Die Linke Party Summit - Berlin 20/06/09

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Die Linke Party Summit - Berlin 20/06/09

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jun 20, 2009 2:53 pm

There are those who will conclude most inappropriate to address this thread this Day – before the whole issues mothball in our intellectual cup board meaning wait until next week the need to address and comment what need to be briefly commented on.

This thread article is importantly thought for the EU current, financial, economic and political situation. Most of those of you who have been watching development in Bruxelles the past two days over the election of Commissioner Barroso, the Irish Referendum, the future of EU Parliament, the Lisbon Treaty – most important how EU plans to get out of the mega mess it has walked/talked itself into. The outcome of the EU election results.

We politely ask those of you who are or will be quick to shout traitor to read, listen - get somebody to translate properly the speech delivered by Oscar Lafontaine before they say anything.

We will add a link to wikepedia Oscar Lafontaine political back ground here:

On one or two occasions we have written the debacle of the bust up in the landscape of the then Social Democratic Party in Germany equally that of Francois Mitterrand in France. The political, economic direction of France then and Germany. What led to his resignation form the Germany Socialist Democratic Party and what led to his coming back to the political scene and forming his radical Left party – those who at the time , very many leading German important politicians and intellectuals, and their media saying what amounted to he has gone overboard or mad. What does he want.

Last week we commented briefly on the outcome of the EU election results – not knowing the contents of Mr Oscar Lafontaine speech before the Link Party Summit in Berlin today./

We stated that there was a strange /strong phenomena at work here and those who misunderstood and misjudge what was at work. This was not just an election defeat for the British Labour/Socialist party – this phenomena had reflected itself right across the EU – why?/

we stated that the Socialist had been importantly instrumental in changing the COMECON, the USSR, Germany Reunification and other changes in Africa, Asia and Latin America – how they have /had become corrupted – events over the past 10 years with nobody wanting to take or learn a lesson instead they – developing political ideas, concept which became equally nasty if not nastier than their Conservative Party opponents just to gain popularity, stay in power or to manipulate powers and the decision of the voters two weeks ago. We are being very brief here.

Two important points we want to underline with the Linke Summit in Berlin today/20/06/09, Mr Lafontaine statement that shortly after the second world war those who had called for a more socialist economy, political democracy and accountability. Those who failed. What kind of political, economic and social system was put in place and where this have led the world.

The world – Europe had a very unique opportunity at the development/process of social changes in COMECON, changes in USSR, the Berlin Wall issues and Germany reunification - the Treuhand, the integration of East German economy into West German economy. How the politicians in Germany, those of Europe failed to take the opportunity to set in place a new economic and social order in EU – instead the system that gradually developed, became to demonstrate itself in place where the Market, the big finance and the big industries though not elected by the people dictated, to the politic of EU, controlled the economy and social issues. How they have abused and exploited the electorate and people of EU. The media mechanism, politic they have developed and the massive manipulation politic, democracy and decision making process, beside vast fields by the media. Resulting to the mega wold financial melt down, economic ,melt down and political state of things.

Once again how the EU, the politicians all the forces in Eu have been given another opportunity to rethink a very radical economic, social and financial system and if they failed what the outcome will be – the current state of thins in Germany, namely the fudge of the social Democrats and the Christian Socialist party and the conservative Block they cannot cope with the situation – it is a situation which will lead to major disaster and economy collapsed and eventually War.

We want to leave it at that. { Before we do we ask those in Seychelles to note the changing of the name of the SPPF what really compelled those responsible to do this and why. We cannot compare the Link and Socialist politic of Germany , France or Scandinavia with that of Seychelles, the corruption , abuse of power, mis management and whole sale selling of the nation to big money. }

We want to remind those who can think just that bit, of the many instance we have stated – what that SIROP exile program was all about, those from the European Economic forum then 1987 and those form the Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute – IOIMF. The difference between those two thinking – meanwhile world Economic forum have become a king of fudge think tank, the quality of the thinking process which is coming out of it.

Even at the time of lady Tacther she and those around her who knew of the issues of Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute and – IOIMF, the important fundamental EU and surrounding economic, social and political issues they were engaged in.

EU is at a junction/cross road – those in the past who have capitalized on the ideas of others, how they have been able to capture, acquire others ideas and implant or redesigned and use it as their ideas and the corrupted system which have developed. IN the EU the confrontation which will develop between the block of the oppressed, the workers and the multinational, big financial system and the politician who support them and their lobby – their media.



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