A billion dollar shell game on Sechelles Seychelles

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A billion dollar shell game on Sechelles Seychelles

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:10 am

Yesterday we attempted to have a private meeting with the Bishop of Angers Loire what we explained, The many officials we have discussed and presented our respective situation the past seven days - to note/remember Angers is the Town we took those three suitcases with that SIROP program for storage, the President F Mitterrand, the Vatican Pope John Paul ll and the PM John Major and then Italian PM Andreotti contributions and involvements then President FA Rene then Prince Rainier of Monaco.

The French Intelligence Services, the President Office other leading French politicians and those at EU High Officials watching this development and situation - this was published. Those in USA, the White House and USA Service and the Russians and Chinese and Israeli

Events the past 26 years - the First Gulf War issues. (We did not have Facebook and ll the social platform then and nobody is listening)

To make matters worse my uncle will arrive in Seychelles this morning and a those who prayed and we discuses the forthcoming presidential election and the outcome - those who had said we were scared - we are dealing with large numbers of human filth. As such the need to be very careful and cautious.



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