelles laws.”
The exact number of employees being made redundant in order to downsize the company is also still unknown at this point.
Government has also placed a request with Liberty Global, “in accordance with government’s desire to promote local participation in strategic sectors of the economy… requested that Liberty Global make 30% of Cable and Wireless Seychelles available for local investors through the Seychelles Stock Exchange.” It has not been confirmed yet whether the request has been successful.

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We have been writing about this situation sine the early Blair government how the big multinational works and their why/s and the decrepit media benchmark - their wanton lies and dishonesty - beside our advocacy for that Seychelles Stock exchange was so that the average individual in that Seychelles could partake of the wealth and development ad acquire share and stock - today 23/5/2016 what is being publish. Where is Mr Christopher Gill - We would like to come back to the debacle of Cable Ad Wireless now that we are setting and anti corruption Commission - we may not be able be able to address the courts of Europe - that SIROP program how it works and those who use it to leverage their multinational interests and workings - - our involvement in the separation of the two Cable and Wireless entity under the Blair/brown government - we had established a Adjudication Court and then Ugandan chief Justice his recommendation to my person - we are not in Seychelles, Mr Christopher Gill must be busy - those intending to form a New government and work in the future National Assembly ought o take the issues up - beside the empathize of Seychelles as a nation in working our their respective business development models and management - when you have such powerful and important impute, capacity driving energy - you have to acknowledge and recognize it - this credit does not get pocketed by my/our person it get redistributed to the people and the nation of the Region. This is how modern and future economy in our part of the world should work. " Because if they do not we will start throwing a few BRICS and they are not nice where they land. " of all people entity Cable and Wireless ought to remember my visit in 2009 and the decision to hold the first BRICS gathering.

Had we know they were going to go down that road would /could have called on the/our important Brazilian Telecommunication goodwill to make an offer, they are significant and certainly the Brazil politic would be different and the BRICS debacles. As a former Cable and Wireless staff - this is where he was discovered for future political involvement, those who helped him and his office today

President J A Michel comportment is certainly not pleasant - we dare him to tell the other story about Venezuela and their current situation. His utter manury attitude/comportment. We trust the Venezuela and Brazilian people, politicians remembers this what really happened and now his blasted Blue Economy. When other do the dirty work for any head of state and at that the like and size of Seychelles and what ensue - some of it the EU Institutions aware. Something must happen.


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