President F Holland 2016 New Years Message

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President F Holland 2016 New Years Message

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:55 pm

I was watching a long debate on the end of he year and 2016 events - how the media can become utter morons and the politicians.
We learnt that in Paris they have cancelled the new Years displays - we are addressing in particular our nation and the current government officials - after the decision to cancel the yearly Paris firework President J A Michel must/have not place in that State House - he can scream bitch whatever.
That cack up head know I was in Anger - Loire and so to all those involved in the Normandy Seychelles relation - they know why I was in Angers - Loire it was after we returned to London second week that the atrocities was unleashed.
Gentleman/Friends form Normandy sorry you can tell your manure to the little Black Seychellois not my person and the world who know no better easily get conned and garaged. .
Then he plasters the Nation this Morning how great his International visit have been - there is a beautiful ancient Cemetery next to State House with full security I suggest he goes and sit there and listen to what the dead have to say and are saying about the situation in Paris why and what made it happen.
In France gone by we would have requested he be handed over to the ladies and let them knits him a nice pair of socks. ( Give my person a couple of boys and girls who can type then you in Seychelles will hear some very amusing stories of the past 10 years. )

Comment -
We have just listen to President F Holland his New Year speech - somebody today stressed on RT the Big Banks rule/run the world. why and how we landed to the super mess - with due respects to our great ancestors in France and across the world - That SIROP program was left in Anger - Loire and the respective French government who knew of that Program and its contents and functions/objectives. The capacity of the Program - very many important fall out. Those from the EU High Institution who know of that Program capacity and workings - yet the decision and events in France their politic and their media. The same TV debate stressed - the war mode humanity is in those who have taken to reinventing the playing rules. President James Michel for those who know and study greater world economic issues penchant for the Blue Economy to hide and cover that he/they had been using a very great percentage of the SIROP program for their economic and other social workings - their lies and cover up. If France the many important institution and multinational who have been using and over the past 25 years significant gain and benefit - then lie and tell their own invention and stories like/as President J A Michel and very many other - friends and people when you have such situation you are courting big trouble be it the USA, Russia or a France or EU or China. Or an African Union. We want to drop the coin because President F Holland was present at Madam Mitterrand funereal - President Mitterrand knew and was involved a very great deal more in that SIROP program than we have written and the French Institution and Illuminati - we/i fought - Lady Thatcher, PM John Major and those in USA very aware - why the Berlin debacle and what ensued to France - simply because those in France who believe we the Indian Ocean Nations cannot and do not have the capacity/Rights , knowledge to use the many very important and Powerful Hugh mechanism without their respective consent and the utterly corrupted media. Europe is on th verge of a big mess eventual War and they will not be the Terrorist. That SIROP program still plays a very important role/working mechanism , dynamic and synergy in many of Europe vast workings and institution including its Central Bank, the Court and - when those refuse and fail to help manage them properly what can, have and will ensue. We mentioned of that Black Jaguar at the check Point Charlie and remind those in France/Paris many years ago when we were in contact with France leading General his view and role those who worked and have worked France Intelligence Services. Then President F Mitterrand and the then French Intelligence Service involve in the USSR - COMECON and Germany Reunification. President Sarkozy knows very well - PM Blair lobby that the global Terrorist EU Regulation be put into place and the President Bush Junior - it was to control and make it impossible to work that SIROP program with out their consent and total control and what ensued. President and current French government will be making a grave mistake if they use the current French emergency situation to curtail and impede that SIROP program and at the same time those in France - Institutions who will cream off the best of that Program for their respective interests and they lie and deny everything.


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