24th SPPF National Congress decides on change of name

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24th SPPF National Congress decides on change of name

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:53 pm

24th SPPF National Congress decides on change of name - 03.06.2009
Parti Lepep – the party for all our people

In a historic move, the governing party of Seychelles has become the Parti Lepep (People’s Party), a name that reflects its guiding principle of concern for the welfare and progress of the whole nation.

Mr Rene hands over the party’s leadership to Mr Michel

The change of name from Seychelles People’s Progressive Front (SPPF) was decided last night by the party’s 24th National Congress on the day it celebrated its 45th anniversary.

President James Michel – formerly Secretary-General of the SPPF – becomes the first President of the Parti Lepep, while former President France Albert Rene takes on the new post of Founder Leader of the party.

In his speech at the International Conference Centre to hand over leadership of the party, Mr Rene said he believes in the capacity of President Michel and his ability to lead the party in this new stage of its development.

“President Michel understands clearly the new mission of our party, and I am convinced he will uphold the political direction of our party towards our vision,” he said, adding that in his new role as Founder Leader he will always be there at his side.

Stressing that the party has a bright future ahead, Mr Rene called on leaders and members of the party to remain united and close to the people of Seychelles, which is where they belong.

This is the second change of name for the party founded by Mr Rene on June 2, 1964. In June 1978 it changed from the Seychelles People’s United Party to become the Seychelles People’s Progressive Front and now the national congress has decided to call it Parti Lepep.

Explaining the reason for the new name, Mr Rene said that throughout the party’s existence, everything it has built has been done for the people.

A partial view of the delegates at last night’s Congress

“The SPUP/SPPF is a party rooted in the people. Through our struggles and policies, we have helped our people gain their dignity and enabled Seychelles to belong to Seychellois,” he said.

He added that today Seychelles really belongs to Seychellois and is no longer just a place where they live.

President Michel said it was an honour for him once again to walk in the steps of former President Rene and thanked him for his words of confidence.

He pledged to continue building on what he has inherited from the former party leader, upholding the principles of the party for the well-being of the Seychellois people.

President Michel also took the opportunity to hail President Rene as the true architect and patriot of our nation.

The 24th National Congress also saw the unveiling of the new party logo and of its new website – www.partilepep.com

There will be a full report of the national congress in tomorrow’s Nation.



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