Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd gets new managing director

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Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd gets new managing director

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:14 am

Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd gets new managing director


Christophe Houareau is the new managing director of Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd, replacing Captain Edmond Houareau who has retired at the age of 66.
Capt. Houareau will remain on the Board of Directors alongside Michael King-Harman, who has also stepped down from his role as the firm's chief executive.
This promotion, which took effect on March 1, 2016, follows Christophe Houareau's appointment to the Board of Directors on July 17, 2015.
Following the completion of his secondary and post-secondary education in the United Kingdom, Christophe was eager to come home to Seychelles. He joined the company in December 2000 as a shipping assistant in the Shipping Operations Department. In this section he gained valuable hands-on experience in the company's principal activities, assisting all vessel types during their calls at Port Victoria.
As Business Development Manager, Christophe played a key role in the development of Eden Island Marina, the promotion of agency services for super yachts and the expansion of a number of the company's existing activities -- the Clearing & Forwarding department evolved into a new subsidiary called Express Logistics as of March 2009 and the first Hunt, Deltel office on Praslin began operations in February 2012.
Later that year Christophe was promoted to Group General Manager where his portfolio of responsibility was widened with a growing workforce, expanding transport fleet and a number of property development projects in progress: the ongoing construction of The Quadrant building began in 2013 and the company's Fleet Logistics Centre opened mid-2014.
As a company with such a diverse portfolio of activities, whose performance affects such a large number of stakeholders, the members of the Board of Directors must be well versed in their field of work if they are to make informed decisions for the company.
Guided by the principles of ISO and supported by a network of highly valued and well trained managers, the board of Hunt, Deltel has full faith that Christophe is a fitting candidate with valuable contributions to bring to the table.
The Board of Directors and all at Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd. wish him continued success in his career.



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