EU Election 4 - 7 June 2009 - who care about your opinion?????

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EU Election 4 - 7 June 2009 - who care about your opinion?????

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:44 am

Over the past 20 years we have made it a point - our business to watch out, read, monitor individuals who have achieved great, outstanding, uniqueness in life later as their fame became tarnished, popularity vanished or capacity as Guru no longer wanted or questioned - what became of them. History and literatures about with past great individuals and how they ended their life.

In comparison to our time where the media play a very important role - part and final events of modern humans. How they end up. { Another unique example is the actor David Carridan

Another example of which the Sechelles - Seychelles EU community can better understand is that of former President FA Rene - the founding of SPUP - SPPF and People Party, the media comment.

In terms of voting and decision making - choice for the EU voters - Citizens 2009 June Election will prove the most challenging after the major EU and world economic, financial and political melt down.

The media role in all this, their guilt, duplicity, dishonesty - the fact that the public, voters lack of power, means to punish, call to account the massive media abuse and manipulation which is today - one of the most contentious cause of the society break up, disoriented, and very abnormal functioning - logic.

When one follows the media across the world given the gravity of things - it is as if nothing has happened, we are back to where we were in June 2008, the many commentators spins, sleaze, the political crap being dished out and the kind of TV programs being dished out to viewers.

We are not back to 2008 June and that politicians, those responsible are involved, their duplicity in covering up, telling the citizens of their country and EU cow dung is part of a phenomena which as we have written started - mind set involving the issues of the COMECON changes, Poland, the Berlin Wall, USSR change, Germany reunification and indeed the Tiana Mang Square killings 20 years ago what were the real issues involved. The issues which the media did not and have not reported.

Take the situation in Britain - what we have been writing for the past 25 years, their media accusing countries like Zimbabwe - Robert Mugabe as despot, dishonest and just about any evil names, other countries in Asia, the Arab world, North Africa yet recent development of the practice and disgusting dishonesty of the British politicians - beside all those who went along and said that Iraq had WMD and hang Saddam Hussein - the political dishonesty by/ involving all major political parties in this country. Yet they have stood on their pedestals for the past five years and lord it over the people, the citizens, the single mothers, the unemployed, the disable - the very many who have contributed or contribute daily to making this country work, over the past 25 years made many important and historic contributions to Britain and its people and on this case we are talking of individuals like myself. Nerve a thank you - if anything accused of all sorts and kind of things, constantly abused and manipulated. What led and have made it possible for the very many Ministers , British politicians to be exposed - given the terrible dishonesty which one is born in, live in and daily face - what have taken place is and mean nothing. Yet in other countries this would have been the cause of major upheavals, riots - this is Britain and the next government elected will start a different kind of or invent a very different mega dishonest politic - to maintain power , stay in power or oppress the people - the voters that have voted them in.

The situation across the EU countries, today those politicians, their party and media who believe that telling lies, conning the people is a necessity just like you drink water and breath air.

Over the past five years we have addressed many very disturbing issue relating - involving our Seychelles EU communities, these are issue we have personally noted and brought to the attention of the forums and anybody interested - what about the thousands of incidents that have affected members of our communities, individuals, youth, elderly or group of individuals and they have or will never get redress. Yet the Politicians, the individuals who run and manage the affairs of the EU institutions from the Commission, the Parliament, the council of Europe, the Judiciary and many other Institutions that have been set up, the EU Tax payers money being wasted and squandered.

The next EU election many of those dear to us will not be alive and those who have lent a hand to building EU. The role of our Sechelles - Seychelles EU community.

We have a very serious situation. From the USA relevant institutions, the British, the EU and indeed France, Germany or Seychelles - the government, officials, the media, the church have not told the people what led to the major financial, economic and political melt down. It does not matter as long as they give - provide some kind of explanation the people or citizens will accept. hence they can then turn round and practice their dishonest abuse, manipulation, con, terrorize the voters and individuals, or group of individuals, create and invent pseudo enemies, public danger situation, other scenarios which they can then invent Laws and take powers into their hands to deal with. The term and call this Democracy at the end of the day.

We have written numerous threads about the use and function of Social networks and what are mentioned, tackles and written in/on those networks. To those international media controllers, the TV criminals, Terrorist, those form the media hell bent in making a wreck of human beings , children, the elderly, the disable and they say they are performing a vital task of informing - how far and much longer will it go. They refuse to say they are using methods, which is corrupting and destroying the mind far more dangerous that the mobile phone issues a currently going on in France - they practice their mind programming and controlling techniques. Creating hell in households and those females who have little or poor ability to discerns in life.

We mentioned as we started this thread of our practice to monitor and make it a point to find out out what happens and have happened to those with great abilities and special abilities in life and in our case - the state of the things in the world. Had President Bush and Tony Blair had their way what they would have done to the world and the crooks and gangsters with them - and those who had wanted Tony Blair as the first President of EU.

Very unfortunately for just three days the people of EU is given the power and rights to decided what really will take place in EU and the world after that the mass of corrupted politicians, their media crooks and manipulators take over. This is not the EU we have shrived to build and the EU those set about to build - what kind of EU will this be for the future generation and the children being born - those who argue that just to avoid a European War, to have a European voice in the world, to be able to trade peacefully the citizens and people of EU will go on forever allowing them self to be conned, manipulated by the corrupted politicians, the media and the many institutions in EU their supposedly to protect their interest - but are in reality abusing them.


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Re: EU Election 4 - 7 June 2009 - who care about your opinion?????

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:08 am

Analysis of the defeat of Socialist Block – parties across EU

How many of you have woken up be it to go to school, important school task, exam, family or personal important issues to sort out or at work and you wake up with this strange feeling in the head somebody have zapped me here as the children would say.- Why.

There is a very strong and strange phenomena at work here. By the way before we wrote this thread we have spent some time praying and listen to a very serious white American Evangelist preaching – on the very subject of defeat in life – live. Whilst we think over the development, discussions, debate and so call leading experts opinions across the EU as to what ha penned.

Safe for Britain which we will come back later – several so call great experts and professors of politic, people politic are saying the reason, the Christian democrat and the Unions or the conservative have done better first because they have been able to mobilize their voters, supporters. The socialist Blocks are saying why they failed because of the important abstention. Others are saying the handling of the mega economic melt down have been of great impact and importance.

We ask readers, officials to study some of the issues we were presenting and addressing some six months before the major world economic, financial melt down last years. It indicated spelt out we knew far more than we were telling the public or those that would be or can be affected.

We have been going from the phenomenal practice which have been used and important institutionalization process by Socialist Blocks across the EU and the world, the many institutions they form part and are involved in, including Seychelles, Mauritius, South Africa, Madagascar, the USA, Asia.

The issues of the Labour party government in Britain gross abuse of the people, tax payers money is a phenomena which have been going on for the past 15 years, the issues of the Mitterrand government and the party funding , the Trial, the scam in Belgium and Germany and Italy. At work here are those political leadership who fleece, manipulate and rip of the system, mechanism which caused and compelled the COMECON to fall, the USSR to changes and the same in Africa, Asia, the USA. Australia, Latin America. Their refusal to explain in greater length what the phenomena and what was at work here ands their interpretation and so call real facts and experts views. { Surrounding and massive involved is what we have come to term dishonest bench mark practice – this is reflected at international level where those politicians have a say , involved or given responsibilities and those media who work with them..

We all know of the need to keep things simple and explain those who cannot understand who something have work in a simple term – but that does not give us, those the permission to take the excuse – make the excuse to become very dishonest and corrupted.

Way back in the days of President Francois Mitterrand, and those in Germany then, in Seychelles, Britain the Blair government, Mauritius, Holland, Spain – most important the Socialist Bock that run and responsible for very many important issues of the EU from the Parliament, the commission, the Council of EU, the ECB, the Judiciary etc The methods and practice. All those ion the one hand who know that there is another side of the coin – alternative mechanism which they are using making use of and in the greater public, the media and their parties – they tell a different story – they spin and invent portray things there as the ultimate truth when it is not – when daily and by the hours there is a very different mechanism - system at work.

The Conservatives, Liberals and the mad parties know that this system exist and how it works and those working or abusing it.

We have written a few snappy thread for that person by GRUBI on the AKS Forum, knowing that at least he is one of those individuals who will read it and pass it on to the German socialist Party and those who have become informed and after they have become informed rather informed themselves – make good use of the information – achieved a give objective – they turn round and lie, act dishonestly and say it was some other reason and mechanism that made this or that happened and the reason for this or that success. Then they dare go to the public, the electorate and look at them poker face and say they have told the honest truth. We say ti again given those who have quoted the use of Twitters and Face Book You tube and may other social network - investigate what really cause the major bust in the Mitterrand government and the court cases, the imprisonment, the same in Belgium and Italy. The reason in Britain why Tony Blair had to go down that devious road and use spin and sleaze and the dreadful laws he had too pass to shut the electorates and the greater public and control the media. So that no question can or will be ask in the name of Terror Laws.

We are writing this article because we have known and been involved in certain mechanism and process which have affected EU election for the past 25 years and the media , parties, experts refusal to go into greater depth, discuss the working of the mechanism and system. How it can and have return to power certain parties or individuals and brought defeat to others and the media and political establishment have lied and covered up in the name of higher or greater powers.

This is aspect of the situation we have been hinting about that can cause major work economic and financial meltdown – because they are very closely related and linked. They impact one another.

Once again we see the charade, the scam in Britain – those in the conservative party who have start3ed their scam , lies and dishonest practice what started to happen tow years before Brown took over and the swing - the so call experts explanations and the few in the conservative party who knew and have known what is at work and happening's and they feed the public on lies, con and dishonesty. Lady Tacther knew of the mechanism and how it worked then – then same mechanism and system still works.

Needles to say – the liberal aspect side of this mechanism and how it works and benefit the Liberal thinking and their politic, work in EU. The spin associated.

Conclusion the public, the citizens of EU are at the mercy of those political blocks , those involved and responsible to run a serious politic for the people and the citizens of EU.

How many recall the sacking of all the EU commission at the time of Jacques Delor and the explanation they gave – that mechanism was importantly involved and responsible and its reaction to what was happening in Bruxelles then – or have everybody forgotten to the many negative reaction of the mechanism and other mechanism over the past five years in EU and across Europe.

For those new countries who have joined EU this practice and system is equally corrupt as the COMMUNIST system they have left, they are forced to lie, act very dishonestly, spin, con their voters in the name of Western Democratic and Christian values when it is ought right corruption an gigantic scale – world scale.

This is not the relation and working of so call gutter media, networks in phantoms – the excuse the politician, the block they represent and have represented their excuse. Whilst they use and are using daily this system and then given their own explanation and the media are involved.

We wrote at the start of this thread we feel as if somebody have zapped us – whenever there is a major election or world events in Britain the practice – those who practice zapping those they deem are responsible for major public issues or mediative and the mechanism, methods they use to zapp those or any individual. For the past three days of the EU election the very negative issues which have come about between ourself and the leader of the conservative party and indeed those for the UKIP and far right parties. those who know and have known of this mechanism – how it works and hoe they can manipulate, apply certain pressure to influence certain outcome - like the current EU election results and then blank out the system – blank out everybody and given their explanation , their version of lies and the British media go along - one have just to listen to the TV , radio stations in comparison to what is being debated on the web on the many social networks.

Having written the above – it points and underline a very gross and dangerous public, electoral, EU wide anomalies. Individual like Chancellor Merkle, the German Bundest president, the EU commission , the President of EU Parliament and those responsible of the running of other EU institutions know what we are talking about, the EU Central bank running. Then they came forward and say this is the public opinion – not it is not is is a very dangerous sham and scam. The people, those who are really concern ought to tackle it, challenge it, demand more transparency – by the way the Russian politicians, government know how this system works and why ti works.

This development is a reminder to those same individuals who orchestrated that mega event last week about the changes in Poland – the fall of communism and the German Reunification – the pomps, the media circus, the con and future generation will have to take is as the truth, as history – the very important dishonest , crooked practice at work.

Having written what we have those very few individuals who will be able to read what we have written here and the manipulation, the scam continue. The media will go on saying g this is democracy, this is justices - these are the values of EU institutions – the future standards for our children.

There is still hope when all, those crooked politicians think the deal is done – they have defeated others or a particular block and party – the game is still very much open and for those who know and can work they system and mechanism very great and important possibilities to either create havoc, or mega change in EU society and system between now and the next Autumn or British election, German or French election or EU Lisbon referendum.

Once again which is the greater dishonesty -, those British Ministers, MP who have defrauded the Tax payers and lied about their expenses and claim or those who are involved in mas scam, wholesale conning and massive dishonesty at Commission, EU parliament, Council of EU the Court of auditors of EU and other important EU institutions.

We do acknowledge we have not been able to hit the nail on the head properly which this article.


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Re: EU Election 4 - 7 June 2009 - who care about your opinion?????

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:32 pm

EP elections - political leaders give their reaction
Institutions - 09-06-2009 - 17:21
2009 elections.

In the wake of the result Parliament's outgoing President Hans-Gert Pöttering called for a greater public role for the European Parliament.

Among the reactions of political leaders in the European Parliament the triumphant mood of the centre-right EPP contrasted with bitter disappointment in the Socialist camp. There is agreement however that the new distribution of power in the Parliament asks for novel, more permanent political cooperation. For many in the larger political groups the prime concern is the election of members representing strongly nationalist and "extremist" ideologies rather than the turnout.
Here are some reactions:

EPP: Joseph Daul
(263 seats): "Such a victory means responsibility.”

The centre-right European People's Party emerged as the clear winner in Sunday's poll. They will have 263 out of 736 seats in the new parliament - comfortably the largest group.

Speaking in Parliament's Chamber on Sunday night their leader Joseph Daul said that the EPP-ED group had "largely gained" from the night. Speaking later in a press conference on Monday he said: "We have at least 100 seats more than the Socialists. Such a victory means responsibility.”

He also said he was pleased that the "Polish plumber had disappeared" from European politics saying that people had voted against protectionism and what he called the "populist rhetoric" used by the left.

Mr Daul noted that in the coming term the aim of the EPP would be "to clean up the financial system and improve security for all, food security and energy security".

PES: Martin Schulz (162 seats): "a bitter evening for social democracy"

One of the most striking tales of the evening was the collapse of the centre left across Europe. This leaves the Socialist PES group in Brussels and Strasbourg on 162 seats - down from 215.

In a democracy we have to accept that what the voters give us

Socialist Martin Schulz

On Sunday night a visibly dejected Martin Schulz told the press: "It is a very bitter evening for social democracy in Europe. We expected better results....However, in a democracy we have to accept that what the voters give us." He went on say that the results "reflect the domestic atmosphere in the member states".

However, he vowed to continue saying "our duty remains the same - we will try to implement the social agenda".

ALDE: Graham Watson
(80 seats) "We will continue to hold the balance"

For the Liberal ALDE group Graham Watson said he was pleased with the result of 80 seats saying "we will continue to hold the balance between left and right".

Speaking in a press conference on Monday he noted that: "There is a regrettable increase of the representation of far right and the extremists. We all know the lessons from the economic depression in 1930's. I am convinced this result is also the cause of the current crisis." He blamed voter disillusionment and a failure to integrate immigrants into European societies as two aspects that had helped the extreme right.

Greens/EFA: Daniel Cohn-Bendit 52 seats

"The success of the Greens in the European elections shows that the Europeans have accepted the vision of tomorrow's Europe proposed by environmentalists" said Mr Cohn Bendit. He went on to say that "this is in contrast with the destructive forces of success vis-ŕ-vis Europe, such as Eurosceptic or extreme right".

(UEN): Cristiana Muscardini 35 seats

Ms Muscardini told us that results show that the EU Institutions must respond in a "less bureaucratic and more timely" way to the needs of business.

She believes that the "centre-right" will respond better to people's concerns if all the countries finally understand that the European parliament "is a motor of development".

Referring to the present crisis, she said that "even with the current severe financial and economic crisis and the crisis of values" - Europe must be "reformed"

GUE/NGL: Francis Wurtz : 32 seats

Commenting on the turnout of 43% - the lowest ever - Francis Wurtz - said "I think it reflects a crisis of confidence of too many citizens vis-ŕ-vis Europe, as it is built today". Speaking about his own group he said "I think we should roughly maintain our relative weight within the EP".

(IND/DEM): Nigel Farage:
18 seats

For the Independence and Democracy Group Nigel Farage said commented "the great success of the UK Independence Party, in Britain, and of the LA.O.S (Popular Orthodox Rally) in Greece, building upon that of its former delegations, will allow IND/DEM to enlarge and attract new members, in order to fight for a more democratic organisation in Europe, within or without the EU."

On the turnout

Turnout for the election has been provisionally put at 43.1% - just slightly lower than for the last election in 2004.

Mr Watson pointed at "relative lack of the interest shown by the European citizens in these elections."

However, he was far from downcast: "It is very hard to know why people vote and why do not vote. One could just as well assume that people don't vote because they are satisfied and content, as assume that they don't vote because they are dissatisfied."

Mr Pöttering compared the turnout with the US mid-term elections for the House of Representatives where the turnout is always below 50%.

Mr Schulz warned about a decline of interest in the EU elections when the EP's role grows: If the Lisbon Treaty is adopted, 80 further areas will fall under the competences of the EP.

Both Mr Watson and Mr Daul complained about lack of true European debate in many Member States and in order to boost it, they suggested, that the percentage of MEPs should be elected from pan-European lists.


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Re: EU Election 4 - 7 June 2009 - who care about your opinion?????

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:35 pm

New European Parliament elected

Challenges ahead: financial and economic crisis, the Lisbon treaty and climate change.

The conservative European People’s Party group has preserved its position as the biggest bloc in the European parliament. Results of the 4-7 June elections show centre-right parties making significant gains in some of the largest EU countries, including France, Italy, Spain and Poland.

The Socialist group lost ground but finished well ahead of the Liberal Democrats to remain in second place. The Greens picked up new seats, narrowing the gap with the Liberal Democrats.

The 736-member parliament will have a say in the make-up of the next European commission and, if the Lisbon treaty gets past a second Irish referendum later this year, on the new roles of EU president and EU foreign policy chief.

The MEPs will also help shape negotiations on an international agreement on global warming. Other issues expected to come before the parliament in the months ahead include new financial regulation to prevent another crisis.

Some 388 million people were eligible to vote in the elections. Turnout was under 44%, less than in previous elections.

President Barroso thanked voters for expressing their views on the EU’s political future. “Overall, the results are an undeniable victory for those parties and candidates that support the European project and want to see the European Union delivering policy responses to their everyday concerns,” he said.


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Re: EU Election 4 - 7 June 2009 - who care about your opinion?????

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