DMCs voice out constraints and challenges

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DMCs voice out constraints and challenges

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Feb 16, 2016 1:01 pm

DMCs voice out constraints and challenges


Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in Seychelles last week met three government ministers to discuss their own constraints and challenges and to respond to concerns and issues raised by various stakeholders.
The ministers at the meeting were those responsible for tourism and culture, Alain St Ange; foreign affairs and transport, Joel Morgan; and investment, entrepreneurship development and business innovation, Michael Benstrong.
Other stakeholders present included the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), Seychelles Ports Authority, Land Transport, Seychelles Maritime Services Agency and Seychelles Licensing Authority.
Minister St Ange reminded all they should always keep in mind we have only one tourism industry which is one for the whole country and that they all need to work together to promote the Seychelles brand.
Noting he was positive about the meeting, Minister St Ange said the next step forward is for government to put together all points raised in the form of recommendations and see how they can be implemented.
How we receive people on arrival at the airport, how we receive cruise ships and how to ensure that every Seychellois benefits from the tourism industry are some of the issues raised.
“What is very clear now is we have to continue these meetings. Meet each other, understand each other and come out with policies which will benefit the country and its tourism industry. And this is what has come out of the meeting today,” said the minister.
Minister St Ange remarked that the industry needs to also look at its insurance coverage in place which he said is good for both Seychelles and the tourists.
“If an establishment is offering a service and an accident happens, a Seychellois as well as a tourist need to have the necessary insurance coverage,” said Minister St Ange.
Another point of discussion was that a business with a particular license should not “step on the toes” of another business with another license. Each one should respect their boundaries.
Hotel managers who do not respect the ‘law of the land’ regarding the tourism industry may result in his work permit being revoked if he is a foreigner, Minister St Ange said.
Guillaume Albert, general manager of Creole Travel Services, cited the main challenges the DMCs face like cost of operations, lack of motivation among certain workers, cost of investment and competition with other destinations among others.
Stakeholders attending the meeting are expected to meet this week before the arrival of another cruise ship in port.


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