Is it all over for the A380 superjumbo?

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Is it all over for the A380 superjumbo?

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:38 am

Is it all over for the A380 superjumbo?

IT WAS the superstar of the skies, but an Airbus executive has revealed the golden days of the A380 superjumbo could soon be over.
Chief Financial Officer Harald Wilhelm told investors at a meeting in London this week that the world’s biggest passenger plane could be discontinued as early as 2018 due to a slump in sales.
Mr Wilhelm admitted that the company has failed to find a single airline buyer for the jet this entire year. That’s despite orders for its other models booming, such as the A330 single-aisle plane, Bloomberg reports.
Airbus poured $30 billion into developing the double-decker jet, a move that it could regret.
In its seven years of operation, just 318 of the A380s have been sold, compared to the 1200 Airbus predicted that airlines would require.

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