£40 millions Graf robbery/TATA £800 millions credit gaurante

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£40 millions Graf robbery/TATA £800 millions credit gaurante

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:28 pm

With the Historic event of the NGO work shop to review, revamp were necessary, enact many aspects of current Seychelles and past Seychelles laws the national implication for all those currently alive in Seychelles, those at schools. Those involve in the development of Seychelles, foreigners wishing to establish in Seychelles. The may institutions of that Nation, the may international, regional institutions it belongs to and form part of. The reaction serious if any at all from our communities around the world.

Then there is the mega debacle/debate raging in the Indian Ocean, African Union, France over Madagascar - the Moputu Accord, the certain death of the lll Republic and the coming Republic.

As well there is the important debate of Intellectual Property Laws, Rights etc being debated in Seychelles enabling them to negotiate and place them self better in view of the WTO rejoining - reentry.

We issues also have a large number of other issues to attend to we have to skip them and address the issues we are going to.

It all started with what we have termed the raiding of our Sechelles - Seychelles EU Community heritage in Europe - UK involving a number of large banks, financial institutions and development company. Those guys in Australia, Zealand, South Africa, eventually Canada who will understand and certainly be aware what we are talking about here. Whilst in UK, Seychelles proper and Mauritius they will call us names - natters etc. whilst they form part and join those who are robbing us - involved in this massive criminal practice.

In fact what got us really mad this morning is the article in the Daily Mail yesterday over the Financial assets of the many leading UK banks and others operating in Britain, Societies - their request for the government and G20 nations, the EU institutions to bail them out. The fact that they are borrowing at 0.5% and are lending out at 17/18%. The development of new strategies to fleece their customers, the public and make more £billions - the politicians, the establishments ding nothing.

Had that crises not exploded, not taken place last year nobody the wiser. { For years those in London, the Chanel Islands who have been involved in using, manipulating our archaic, fraternal heritage other associated mechanism - to bring about mergers, develop new products, laws - the many instances we have written The many instances we written about a given related incident, incidents - nobody doing anything about it - those all over the places, streets, village who have told us to shut up and not/stop protesting - what did really happen last years to cause the massive world financial crash - to date in the USA some 60 large Banks closed/bankrupt.}

It is not the first time a particular very large Group have messes us up - they have a Branch in Seychelles and indeed prominent Lawyer Phillipe Boule was its Chairman. Some of the important development in UK, the USA and African it has undertaken using our Sechelles - Seychelles EU Heritage, archaic, fraternal and other associated mechanism, then turn round and threaten us - their very corrupted and criminal practices.

This incident relate to the collapse of a major company in Kent and their acquisition of their property for speculation - property development. Not one Seychellois will be able to buy, afford those homes. We will not write all the details here because of certain implication.

However in conjunction/association, the very many visit we have been doing there - the region of Seven Oaks and activating that Sechelles - Seychelles Heritage Trust Network using Ning from the Friends of Europe - Italian connection links. The state of negativity, the police, the Council and other large business were aware - as soon as we started visiting the Library, discussing with individuals our community projects - the developments, the synergies, dynamics started changing. What was, is being covered by the local and national, international media - paper and TV. In turn affecting national and local politic.

There is a very large show room of Jaguar Cars, Aston Martin beside several important regional business like BT, Peugeot also. We have written a thread about the Tata Family a soon as we started visiting Seven Oaks and ask those who wish to search our community forums for the threads. We have said it on that forum thread how we have contributed to TATA Consortium acquisitions - those who have followed the debacle including the important Parsi Family - Community in his Seychelles. The many jokes I have made that at no time have they offered our community a support or donation - specially being Indian their cut throat practice of business. Where other Car company have folded, German, France, USA, Japan, Russian, Scandinavia. The situation with them - the British government proposal to support them. We have kept monitoring this situation because we have accountability, we have to answer to our many community institutions, those who relate and work with us. We got so fed up we decided to go to go to TESCO and buy a half cooked hot curry and rice, our talking aloud that nobody had invited us for a meal - there is a table in front of the Jaguar Car Show room, we have been inside sat down and ate the half cook curry with our hands a appeared in small bottle of French red wine. After we had finished the Muslim we met who looked at us questioningly about the wine we had drank in public. The next news TATA had secured a major European Financial backer for the money it required and that three of its factories are safe. They will not need the government support for the money they needed amounting to some £800 millions. Forget the job, the families, their needs. We have been involved in involved in this kind of crap - since the days of Lady Tacther, the famous John Delorene cars what they were all about. Time and time again we have done this/these for the British economy, people and in return have got crap - instead the threats from the British public, the fraternal and Masonic establishment, the police and absolute filth from the greater British public. { Lewisham Police followed me, threaten me when I had spent 3 hours in that Algerian Restaurant talking to several members of the Algerian, Tunisian, communities about the situation and those from West Africa who have establish them self in London - the tons of very many important issues. } They all told me their point of view and that they all make money by providing knowledge, contacts for business or the such. The article which have appeared in the Daily Mail.

We are still monitoring/following the debacle of the Rover take over why the government gave the bid to that consortium last time for £10 – why they failed. The Chinese involvement. Again those who know the process we are and get involved, the use and abuse us. They ignore our existence, threaten us to shut us up – bitch and yell Freemason – Freemason around every corner. Also why - reasons we have not/refused to contribute to a positive solution.

Now come the greater part - all those who are amuse at the incident of the £40 millions Jewel robbery at Graff. {Those from the police who have urged us not to write about this issue. We will not write all the details - only certain aspects. When ever we, are working on something large, important for our community and others, the synergy, dynamic we use. When in the past attack, overly abused, manipulated the reactions, positive and very negative. We can list a great deal of them. what trigerred that robbery at Graff Jewellers and the methods used. We have made it a point to discuss this incident with a number of street wise individual and reminded them of the robbery nearly three years ago at Tonebridge. what trigerred that incident and the articles and threads we have written about. We also have said those involved were goons - at least they could have taken a few bundles and thrown it in a few village to benefit the needy and the poor. }

This is the Britain our community have to live, exist and work in. Whilst you, those of you in Seychelles sit down and can go for a salt water bath after you have deliberated on the pro and cons for Intellectual property rights - and the NGO revamps the laws of Seychelles.

Then there is that special Police Unit set up to find criminal money, drugs etc - they ought to be doing their home work in London and such places. These such issues and incidents in the past which have led to explosive issues to surface and certainly the reason for the mega global financial and economic melt down.

We will add a few article link here.

£40 millions Jewel robbery at Graff.

TATA had secured a major European Financial backer for the money


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