Suez Energy wins contract to manage PUC

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Suez Energy wins contract to manage PUC

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:37 pm

Electricity and water supplies are to be managed by the private Suez Energy company but will still be owned by the government, Minister Joel Morgan said yesterday.

Mr Morgan

The Minister for Environment, Natural Resources and Transport said management of the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) will be placed under Suez Energy to improve its operation.

Mr Morgan made the announcement at a press conference held in the presence of the PUC’s deputy chief executive Joel Valmont and the Seychelles Energy Commission’s chairman and chief executive Philippe Morin. This followed the transfer of the corporation to the ministry and the appointment of the new commission.

He said a team of eight to 10 highly qualified staff from Suez Energy – which has expertise in water management, electricity and sewage disposal – will be here soon to help the PUC improve its service and reduce production costs.

“The government has decided to reinforce the PUC’s management with the help of the Suez company for a two-year period to improve the operational efficiency of the corporation and eventually to hand over full responsibility for the company to Seychellois,” added Mr Morgan.

He said the management of the PUC is doing a good job but is meeting constraints in human resources and materials that are affecting production costs and efficiency.

Mr Morgan stressed that despite being managed by the private company, the PUC still belongs to the government. He reassured the general public that the board of directors, which is made up of Seychellois, will ensure that Suez Energy is working in their interests and those of the government and the PUC.

The minister said audits showed the government the weaknesses and strong points of the PUC, and based on this it decided to award the two-year contract to Suez because of its competence in the field.

And he added that the members of the board of directors are experienced and capable.

“They will see that the interests of the government and members of the public are protected at all cost and ensure that the management contract given to the company is observed and that the PUC remains financially secure,” he said.

Mr Morgan said that in the past the government had to fund all developments carried out by the PUC through loans and the capital budget in the fields of water, electricity and sewerage.

However, under the new partnership with Suez Energy the funding responsibility will not rest solely on the government, he added.

Ways will be found to encourage other international agencies to invest in the PUC and provide the necessary funding to run the corporation efficiently. And Suez Energy will help to guide the PUC towards this objective.

Mr Morgan has met the middle and senior management of the corporation recently to discuss the reforms that will take place in the organisation and to assure them that the change will bring benefits in terms of human resources and enhance its development.

He said the staff had reacted positively during the meeting and they are ready to support the reorganisation of the PUC.
Talking about the effect the partnership can have on prices, Mr Morgan said the government is committed to reduce the cost of living and, together with Suez Energy, will see how they can reduce production costs for the benefit of the general public.

He went on to say that the new energy commission has a vital role to play in developing the country’s energy sector.
In March, the cabinet decided to set up the commission and Mr Morin was identified as the ideal candidate for the post of chairman and chief executive as he has years of experience in the field.

The minister said Mr Morin has an important role to play in overseeing the management and development of the energy sector nationally. He will draw up policies to plan and carry out a comprehensive programme for the efficient and economical supply of energy resources, including the development of renewable energy and energy conservation.

Mr Morgan said the energy commission will also work in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Transport to see how they can help combat climate change by cutting emissions.

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Re: Suez Energy wins contract to manage PUC

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:34 pm

All hell has began to break loose over Suez implantation in Seychelles to manage its energy and Water resources. We have written the thread article about the £45 millions robbery at Graff and the TATA £800 millions sudden guarantee form Europe. The indications we ought not have traveled to Kent this weekend.

In Kent those from Political grouping, crooks and thieves who have systematically creamed us off the past 18 years, then let loose the police, the Masonic fraternity and the thugs on us. Beside the racist practice. Most importantly how they have worked to turn the local community against us, to rip us off, skim off very vital information in the name of National protection. Most important divided our families and friends. There have been many very terrible back lashes, uproars and losses of lives. We have wasted time and time to protest, complain to the vast many relevant Eu , British and international Institutions to no avail.

Those who know that the system is completely out of control, anybody can abuse and create hell and get away with it.

We say it loud and very clear here again, those of you who know the real reason for the mega global financial and economic bust up last year – your lies, dishonesty and corrupt practice. If control and sanity is not brought in the system the whole thing will go up far worse than last year. Then the media and the politicians will tell us their lies and their scummy experts.

One would have thought that writing such a thread from Kent one would have the quietness required to think very hard about the very, very important decision and historic events to allow the Suez Group to come to Seychelles and manage their Energy and their Water resources.

The idea and like past practice to create havoc, and hell in our life using close individuals, members of our community and close family members. {We will not write about the process and methods they use and have used for the past 18 years for all the complain and protest and nobody, their satanic rave, rage, crack vibes – to the extent that the Ministers, the parliament have had to pass the antisocial laws and such legislations – this have stop nothing – in place and instance may have brought small progress - by and large the terrible practice and abuses of the satanic rave/rave to mess the lives of others, bully, intimidate and threaten other continues.}

We wonder what those of you in Seychelles think of this situation and the many national debate of Human rights and and civil liberties. The involvement of the UN, EU, African Union, Francophone, commonwealth, the Catholic church.

The phenomena which prevailed under President Francois Mitterrand made its very ugly appearance begin of last night and this morning. Leading to all hell breaking loose in France , all of the former Mitterrand Ministers,, officials, police etc.

We stater and say it ought to have been easier to write an intelligent thread form Kent the terrible psychological climate with prevails and have been unclenched – unleashed.

Right across Britain particularly Westminster will be wondering if we will react to the situation confronting us mainly the Suez company moving to Seychelles – like the have acted in many countries as reported by Regar and Seychelles Weekly – probable in not so many words the controlling of the public system in that given country, the political system in part, the civil liberties in part and their Human rights.

The very simple argument if we are in Europe and the amount of crap – nastiness, strange posture and handling of things form those involved and working with the Suez Group in France as of last night and this morning.

We would have wish to take the time like any good Mauritian news paper and address what we fell are undue corporate nastiness – we cannot do so this morning.

We would have wished to address the political implication when 20 years ago President Mitterrand and other in France had wanted us to put in place a government and those French leading national institutions, large multinational corporations who would have wished - in line to work with such a government – some 20 years have passed and gone by , the world have changed greatley and those in France around Suez Corporation who have not changed. Their bloody bigoted mentality attitude. Many in France at reading this thread would have immediately said – They would have remove you and your government immediately from power, had you eliminated or assassinated.

However – there is one very important factor that the French populace forgets and have forgotten – namely we are not just any Pied Noir people. We are the generation the French persecuted because of their religion. We are the people that fled France from the Royal wars, the French revolution, the killing and butchering of the nobility and such French families.

As we the children of 5 generation cannot and will not forget those historic events. Even if we have the same common concept of Human rights, Laws, Democracy, Justice and Cultural values.

We have not spared nobody when it has come to stating bluntly the issues which have affected us and pressed us and we are not about to do so.

We ask those who wish to make their research and find out what that Suez Group was like during the early days of Francois Mitterrand government. The very many important corporate we have worked with him and his office and some of France leading multinational to help expand, and maintain certain position and political edge. Most of these Group have never come forward to say thank you. They may have gone to Mauritius, Seychelles and Reunion and contributed in some small ways to the populace – to our Eu community nothing.

Had we not been in the position, had the capacity to get involved and stay involved in those issues the past 30 years in EU and across the world the very many important international business partners of Seychelles would have long told us so in our face – this is not the case.

Thew question why is Suez Group adopting such a posture and attitude. We would have wish to to into the detail politic of Seychelles energy and Water management – Sewage management. We have very adequate knowledge and ability to do so. It will take time and this is not the time. Meanwhile those of you in Seychelles and our communities around the world can start thinking very very hard – a great deal is going to be changing in Seychelles. Do we want a single corporation like Suez Group t0o do so and take control of everyday functioning of our life and affairs.

Mr Guy Morel had very good reason to set up the SIM Institute and meanwhile the Seychelles University. In those days when Mr Guy Morel was trying to set up SIM those from France who view this as unnecessary – what did those little Seychellois want. They had turned their back on us. If we had not got the Italians and the UN as support this project would never have got under way.

In Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion – there existed a very form of arrogance in colonial days. This led to Mancham and FA Rene stepping forward and taking control of politics. The issues we have mentioned that we could have avoided all this and we did not.

The people and parties from Suez Group have and will never learn. They will use the media and politicians to to their dirty work far more terrible than the British counter part and we have excellent experience and knowledge.

Meanwhile the management of international politic, the role of EU in International, Indian Ocean and African Union affairs, - not France or the Francophone. There is accountability process which the EU institutions can apply. It would do well for the Suez Group to study and learn the many instance we have got the Eu high institutions involved and the results and reactions.

Lastly – what and were in the world do you see such a situation – it is our very hard work that have brought the Suez Group , the Carrefour Group to Seychelles. The many Nations in Europe we have worked with will be watching, the Russian, the Chinese the Arab world. Not to exclude the African Union. Recently the USA and Seychelles signed a military protocol/accord. They will be asking what kind of mad nation or people – that have agreed to let Seuz Group come into their country so to say to stabilize the military and political international balance and they turn round and are so bloody ugly and nasty. The USA high parties have over the past 30 years studied us very closely.

We have been monitoring the High corporate management practice in France and their Bench Mark. There is gross injustice at play and at work. Those who are slugging it out from other nation to build the French economy and multinational – their media and politicians taking all the credits. The High management expertise is not coming from France alone – countless other nationals are providing the expertise and knowledge. { what the public do not know the very many large mergers and expansion that Suez Group have carried out and undertaken - had we had a different structure to our Sechelles Seychelles EU community Network, management, archaic, Fraternal system – the Suez Group would never have come to Britain the way they have. Today the very strong and healthy position the enjoy. They need to remind themselves of the fact that the world came very close to a world war. In this case what happened in the last war, and the previous war. It is our good will which is involved and contributing importantly that certain sanity and positive stability reign. If that were not so the state of the world would be very different and the French economic land scape and working climate in France.}

We would expect and trust that the politicians and the cadre of young executives in Seychelles will take not of what we have addressed here.

Just in case those in France do not like and object the tone of our thread – we created the WWW – the debacle we have mentioned enough why they ;lost to the British Tim Brenner Lee. The same dam arrogance they are portraiting now. We as NGO and communities network created the WWW so that everybody could have knowledge and information – not just a privilege Few. Meanwhile the role of the Web and the armies of media and what they write and report and their quality and function. Had they not existed such companies as Suez Group would have slaughtered the public with their political allies and we would not have been able to do nothing or say nothing.


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