UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to address the National Assembly

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UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to address the National Assembly

Post  Sirop14 on Wed May 04, 2016 2:39 pm

Personalities like president Bush senior, Bush Junior, Clinton and Obama a several leading EU Heads of State concern when we get uptight and this time is not a very nice one - Throw the masonic and illuminati benchmark to the pig/in the pig sty - those UN Secretary General we have been involved, used special discipline that they are chosen and elected. Safe the case of Ban Ki- Moon, what happened and was happening  and the why and the very many gaff - other important mechanism in place which regulate and impute in world working. Now he is going to address our National Assembly - very likely he will say he will write a checque for the Poof and the lesbians and give them a special building in Victoria under the protection of UN to house their activities and world taxpayers will pay - those 25,000/30,000 Seychellois exile refugees, their loss, their theft, their suffering in exile, debase and disgrace life mean noting safe for the thieves and crooks, drug pushers and dealers and mega fraudsters and what have you - they just do not exist and have no Rights. Because they no not take arms and commit atrocities, genocide  that the media can sell and those high official of the world kept in Office, earning big salaries
UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to address the National Assembly

Then everybody get mad/question when a Mr Martin Aglae comport/do what he has done. Political depravity

United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-Moon will address the National Assembly during an extraordinary sitting on Sunday May 8 at 9.20am.
Prior to the sitting, Mr Ban will pay a courtesy call on the Speaker of the National Assembly, Honorable Dr Patrick Herminie.
Mr Ban Ki-moon will undertake an official visit to Seychelles from May 7-8 at the invitation of President James Alix Michel.
He is the first serving secretary general of the United Nations ever to visit Seychelles since the country joined the organisation in September 1976.
Mr Ban will hold bilateral talks with President Michel on May 7 and will be later hosted to a reception at State House.
It will be recalled that Mr Ban Ki-moon from the Republic of Korea is the eighth occupant of the post. He took office in January 2007. This year marks the end of his second and final five-year term as United Nations secretary general.

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